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Teresa Lynne posted a comment on Monday 20th October 2008 1:58pm looks like Mrs. Longbottom might be giving Harry and company a chance to expand their plans into unexpected areas; and that can only assist them. If nothing else, it might be a help when they're facing someone like Umbridge or Lucius. It's one thing to go against someone who doesn't have social backing andor no knowledge of how it works, but quite another to face a person with potential allies and standing. This developement might give that pair, and others pause in any future actions against Harry and the others. My thanks for an excellent chapter! :)

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Anthony May posted a comment on Monday 20th October 2008 12:41pm

Well well well, I guess my son finally reviewed using my Log-On. The first Anthony May comment was him. His first...A step.

Anthony May posted a comment on Monday 20th October 2008 12:36pm

Ok Matthew, I have been reading fan fiction for a few years now, whenever anyone asks me, I tell them you are one of, if not the best. I know a few people who have read your stories and have not commented, most of the time it is because they are too embarassed or shy (If you can believe that)... one of them being my 18 year old son. This story I use as a way of introducing people to fan fiction - even if it's not finished, it is a gateway for many to see what they are missing out on. This chapter is excellent. I can't wait until it is done. I got a call this morning telling me the new chapter was up. It was a wonderful beginning to my day. My biggest nightmare is you getting tired and abandoning it. It's too good not to finish and I'm sure a lot of us have years invested into this. "Long live The Nightmare of Future's Past!" Keep up the great work. I know you have a life to live and don't want to force the story so I'll just have to pray for your inspiration and time. - Anthony E. May

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An interesting time for all concerned. I rather liked the rendering of the baslisk and I suspect that it will go a long way toward providing quite a nest egg for all involved. It looks like the multiple friendships are developing to where they all comfortable with each other and that's going to make for some interesting changes as the pairing up continues. I suspect the parents aren't going to be totally surprised given what they've seen so far. Still, I rather suspect they've got a long way to go and enemies they don't even know, yet, both among the Deeters and their sympathizers and among "just" the more hidebound purebloods on the Light side.

Jonathan Langford posted a comment on Monday 20th October 2008 11:46am

Very nice. I admit that I'm worried that the clues you've given might mean that the Grangers will be trying to easedrop electronically on what's going on with Hermione and her friends...

Each chapter that comes out makes me nervous: will something go horribly wrong in THIS chapter? Nothing has yet, but there's been so much dark foreshadowing that I can't help but worry.

Yours are among the fictions for which I wait most anxiously for updates. Good stuff.

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I can't await the next chapter - I hope it won't take y<ou this long to get it up this time.... ;)
And just as always I have to admit that it was a wonderful, well-written chapter once more (one of the reasons I won't drop your stories!)

Wolfric posted a comment on Monday 20th October 2008 5:35am

Thanks for the fine chapter. This story continues to be one of my most favorites. I imagine Harry has endeared himself to Slughorn for the foreseeable future. I imagine Snape and Draco are plotting in the wings. Harry needs to get some of the prominent purebloods to realize if Sirius Black can be treated without regard for basic rights so could they. Thanks again for writing. W.

Anthony May posted a comment on Monday 20th October 2008 4:18am

Ah another splendid chapter. Please don't keep me waiting this long for the next chapter! HAHAHAHA! Once again fantastic.

Kathleen posted a comment on Monday 20th October 2008 4:05am

A delightful chapter. I love how you weaved in the insecurities of the canon characters even though they've come so far -- you're not making them all into supermen. And women.

I also really enjoyed your characterization of Bill -- especially the way Percy acted around him, and how he coached Ron about the broom and calmed down Molly after the "detour."

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Excellent chapter. Can't wait to see the rest of the school year happen.

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I was so surprised when I checked my mail I spared no time in starting to read. I realised that I hadn't actually read the story in a while when I had to think about how the Basilisk scene had really gone.
Slughorn's a true Slytherin, much more so than Snape and his ilk. Slughorn is a cunning man who rides on the backs of others, and does all he can to build up relationships to anyone who could further his own agendas, whatever the are. All those small favors would amass quite quickly.
Love your stories, bubye!

Martionmanswife posted a comment on Monday 20th October 2008 3:09am

You Made me laugh again. with the eyebrow comment. Again the story is amazing. I like this more reasonable Sirius Black. Former Pranksters make the best Parents, as they already know all the tricks. The Chapter was worth the wait. as always your work is amazing. Donna

blue gold posted a comment on Monday 20th October 2008 2:39am

I actually really love this story. Not the best way to start a review I know but I don't often read Harry Potter and even more rarely read Harry/Ginny (I didn't buy it in the novels).

This is likely the first time that I've read a new chapter without reading the entire story again first. (There were 33/34 chapters when I started so not a stunning achievement) But it means I can write a review that is a novella instead of a Novel.

I like your characterizations, and the way you seem to bring to light positive aspects of the characters that JKR touched on but seem to let drift. Character's like Luna and Neville that seemed to always be mentioned in passing are much more present here.

The relationships between the characters seems much stronger, and solidified in a way that is fantastic to see. Yes a large part of this is Harry's own workings, to make his friends what they would become in years otherwise.

This group is, smart, united, and ready in a way canon-wise they were not. But still there isn't a solution that means instant victory. For all Harry knows, his changes could mean someone takes it upon themselves to replace Voldemort.

Part of me wonders if things like eliminating Snape and Draco will a deeper impact than immediately apparent. And how such bigger changes, will effect Harry's future knowledge, though already Year 4 can't happen the way it did, granted I'm assuming this goes until year 4 or beyond. The fact that Harry's changes are having an effect beyond even what he can see is also appealing; opening the door to far reaching consequences.

On that note I have what I like most about Nightmares is that you do not feel the need to adhere to canon religiously, even as some things seem to play out as destiny or fate, even the minor changes 'why Harry went after Draco and became seeker' for example are different enough that I spent a moment wondering if he wouldn't end up in the hospital wing this time around.

Finally, What is going on with Peter? Shutting up now.

Thank you for writing such an amazing story, sharing it, and continuing to write it.

BT posted a comment on Monday 20th October 2008 2:33am

WOOO an update! LOVE IT.

Please keep going. I've been checking this page often and want to find out what happens!

Poor Mr. Granger. It is hard to bring out the protective father shotgun when Harry is around.

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Excellent.Keep it up.

Memory King posted a comment on Monday 20th October 2008 1:30am

Thought Harry would have gotten over his hypocrisy by now, but oh well.

Nice chapter, can't wait for events to come to a head.

Looking forward to more!

morriganscrow posted a comment on Sunday 19th October 2008 11:01pm

A good, solid chapter.
It's always nice to see Nev shine, as, for all the mentions in canon, he remains a sadly incomplete character. You handle him really well, as you do the others, and I look forward to reading more.

DrT posted a comment on Sunday 19th October 2008 9:31pm

Nice follow up to the problems posed and solved in the previous chapter, esp using the Slug Club as foreshadlowing