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MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Friday 3rd March 2006 7:18am

Well now that I have gotten to this point, I really like what you are writing. I can't wait to see what you change next. I wonder what he is going to see in the Mirror of Erased(sp.). Its going to be very tuff for Harry trying to keep everything stright, and not messing things up to much. I await your next instalment.


Kim Patterson posted a comment on Thursday 2nd March 2006 1:53pm

What an awesome story premise! I'm anxiously looking forward to coming chapters and would love to offer services as a beta if you have need of one. Again, wonderful work!

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 10:00pm

This is a good story. I hope you continue. Thank you for writing.

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 7:58pm

Sad, interesting with a small ray of hope. I'm interested in seeing how things change with this start up. Thank you for writing.

ridmania posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 7:57pm

awesome stuff!!!!

thedjinn posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 1:59pm

Another astonishing entry from the Dreaming Viridian. As someone who has read several thousand fics, I'd like to think I've read a lot of fanfics. I'm not such a fan of slash, which cuts out about 70% of the fics out there, but I DO like "Harry goes back in time" fics.

So, after some deliberation, I would like to present "Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past" with the "Best Time-Travel Fic" award. I'll also nominate it for the "Best Harry Goes Back Into His Younger Self And Uses His Future Knowledge To Attempt To Make Things Better Fic". I think it's a lock to sweep the "Ficcies".

Hmmm, as for your most recent chapter - it's quite good, like all your danged chapters. See, the problem with a story as good as yours is that it annoys me both when I finish the latest chapter (because there isn't another one right away) and when I even think about it (because I know it will eventually end - and realize it must), but hey!

It wouldn't be the first time I've reread the story. It was better the 2nd time. 3rd and 4th are tied IMO.

Keep up the good work!
-TheDjinn (LordJeram)

Quizer posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 12:08pm

I've read all of the story that is available at now, and I want to apologize for thinking that this might be a cheap knock-off of another story that starts in a similiar vein. It didn't help my assertion that this story starts out very slowly and picks up speed only after Harry arrives in the past. Once there, the story becomes one of the very best I've ever read, on par with all of the other good ones presented on this site network.
Due to the approach, I guess there is little to be done about the initial amount of excitement your story causes. It works extremely well in hindsight, but it makes this first chapter fall just short of excellent. Maybe you should label it as prologue, since its function is really only to get the story rolling. Your objective here is to hold the readers initial attention long enough to get to the good stuff. Of course, just being on this site network is probably the best kind of recommendation you can get! ^_^
It's not quite THAT bad, but due to the skeletal structure of this story (about which I don't think you can do anything, unless you strip the whole story apart), this chapter isn't really quite as good as the rest, albeit necessary.
Tell me what you think of my ramblings. ;)


freakyfinger posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 7:53am

Hmm . . . I was wondering how Harry would become the seeker . . .more importantly, IF he would become the seeker . . .

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 7:27am

Excellent new twist on how Harry became the first first-year Seeker in over a century.

Fascinating conceptualizations on the AU tenents of your story.


viranne posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 6:54am

That's a really great chapter. I am interested to see how the concept of "fate" will re-introduce itself throughout the story. What can Harry change, what might he can't? Thanks for the update!

Tarkas posted a comment on Monday 27th February 2006 8:42pm

the title of this chapter is a nod toward Kokopelli, who has been pulling yeoman duty polishing up my grammar and occasional Americanism.

Shame he didn't fix that same chapter title... There is no such season as "Fall" except in North America (and I don't think the Canadians have it, either). It's "Autumn", okay?

I've commented on this chapter (and others) elsewhere, but it's still fun, and I do hope that you're going to develop further the idea that Snape used Legimency on Harry in his first year the first time around -- and then have the greasy git annihilated, along with all the other Slythergits.

Viridian replied:

Yes, and the Fall/Autumn thing was one of the things he corrected me on.

I suppose the joke was a bit obscure.

Anyway, yes, the Legilimency issue will continue to be a hot topic as the story progresses... for a variety of reasons.

Quizer posted a comment on Monday 27th February 2006 8:28am

Whew, a major confrontation already. It was fun to see Snape get creamed by the wits of Harry's future self. Although someone besides him should be suspicious that Harry is able ro rattle off the entire potion syllabus. The cooking comeback was nice and even appropriate, but it doesn't account for knowledge that extensive. Where would Harry get the books? I expect at least Hermione to raise the issue again in the near future, perhaps after cross-referencing at the library. I also liked the Sorting Hat's antics! Good job on another great chapter!

On another note, in the following quote:

"...stop that ghoul before he starts killing..."

I think ghoul is a very bad choice of word that should probably be replaced. Ghouls are minor undead beings, neither particularly powerful nor vindictive. Another comparative would probably be more apt. And on the off-chance that you meant the kind of being that Voldemort currently is, that would be a wraith, a formless spirit. But I assume you used it as some kind of derogative.

Do post more soon!


Viridian replied:

Well, Hagrid bought him an owl, and Flourish and Blotts has a owl-order business, so that's easily explained without going into his evening visits to Diagon Alley. (Harry goes into this at one point.)

I played D&D as well, but I was using ghoul in the more general English definition - creature who came back from the dead and/or messes about with the dead. And using it as a derogative is slightly more "Brit-speak" to my less-than-discerning ear.

Quizer posted a comment on Monday 27th February 2006 7:58am

> He chair was pulled away from the desk and a
> strange man was sitting in it. He was very
> thin, and looked incredibly tired and
> haggard. Lank black hair fell across his face
> and his eyes were shadowed.

Now this is an interesting development. A Yami!Harry co-existing in little Harry's mind. Too bad they decided to fuse their spirits. I would have paid money to see how this plays out if Yami!Harry had continued to reside in Harry's mind, coming to the fore when it is convinient or when Harry is in a dangerous situation, but mostly advising him through mind-to-mind speak and letting him act on his own apart from that. Like I said, too bad they fused. Your concept is interesting, but I imagine this initial condition to have far more potential. But it's your story! ^_^ Still, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this idea!

I also like the changes Harry tries to effectuate on his friends. They aren't terribly subtle, but you explain them well in Harry's thoughts, so it doesn't look amateurish.
It's also a little strange to see eleven year old kids talking about love, but having already been an adult, Harry is bound to never be able to look at girls in that eleven year-old way again. And since Ron responds with the disgust appropriate for that age, it doesn't look amateurish either. Good job! I can't wait to see how this plays out either!


Eleanna posted a comment on Monday 27th February 2006 6:55am

That was AWESOME!

At first I was concerned that this might be too ansty for my tastes but once I got into the 2nd and 3rd chapters, I was hooked.

Are you thinking of re-writing all 6 books? I admit that could be incredibly time consuming especially if this is just a plot-bunny that wouldn't leave you alone.

If you decide to carry on this I will be a faithful reader.

Love it!

Oooh, getting Snape axed. My oh my that would really play havic with the time-frame!

It's amazing how changing the interplay and especially Harry's character to being more self-confident could change those around him as well.

I really hope you continue this!


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 27th February 2006 6:27am

This time around with Snape a sheer delight. Can we make Snapey have a stroke or something? Oh, I hear phlebitis really hurts.

I await the day Harry fries Snapes brain into a puddle of mind mush.

Brilliant AU.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 27th February 2006 5:53am

The conversation old Harry had with his younger self was absolutely brilliant and heartwarming. If you didn't love the kid you would have that. Just great!

The conversation with the goblins was also a fine bit of 'innocent-eleven-year-old' train of thought working out just like Harry wanted.

This is so well written!

misumo posted a comment on Monday 27th February 2006 3:51am

I have already read 24 chapters of this story on FF under the author name S'Tarkan. So why dont you put up all the available chapters up at one stroke and then get on to the real work of putting up the next chapter ASAP.

Great Story by the way!!!



Viridian replied:

Because they are getting re-edited, and I need to make some formatting changes to post them here.

And my author notes on explain the update pacing.

Asad posted a comment on Monday 27th February 2006 2:39am

Good to see you have finally started posting NotFP to FFA. I hope it's completed soon adn we can get on with the new chapters.

Nick R. posted a comment on Sunday 26th February 2006 3:28pm

Well, that was surely, surely intriguing. I do very much look forward to seeing where you go with this. When/if Harry will confide in someone about his situation and who that person will be are the things I'm most wondering about right now, but I will gladly restrain my curiosity and wait patiently to see what happens next.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Sunday 26th February 2006 11:16am

*snicker* I love the Sorting hat's reply to Dumbledore; honest yet totally mis-leading. I do hope Harry manages to save the Hat this time.