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Cassandra30 posted a comment on Wednesday 10th August 2011 4:09am

Love it! This story is considered a Classic in the Time Travel Genre. Actually I believe Viridian wrote the book on it. Pun intended. :)

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Wednesday 10th August 2011 3:45am

What a terrific idea!

Anne Acosta posted a comment on Thursday 7th July 2011 12:10am

I really wish you would finish this story. It is incredibly good, and I just re-read it. Please work on it. I rarely read unfinished stories, but I got sucked into it, got hooked, and then left dangling. Please finish this.

Terry Chang posted a comment on Sunday 12th June 2011 10:04am

Just went thru the whole story again. Is as good as I remembered. I still love the parts where we get to see the inner thoughts of the characters like Molly, ginny and the various other weasleys. I don't know if your still writin this story but I look forward t the possibility that it is. Thank you for every chapter so far though.

FireStarter83 posted a comment on Sunday 3rd April 2011 6:21pm

I'm liking this story. Although I started reading it and then got caught up with work and school for awhile. Any plans on continuing or is this an abandoned story?

freshwater posted a comment on Friday 18th February 2011 11:08am

Have read the entirety of this fic in the last few weeks, and am dismayed to see that it hasn't been updated in more than a year. I am totally sympathetic with the demands of real life upon you, and the fact that you may have been drawn into other interests in your writing. But please know that this is quite an amazingly well-written story, in addition to featuring intriguing timeline issues and a stunningly complex combination of plots and subplots (....hmmm, bet you DID know all of that already!) and it deserves to be continued. I desperately hope that you will return to this terrific story someday. I will be eagerly awaiting that time.

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Thursday 10th February 2011 9:40pm

Looking forward tithe next chapter!

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Wednesday 9th February 2011 2:49am

You had me worried for a minute there! I can actually imagine Bumblebore obligating the whole group "for the greater good" of course. I'm very very very glad that wasn't the end!

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Sunday 6th February 2011 5:58pm

Personally I prefer an imperfect hero. This just makes it more interesting. I agree though; Vernon is one of my most hated characters. Its never really believable when Harry and the Dursleys are friendly. Good job!

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Sunday 6th February 2011 3:20am

Damn. This looks as dark as Sluagh was. I'm excited!

computer5450 posted a comment on Saturday 22nd January 2011 12:58am

very good and a very big thank you thank you for some fine reading and i read all of it too.

LynnTerald posted a comment on Friday 21st January 2011 9:03pm

Ironically, it was you that I followed to this site two or so years ago, but it was for another author that I stayed. I think I've given up on reading the end of this story since its been 14 months since the last update. You're a very good author, but even the best author can't keep a reader's interest unless they keep writing the story. So, I'm going to stop checking for updates and simply let time pass. If you happen to update, then maybe, one day, I will finish this story. Until such a time...Adios.

Ilonwy posted a comment on Wednesday 29th December 2010 10:55pm

Oky doky, you said that reviews make you want to write more. This is my third read through of your most amazing fanfic! I'm not sure if it is my my number one favorite fanfic or tied for number one with the Granger Defence. Your stories make me laugh out loud like a maniac, which does pose problems, seeing as I am an insomniac, who reads into the early morning hours in a house full of grumpy family members. This being said, I can't give this story up & will continue to read it over and over in the middle of the night, waking my family up at all hours. So on there behalf I beg you, please continue this story so that I can finish & and they may sleep in peace! PLEASE!

clinicallyinsane posted a comment on Tuesday 26th October 2010 2:04am

Is Harry losing his memory?

fountaam posted a comment on Monday 4th October 2010 8:27am

Re-read it all last night. And can't wait to see more!

iopgod posted a comment on Thursday 16th September 2010 11:28am

super stuff! Hope you have a chance to continue this.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Monday 6th September 2010 6:14am

Love the idea of Scrimgeour being a Gryffindor to learn McGonagall's tone.

I also really liked Hermione's solution to Millicent's problems. Very nicely done.

Couldn't help but saying love again for Luna's platypus patronus (say that three times fast) and Harry laughing until he saw black spots in front of his eyes.

Eek, I can't believe you left it there. That was just cruel. Great chapter though.

avidreaderbz posted a comment on Saturday 28th August 2010 5:22pm

Fantastic! Such a wonderful take on a classic old plot, and i'm looking forward to the next chapter

bz x

AntiqueDoll posted a comment on Thursday 29th July 2010 1:21am

Your story is one of the most impressive pieces of fanfiction I have ever set eyes on! I am impressed that you managed to keep a novel style while completely avoiding JK Rowlings style, quite a feat. Please continue as I would be absolutely heartbroken if this story were discontinued.

Brightblaze posted a comment on Tuesday 20th July 2010 1:03pm

interesting story. very different.