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brad posted a comment on Friday 9th March 2007 3:32pm

After waiting months and months and years :-) for this chapter it seemed like a bit of an anti-climax. Don't get me wrong - enjoyed it muchly. But it was largely a scene-setting chapter, getting them all back to school, no big surprises revealed. Well, we can't have Harry fighting a basilisk or telling people his secret every few paragraphs, I guess.

I'm still perturbed about Harry seeming to be a bit deceitful, in that he's NOT being totally open with his friends about his foreknowledge, not giving them all the information he knows that might be useful. He should tell them that he's particularly vulnerable to dementors, so they can defend him if necessary. Like I said in a previous chapter, he should tell them that he *can* cast a patronus, if given enough warning. He should give them the gist of what happened the first time around in third year, so they'll know that dementors are a large part of it ... it shouldn't be left to luck that Hermione chances to say 'well, maybe we should put more effort into learning how to make a patronus'. Etcetera.

"Conjuring a Patronus here and now would lead to far too many questions that he didn't want to answer" ... why the hell not? At least from the rest of the Gryffindor Six?

As it is, are the others talking/wondering about Harry and his sensitivity to those monsters?

I was worried that the letters between Neville and Luna had tapered off because he'd tired of her, had been brainwashed against her, or had met another girl who'd taken his fancy. That'd he'd be holding the hand of said female (a student) come the day they met again on the Express. Didn't happen, thank God/the author. This story shines through its characters and the care they have for each other, I don't know what I'd do if there were a rift. There are people on the Yahoo group who know where you live, right? :-)

*Excellent*, having Hagrid get a wand ... that's a first, for me, in my perusal of more-than-is-probably-healthy fanfics. It might be a small detail, but it was just great, how it felt to read and how it kept my sympathy for considerate!Harry at a high. That and his helping Hagrid with Buckbeak, of course.

I thought Slughorn was done wonderfully well, great balance ... you gave him dignity, he came over as a reasoning and calculating adult, not with the hints of comical buffoon that I gleaned from HBP. It's wonderful how fanfic authors can improve on the original material like this.

Excellent little twist, changing Neville's boggart to Bellatrix. But, again, why the hell didn't Harry tell his friends his real reason for not attending Remus's class? He's reverted back to being secretive, which has disappointed me a bit. Hopefully, though, if one of the others asked him outright ... no, he tells Ron that he "wasn't feeling too well earlier", etc, *temporising*. Shame, Harry, shame!!! :-(

Thanks for continuing the story, I hope you can keep up the momentum. It's a brilliant story.

rebirthofham posted a comment on Friday 9th March 2007 12:23pm

Mate, you are truly one of the best fanfic writers i have seen. Keep up the good work, and keep the suspense coming.

Beau Wolff posted a comment on Friday 9th March 2007 12:17pm

Your work is, as always, worth the wait.

I'm glad to see the story wasn't abandoned.

swngnblues posted a comment on Thursday 8th March 2007 7:25am

So I've just worked through the first 32 chapters of your piece, and I'm impressed. : ) I'm not sure why I passed over it so much at PS before, so please don't hold it against me!

At first, I was a bit shocked at the dark "tone", but remembered that it was supposed to be that way - Harry had lost everyone he cared about. That the tone continues throughout his "journey back in time" still gets me at some points... that he can be morbid/morose (word choice there) at times, at almost the drop of a hat, is surprising.

I'm a bit of a dark-theme and angst junkie, especially when it comes to the H/G "ship". Emillyne's "Of Hearts and Heroes" is probably the most angst-driven story I've read, and on the level of cranking my anxiety levels - this has to a very close second so far.

I love how you still incorporporate the original canon, but that it's diverting heavily. For instance - Sirius escaping early in "Book 2" or the diary not surfacing till the Spring term. I've read other pieces that attempt to re-tell canon with a simple twist of things, but you've managed to throw everything on its ear while still maintaining some of the original storyline.

One of the things that really stands out to me is how you've been able to still create the backstory of what happens in the future without needing to dedicate individual chapters or sections to do it. You weave it in here and there in the form of "flash backs" (or is it "flash forwards"?), so that the story progresses, without getting bogged down in the details. I feel that some of the best stories out there thoroughly incorporate backstory and character motivation without having to spend thousands of words to do so.

It seems as though you've been toning down the "memory recalls" as of late, where something would set Harry off on remembering someone's death in the future. Maybe it's just that we've hit them all in detail now, so you don't need to re-paint them? Just a thought.

I'm looking forward to the remainder of the ride. This project isn't the least bit ambitious... is it? :P

Lyon Pride posted a comment on Wednesday 7th March 2007 3:43pm

Well, how to start. Easily, this is my favorite story running. And honestly, despite some similar stories being out there, this story is quite distinctive as well. However, when I found that the newest chapter had been posted, I had to reread it from the beginging to get the full effect of it. Now switching from home to work, and with our surfing being watched at work, I had need to print out this excelent story, and in doing so two things occured to me. One, I need new toner for my printer, two, you should get the 'books' bound up all nice and fancy, if only for yourself (since theres that thing about making profit off of this). I believe that this story is just as polished as many of the fantasy novels out today.

Now, on to the more relevant points.

Do we know what Remus' role was in the first war? Was he a spy in the werewolf camp? Do werewolves, being a more base and straight forward group never consider leglimency? And if no, I could see Remus knowing Occulmency as well.

What is Padfoot up to? His early objectives have been met, Harry doesn't really want to put him up against wormtail yet (he expressed his desire to see wormtail escape so he could be done with everything) and we know he doesn't like sitting at home. Maybe Molly will make him take up knitting.

You said there was a second boggart. Now I have no problem believing that there were two there, but I believe that this opens you to a lot of behaviorial questions about boggarts. What are their living patterns, aren't they solitary, I've never heard of two together, and so on. In the book, I believe that Remus reintroduced the first boggart later (though I could be getting things crossed up with the movie) something about moving him to an old chest that he wasn't using anymore, which seems a perfectly reasonable explination for the reintroduction in this time line. Of course you might have a good reason too.

How will Hagrids sylbus go if he doesn't get in trouble for hurting anyone? What intresting, and possibly dangerous creatures will he introduce to the unsuspecitng students this year? And will Hermonie be able to help him all the way through?

Won't professor Vector be a little put off by Ron and possibly Harry's rather militant, if not violent, reasons for joining her class, which appears on the outside to be rather tame and bookish?

Will Harry find that focusing on the same classes is a benefit? Or will he come to regret their lack of diversification?

Ok thats all the serious stuff I have. Great story, and thank you.

Sterling posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2007 1:29pm

It was nice to see an update. This is one of my favorite "Harry goes back in time" type fics. I look forward to the next chapter.

aqeeb posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2007 7:40am

you know you actually pulled off passing a 30 year old harry potter as a possesor of sorts of his younger self... thats a big achievement in my book but when will the erge be complete and young harry gets his full power? does it go by age or experiences?
anyway this chapter was good but thats a nasty cliffhanger to leave so im looking forward to the next update... keep it up...

ichtys posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2007 6:50am

Nice chapter Matthew. I look forward to read what you have in store for Harry & co. In some way I think PoA will be a bigger challenge for you than the other two, simply because you have to invent the plot almost from scratch. I hope you can pull it of, because PoA is my favourite HP book; not too long or too short, and with an excellent pace.
Thank you for writing and sharing
Regards Ichtys

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2007 3:16am

A most wonderful chapter!!! even if it was an irritating(sp) place to end ^_^ I'm glad Hagrid is smart enough to accept the advice from the Gryffindor six about is interestin' creatures. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing what Harry's boggart turns into next chapter.

thanks for sharing


amu3038 posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2007 12:06am

Glad to hear from you again.
I liked how you got deeper into the workings of Professor Slughorn. Half-Blood Prince and other fanfics don't do him justice. You actually made him as Slytherin as I would hope for.

The magical trunk isn't as bad as you think, at least you didn't make them with fully furnished rooms, workable Floo network or with a time bubble of some sort.


Justin W. Conley posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 4:32pm

Well, as you said, the trunk thing is cliché, but I do believe this is the first time I have seen Harry get a magic trunk INFERIOR to the one Mad-Eye had (because, you know, all trunk shops keep mystic trunks that could hold Hogwarts 3 times over with artificial suns, quiddicth pitches, corn fields... which they then happily sell to Harry for a large sounding but utterly trivial for him sum of money). That alone helps immensely to break the mold.

Now that I have sung this fics praises, Please update team 8, I beg you! That fic is the best thing in Naruto fanfiction (in my opinion at least) since Foxhound by Kraken’s Ghost. And yours might actually be better if I were unbiased, but nothing tops Naruto's rant at the beginning of the last chapter of Foxhound.

That shameful begging aside, keep up the great work (and may you find free time to write without negative repercussion, I understand you are quite busy in real life).

Lurk posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 12:44pm

Wonderful, wonderful chapter!

I've got one little bit of confusion though...

In Miserable Uncertainties, you say: "As the Easter Holidays approached, Harry was once again faced with the choice of what subjects to take next year. Recalling all the problems he had setting up the Temporal Transit Field equations, Harry immediately signed up for Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. After giving it some careful thought, he also signed up for Care of Magical Creatures."

In this chapter, however, you have Harry NOT taking CoMC. I'm just pointing this out.

Now to the praise!

You've put a lot in this chapter that's really good, and very interesting. I really like the way you're working Slughorn with this. He seems like the perfect Slytherin, really. Ambitious, cunning...pop rutheless in there, and he's perfect!

Nice bit with Neville and Luna, it's nice to see that he's more confident around her.

Uh oh to the boggarts though. And a big "Oh Shit!"

Keep it up!

Erik Wiggins posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 10:08am

I can't believe it, dreams do come true! Just some dreams like Veridian Dreams take longer than others. Lol. I guess it's true "Good things come to those who wait". I can honestly say that I was completely excited when I saw that you updated. I had to put everyone and everything on hold until I finished this chapter. Great Job! I cannot wait until the next one!!! This story is one of my favorite - fan fiction or best seller!

RonWeasley posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 7:12am

So far, I've really enjoyed your story - plot and style. Keep it up. I look forward the rest.

kktv_t911 posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 7:11am

oh man... what a place to leave off. I was so anxious to see what it was.

shrinni posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 5:41am

Yet another excellent chapter! I'll spare you the list of all the things I love about the whole story, and go straight to the bit that really struck me about this chapter.

I like that you don't neglect the details, like what the assignments are and what happens in the classes. It's those little moments that really endears characters and establishes them, and the stories that really excel (like yours) are the ones that don't just jump from big moment to big moment. Your story does this very well without lagging, I'm quite happy with it.

Dumbledore's scene seems odd, it's placed in the chapter as if he's reading the story on the same day as Harry's interview, and I didn't think the Daily Prophet did evening issues (Rita could probably write that fast, especially for such a juicy story). Despite the timing I did enjoy the interlude; it's nice of you to give us insights to Dumbledore's frame of mind, especially when we're all looking forward to what happens when he does finally learn what's been going on.

I hadn't thought about the magical truck being cliched - especially as you have Harry thinking about getting one many chapters ago (... I think, right before the 2nd year started). It certainly fits perfectly with his Mad-Eye Moody paranoia and heaping load of books.

Lastly, shouldn't Quidditch practices have started already?

As always, I anxiously await the next installment. I'll make my own predictions for the Boggart, just for your amusement:

- a gloating, victorious Voldemort (futility)
- an angry Dumbledore ready to Obliviate (he dreamed it, so it's right there for the Boggart to 'pick up')
- dead friends and family, but that wouldn't be nearly as interesting
- an amorphous cloud/something, because the Boggart got too confused with abstract concepts like fate

I'm sure whatever you've thought up will have poor Harry tied up in knots, and Lupin vary confused. I can't wait to read it!

uthamm posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 5:10am

AAAHHH! CLIFFIE! Not fair. Not suprising that Harry has a Headache - trying to keep it all straight and manipulate the circumstances is a full time job . . plus. Looking forward to more!

SerendipitousNightcrawler posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 2:47am

You know, after reading all the reviews, there are a couple of things about this story that bother me a little (though I am obviously still loving this story dispite them).

You've stated numerous times that all Harry's friends, and even Harry himself on a lesser level, are different than in the original timeline. So why, if they are so different, would they neccesarily end up in the same pairings? To me, HG/NL and LL/RW seem to be more compatible this time around. Certainly Harry wouldn't force them back into their previous relatinships? Maybe that's just me though.

Secondly, why do they all need to take the same classes? Ron obviously doesn't care about Arithmancy or Runes, why not let him take CMC w/ Hagrid? By splitting up they would presumably cover a wider range of knowledge and be less likely to not know some particular skill that the altered timeline might present them. I would think Harry would be very open to that idea. Especially once they moved onto their NEWT level classes when they're only taking 4-5 classes each.

Anyway, back to real life. Thank you for the distraction.

johnapple posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 2:26am

As usual Agreat story. Thank you. I do look forward to more.

SerendipitousNightcrawler posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 2:12am

I was downright giddy to see this story updated again, oh I have missed it so. Interesting to see how you're handling Slughorn, I'm curious to see if you bring some of HBP stuff into this 'book' now that you've got him and the horcrucies introduced. Heck, for that matter, with Sirius an ally rather than a threat on the castle, will Harry and the gang take a page from his book and learn to become animagi? Oh, and am I right assuming that Neville's new fear is rather Bellatrix Lestrange now that Snape's out of the picture for a while?

Great chapter, can't wait for the next installment.