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dave6 posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 6:24am

Magnificent chapter. Not only is the writing flawless: I believe you've managed to acquire Jo's ability to introduce multiple plots at the same time. You may be even better: introducing the whole of wizarding politics, history, psichology, etc.
Maybe something I like in your story (far better than in other similar ones) is the way this Harry goes on with a sense of urgency. He is doing stuff, and he is not wasting time. I don't know how are you going to manage to maintain the plot however: you've put the DE's in a difficult position -- not that I doubt you, I'm just anxious.
Maybe you'll find a way to bring Voldemort back, as hard as you've just made it.
All in all, a great chapter.

noahshonor posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 6:20am

Enjoyable as always.
The turnaround had to be close to a record with the Beta's. Kudo's to them.

Dharshiga posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 6:16am


I just finished reading your entire fic and I loved it. Some of the things that older Harry had to go through was just so hearbreaking. I've read stories about Harry going into the future and everything pretty much stayed the same, but this is very interesting since Harry has his older memories in his younger self. I'm curious to see how things will change now that Harry has shaken things around a bit. I hope Mrs. Longbottom eases up a bit with Neville and Luna since I find their relationship adorable. Now that Professor Sanpe has been sent away will Professor Slughorn teach Potions? I'm really looking forward to how you will write about fourth year. You've done a wonderful and job and I can't wait to read the next chapter.


red jacobson1 posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 6:15am

that was excellent, matt! And, although I would personally love a chapter this size every week, as an author myself, I do have to recognize reality when I see it *GRIN*

Seriously, each chapter takes as long as it takes, and, I'd much rather wait to have a quality chapter, than get a unfinished chapter because you wanted to put something out, if that makes sense.

Looking forward to where the story takes us next.


Nylorac posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 5:56am

*bows to Matt* We are not worthy!
I think that the Marauder/Fred/George interaction in this chapter was absolutely brilliant. And it does make a lot of sense for Harry to start the accusations first, even though he could get in big trouble for it. I'd love to see Rita interview Malfoy. She'd probably have to publish it first in the Quibbler, given the influence Malfoy still has, but it would still be great and I think her character as it is portrayed here would love it.
Here's an idea for a way to get rid of dementors: set up anti-dementor wards like around the Burrow in a big area, but don't quite finish them. Then, lure all the dementors into that area and, once they're all in, complete the wards. The dementors are completely contained and, if wanted, a bunch of people can do a mass accio spell. Really, this idea of destroying dementors by wards is one of the best I've seen. Normally in fanfiction, there's just a super!patronus developed, to the point where it's a bit of a cliche. I think the new method is original and great.

David Wangen posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 5:27am

"By Muggle standards, I’m afraid the Wizarding world would be considered hopelessly backward and barbaric."

Hurray! About time someone said it.

Can't wait to see the reactions from that little bomb of an interview.

A great part, Matt. Can hardly wait for more.

Frank Hacklander posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 5:08am

another great chapter...realize that harry has the burden of the future issue but quoting from a magazine on magical theory, even if he didn't understand everything...perhaps a bit much. but that's the fine line i guess you have to tread. in addition, not sure i can deal w/ rita being a good egg...well, i guess i'll have to wait until the next chapter to see if she really is (pls hurry, the suspense on that issue alone is maddening!). keep up the great work.

oom desi posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 5:01am

Interresting chapter. I wonder how the wizarding world will react to the interview.

Hope to see more soon.

Oom desi

Alkanis posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 5:00am

Excellent Story. Thank you for the Update. :)

Haeton posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 4:58am

Good chapter, always appreciated when a good story is updated. Thanks for your time and effort.

Lansydyr posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 4:25am

Where do I send the check, and how much do I need to make it so I can set a deadline? <grin>

Just Kidding. Enjoyable chapter. Loved the interview. Can't wait until the next update, even though I'll have to


Crazy posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 4:24am

Impressive... I love the smell of burning Dementors.
Ah... war against the Ministry... makes me grateful i'm not Harry at the moment.
I was happy about the reunion between Remus and Sirius.
I'm glad that Luna is feeling better though... Neville's grandmother does have a fair bit to answer for, doesn't she.
Please, Please continue. (Not that you probably need my words to make you continue)
Fred and George might be able to create some impressive items with the help of R and S now. I would pity anyone who gets on the wrong side of them, if they start a War Items section (hint, hint)
Ah well, wrapping up this ramble of conciousness, Spelling and grammar seem good and i didn't see any major problems as i was reading through it

Kevin Hendricks posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 4:05am


As usual I loved it.

The only nitpick issue is with Harry's inability to push away the group of 20 or so dementors when - without a merged magical core- in canon (see chapter 20 of PoA) he drove away at least 100 dementors with one patronus).

So your reasoning for the mad dash to the Burrow and its wards and Ginny's later anger at him seems not to be plausible given what Harry remembers and what we know from canon.

Aside from that small issue, the chapter was wonderfully written and helped advance the storyline in a meaningful way.

Thank you for sharing your work.


Viridian replied:


You are, however missing some of the tactical variables. It's a lot different to send in a patronus from a secure flanking position, with plenty of time to prepare and no Dementors breathing down your neck. It's quite another to cast it when the nasty beggars are right on top of you. If the dementors spread out when Prongs charged, the flankers could conceivably still get to them.

(There's also the issue of Muggle neightbors and the Ministry getting irate.)

In canon, Harry couldn't conjure a corporeal patronus with the dementors at point blank range and all around him either.

MrRobertsIII posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 3:42am

"Do you think the Weasleys would take it amiss if I gave Bill a big sloppy kiss the next time I see him?"
-Made me laugh.

My guess is that Umbridge is the new warden.

Nonetheless, Goldfarb hadn’t even reacted when Harry specifically requested that the wards be made capable of stopping the horrid creatures.
-Goblin magic? I'm just asking becuase the sense I got from the Books was that only the patronus had any effect on dementors. Perhaps, not goblin, but rather horribly expensive?

Ginny had it in a death-grip under the table as she sat next to him
-How sweet

I'm rather enjoying Harry's distrust of Dumbledore.

Look at Sirius." He paused. "I mean, look at how Remus turned out
-That was good.

So Sirius got the ring without the pain. I like how you have his pranking history being of some helpful use, especially when he does better than Dumbledore.

And only Wormtail could have revealed that particular piece of information.
-and so he is free once more to return to his master (most likely). I do like how your story keeps sense of the familiar.

He knew he was over-reacting, but he just couldn’t seem to help it.
-that is sure to get him into more and more trouble once Umbridge shows up. Can't wait.

"Quite," Remus replied, deadpan. Then he grinned at his childhood friend in a way that seemed to melt years off his face.
-Sudden inspiration on Remus's part to get something past Dumbledore? I would enjoy reading about Remus pranking him with something just the tiniest bit malicious.

He had a feeling things might get worse before they got better.
-How, if Neville is at Hogwarts? Great job keeping so many sub-plots going.

Perhaps," Rita agreed, "but it is the law
-So was Jim Crow in the American South. Love the touches of pure-blood bigotry that keep popping up.

As a whole, the Wizarding World is almost irretrievably corrupt...
...By Muggle standards, I’m afraid the Wizarding world would be considered hopelessly backward and barbaric."
-The whole interview with Rita had me smiling the entire way through. Muggle standards? Can't wait to see the ministry heat he gets from that. I sense that Umbridge is just around the corner.

How very in character it seemed for Arthur to sneak ice-cream and not tell Molly.

As always, hope you drop all your other stories and update this one soon.

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 3:33am

Fantasmic!!! I just love the way The next year has begun. I would imagine that with Remus' . . . condition . . . that he would be able to develop occlumency fairly easily . . . but then again, his disease may inhibit the way those defenses work. I hope the article Rita writes doesn't stir up more trouble than Harry and his friends can handle. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing.


john2 posted a comment on Monday 23rd October 2006 3:32am

Lovely to see this up on the archive - you've been busy of late, haven't you?

Keep writing, I'll keep reading.


uberwald posted a comment on Sunday 15th October 2006 3:37pm

i love it. i found by reading over someone's shoulder on a train, and found your work after i'd exhausted everything Crys has written. The premise of your story is amazing. Using such a great premise lets you draw on the earlier work directly, and in most cases i've enjoyed your turn of a phrase more than I enjoyed JKR's.

I can't wait until the next chapter - - do you have any original published work?

TNaSeein' posted a comment on Sunday 15th October 2006 1:09pm

Hi! I've been following this story for a long time now and I've just realized that I've NEVER reviewed. *shock, horror*

So, here it goes. I love this fic. Nightmares is one of my favorites and I'm really looking forward (hint, hint) to reading the next chapter. Any idea when that's going to be coming out? That wasn't nagging so, no pressure!

I'm guessing that newly 13 year old Harry can do the patronus charm, right?!

the DragonBard posted a comment on Saturday 14th October 2006 6:09am

Interesting chapter.
One thing, you forgot that the length of the wand has to be taken into account as well. While it may not get things close enough, it would be closer to believable.

rockeye posted a comment on Wednesday 11th October 2006 12:45pm

When are you going to add more chapter?

Viridian replied:

I'm re-reading and editing chapters 1-30 as I outline 31 in greater detail. And doing that while backing up my hard drives (half a terabyte or so) because my home desktop is showing signs of imminent catastrophic collapse and I need to get it overhauled while it's still under warranty.

Oh yeah, and I'm taking new medication that makes me want to sleep all of the time, so that's complicating things as well. That said, I plan to make some progress this weekend, provided my computer doesn't explode and burn my house down.