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QOShea posted a comment on Tuesday 1st August 2006 2:24am

Good chapter. Freaky nightmare, had me going for a while! And yes, if you had ended the chapter after the nightmare, there would be death threats coming! *grin*

Seriously though, great story, good chapter. Hope to see Neville give his grandmother a wake up call. Also hope to see Sirius come back soon with a few stories of what he did to Voldi's toys,

Canis posted a comment on Tuesday 1st August 2006 1:56am

That was pretty good. The bit with the dream within a dream was pulled off pretty damned well despite the cliched nature of the plot device. You DID have me going for a minute there thinking it was real and that this was the end of the story (something which would have left me feeling quite vexed and cheated) since it isn't anywhere NEAR April 1st.

Sadly, I need to go back and reread the story as there are a number of things I seem to have forgotten (Snape's dismissal, Draco's expulsion, etc.), but finding the time to do so will be...difficult at best. Ah well.

elvin posted a comment on Tuesday 1st August 2006 1:03am

a good chapter, not the best, but good filler material. keep up the good work

Sssith posted a comment on Tuesday 1st August 2006 12:52am

Very enjoyable as always. Scary interlude with DD. Harry has some interesting fears and I wonder if he is a little bit of a Seerer now.

I wonder if Harry will be able to take on Voldy and kill him before he gets his body back at the end of book 4. That seems to be the point of highest vunerability.

CootiePatootie posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 10:54pm

Whoa. I was STUNNED. Had you left it after the Obliviation Disaster, I would have been catatonic with shock all day. Okay, maybe not that bad, but definately out-of-sorts. This is, after all, one of my favorite stories, and just about the only back-in-time Harry that is really truly original. (A note on that: I enjoy the back-in-time Harry stories, but too many of them have him uber powerful/smart/in-the-know without working for it. You made him a realistically young person, and have given him trials and tribulations. This just makes it more realistic.)

The scene with Hermione was fantastic. Scary but very evocative.

Love the Ron/Gred/Forge reprisal at breakfast. And the parting shot - "even if you are smarter" - just brill.

Okay, major mystery: WHY exactly does Gran hate Luna? Is it one of those nobody-is-good-enough-for-my-grandson things? Or something else?

Hmmmm, I like that H & G are still comfortable and comforting with each other. It is very good for Harry to have a constant in his life. It will also be MUCH better that much (all?) of Ron's jealousy will be a non-issue this time.

Here I thought you had rid of us of ol'Drakie poo and you only sent him offstage for a while! Shame on you, naughty author! ;-) Will we see more action from him anytime soon?

On the "stray" - I thought Molly & Arthur were in on it? I will have to re-read; not that I mind that!

Anyway, this is a really great update; not so happy/perky but definitely thought-provoking.



Tatterdemalion posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 10:52pm

I can honestly say, after having read fanfiction and RL fiction for many years, I can honestly say that this chapter is the first fanfiction, and the second piece of fiction which has phisically affected me. I almost literally felt my heart freeze in my chest.

okremer posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 10:25pm

Another wonderful chapter. I was hoping that Harry would be able to fill in Molly and Arthur. Well, maybe next chapter.

I wonder about Harry's dream. Could it just be the usual imagination of Harry's or could he indeed receive images from his future self because of what he accomplished? It would be helpful, but quite boring if that were the case. Maybe the merging of both his cores have given him some new talent? Though I'd hate to see him having seer capabilities somehow.

Anyway I hope that even if Dumbledore finds out about Harry, he will be more thoughtful about anything he might come up with. To erase Harry's memory after considering his link to Voldemort and everything that's happened would be quite a bold approach of him, wouldn't it?

Then again Dumbledore tends not to see the wood for the trees sometimes.

Last but not least I was astonished when asked to join in because of an adult theme. I would have joined anyway but it made me curios. It couldn't be anything about fluff as they are to young yet. But after finishing it I woulder where the adult theme was. Did I miss something? :-o

I haven't been able to review quite as often as I would have liked to do. Especially as your story deserves so much of it. I'll try to do better. Promised.

Bye, Oliver

Tero Alanne posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 10:06pm

Well I did enjoy this chapter although not much happened in it. For some reason it felt like something you wrote to pass the time between end of term and the next "book".

Now I want to argue about the maturity thing (yes I know you must be getting pretty tired of this but I think it really affects the enjoyability of the story). You wrote that when young people hang around an older one then to things happen. But the other one was a bit wrong. You see only Harry really has lived to ripe old age and so he's the only one to know how to really act like an adult. The others do not have this same kind of experience so what they tend to do is imitate Harry behaviour. I'm not a psychiatrist but that is something that I have done myself and have seen in children trying to act like adults.

And as of magical children maturing faster seeing as they get their hands on a lethal weapon at the age of eleven and no-one batting an eye for Lily and James marrying right out of school. Well don't you think that muggle children don't get their hands on knives, axes, bb-guns and other stuff like that at an even younger age than eleven? And am I wrong saying that marrying at the age of 18 is not so uncommon in muggle world either?

What I'm trying to say is that although they hang around harry twenty-four hours a day they're still only twelve! I'd understand their behaviour otherwse but right now in your story they act like adults constantly. There's no child left in them.

"Molly Weasley felt a pang of unease as she realized that maybe her little girl was starting to grow up." - Starting my ass: Molly's aparently not that perceptive seeing as Ginny's been acting like a twenty year old for half the story now.

But hey, it's your story so I'm going to stop this rant right now an let you do your thing. And I'm going to read it anyway 'cause the story is just so damn good!

Waiting for the next chapter with childish excitement!

Patches posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 8:35pm

This is a great chapter. I like the group at Kings Cross. That was a good interaction with Molly and Piercy. Mr. Granger noticing Hermione kissing Ron Was a good point!
I can see why Harry is a little nervous about Molly spilling the beans to Dumbledore. It could make his dream much more of a reality. That was a wicked dream sequence by the way. It had me believing that was what had really happened. I'm glad it turned out to be a dream. The scene with Harry and Ginny in the garden was excellent. I think Molly might be getting a little suspicious of Harry and Ginny but she really has nothing to worry about for a while. I love the way Harry and Ginny broke up the attack on Piercy at breakfast. It shocked Piercy and Molly. It also gave Piercy a different view of Harry and his sense of fair play. All in all I really like this chapter. Thanks for writing. pms

Harry James posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 8:31pm

P.S. I would like Harry and Dumbledore to be more like they were. He was very fatherly by the current output by Lady Rowling. I must admit, he was my favorite character and I shed a few tears upon his death. Also, I love that anime image of the Gryffindor 6! I love anime and now my mind will make a movie for me, but maybe Luna and Ginny will be a little taller seeing how they aren't that much younger than their sempai. Lastly, maybe explaining to the populous to look past the surface would be a good thing. For instance, some don't seem to realize that Molly paling upon this line:

He hadn’t said or done anything unusual, but Mrs. Weasley’s face had suddenly gone pale.

You had already stated she was exceptional at reading faces, so she caught any and all subtle expressions Harry made no attempt to hide when he thought of the future. In closing, I would just like to say, continue with your wonders mighty sorceror. Much luck, and happy writing!

Ltank687 posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 8:22pm

Alreayd reviewed on fanfiction, but had to again here after I read it... again... god i love your story.

I like how you aren't allowing the estrangement of Percy, along with the "not all slytherins are evil," and with the estrangement of Dumbledore.

Your story is amazing, I truly enjoy reading it emmensely, and it is the one story I look for updates every day for. Thank you for writing and entertaining us all for the minutes to hours and allowing us to escape the real world eveyr once in a while with your updates.

Thank you.

Harry James posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 8:09pm

I must admit, the nightmare had me worried. I practically wanted to blow up my ruddy computer, but there was more to read. I loved the way you made it seem like he was awake. A dream in a dream kind of thing! Classic! I love your style, and I often have myself convinced that this is the final story in the series and you are Lady Rowling herself. Very talented. Keep doing what you do. I love you for it, and not in a disturbing way. Oh, and in your next author note section, could you state if you are European or American? Just curious, but I do tend to favor English writers.

Lincoln posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 8:03pm


That hint you've given regarding his core blowing up is scary. I'm a bit worried that you'll find something nasty to send poor harry of to the asylum, if he's lucky!

Maybe he should start to make an effort to befriend the headmaster. The angst, while understandable, is ill-fitting on someone with so much experience.

The Molly perspective was done nicely, but i noticed she was quiet when the lovable stray was brought up in conversation. I would have thought she'd have had more to say about a creature she restored to health.

I hope Neville can come and play, as well as Luna, especially if Lupin comes to teach. Which leads me to a disturbing thought. I would have thought Harry with his combined experiences and having previously gone through (even only the first six years of)hogwarts, that he'd be able to be learning things that even Percy couldn't yet comprehend!

Nice touch with the bookends comment. That brought a chuckle.

Fate posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 5:36pm

Brilliant chapter!!!

When I got to the part where Nevile and Hermione died, it felt like my eyebrows where about to crawl off the top of my head. I'd honestly thought you'd gotten tired of writing this wonderful story, and decided to kill off all the characters... :D

This should be an indication of how good your writing skills are that it didn't even occur to me to check the scroll bar to see how much of the chapter was left before the end.

Can't wait for more!!!
This story is just fantastic!!!

Gena posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 5:05pm

oh my god this is so good i was hoping for more updates during the summer before school but hey its all good love the chapter it was very good i cant wait to read more

Norman McKenzie posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 4:51pm

Your comment about the maturity level of the students make sense. Also, in the past (about 50 years or so ago) 15-17 years old was not an uncommon age for people to become heads of household, or at least working in a responsible role somewhere. Thanks for not leaving the story with the deaths of Hermione and Neville. I actually had to reread that section twice to understand the shifting between the nightmare and reality.

Jon posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 4:24pm

brilliant! But I was wondering about why you put it under an adult's rating, when I don't think there was anything worth concerning about...

LittleTom45 posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 4:21pm

Ahh yes, you definitely need to get a new computer. Might I recommend you get one as glamorous as your writing? No. I guess that is impossible, they don't make computers that good yet. Give it 10-12 years… maybe. Once again you have out done yourself. I await each chapter to come out on pins and needles. And no, I don’t sleep on a bed of nails.

I have been wondering when Molly is finally going to say something about how everyone is acting. She seems to have sensed that some relationships are building, but not a peep from her yet. I haven’t heard of Percy and his love of writing Miss Clearwater either. I would think it would be time for Arthur to sit each of the males down for a small chat about the subject. Of course the twins would probably make that interesting too. I’m also surprised Ginny hasn’t taken any action on Harry now that she knows they were something in another life. You got me good with the dream. I thought you ended the story and was going to get upset. I really like the idea that the girls thought of a plan to remind them if something was amiss. That was very clever. I expect we should see some serious quidditch soon too. I’m also curious how you’re going to show what is happening on the other fronts. Is Snape going to train Draco while Remus trains the gang, or is it time for an old Auror to come out of retirement to teach first. If that does happen, will he see more than he should with that magnificent eye? It will be interesting to see Molly and Arthur’s reaction when they hear Harry’s tale. I think your going to bring in Remus, but I would not be surprised if Arthur brings in Moody.

Terry Chang posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 4:07pm

He’d think back, years later, on the irony of such a thought.

what? what? damn it, i'm not smart enough to figure that out. wait, my wife says i let me think about this...crap, nope, can't do it. i'll just have to leave meaty reviews so this author can somehow finish, it'll take a while, won't it?

i especially like to hear about the elder weasleys. Not that i want to hear that they argued, but to hear what arthur and molly each think.

"He hadn’t said or done anything unusual, but Mrs. Weasley’s face had suddenly gone pale."
what? does that mean she has some empathy or what? nah, she can't read his mind, even dumbledore can't...right?

here's to the next chapter.

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 4:07pm

The fonts are messed up in the paragraph beginning: "At her mother’s prompting, Hermione was reluctantly making her goodbyes."

You had me going for a moment with DD at the Burrow, until the Harry blew up. The line about the future irony of that dream is a bit too blatant to be called foreshadowing, isn't it? :-)

I'm very interested to see what Molly & Arthur's reactions to the truth will be.

Thanks for sharing this with us.