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Sushi posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 6:06am

Well, I loved it.

Favorite part would have to be the Peter-ness. Oh and F and G's reaction to them opening a shop. Heh.

Memory King posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 5:55am

A lovely update. Everything has already been said, so I would just like to congratulate you on an outstanding story!

MonkeyAxman1302 posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 5:53am

Great chapter. Especially loved the "Oh the irony.." line.

I liked the the articles as well. Because this story is so epic and we wait so long between chapters you forget sometimes that Rita is almost on Harry's side. I especially forgot she wrote fot he Quibbler. It was great thought.

As ever, thanks for writing, and I look forward to more!

Ken Warner posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 5:35am

Just loved the spear Harry stuck in McG during that conversation "...with my 2nd family - My 1st one is all dead."
The meeting with Bill was masterfully done - loved the internal dialogue while Harry recognized and quashed his initial reaction - and Bill using his private knowledge gained on the job to subtly test Harry's reactions to other sentients was great.

thanks so much for sharing your excellent work.

warmest regards (and this adds one more thing to be grateful for on Thanksgiving day)

Gena posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 5:00am

i cant wait for you to update this is really good. I like it alot i was waorried you be like many authors who gave there storys up when deathly hollows came out. I cant wait to see were you go with this.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 4:17am

It's so good to see Rita's poison pen put to such good use. I also liked your use of the press to show what was going on outside of Harry's direct life and the perceptions of the wizarding world in general towards the war. LOL at them interviewing Mundungus and Molly!

I was chuckling at Molly but the irony line had me throwing back my head in laughter. Harry's conversation with McGonagall was brilliant, if questionable as to whether it would raise her suspicions about him.

Percy pranking Fred and George was superb. I also liked that Harry still feels like he needs to command even though it's so difficult. The Durmstrang in a night comment was also brilliant. Loved the reducto scene.

Finally, I agree. Sometimes Harry makes mistakes and is overly emotional in ways I don't necessarily love in the character, but that's exactly why I love this aspect of the story. Far too many fanfics have "Perfect Harrys" who never make real mistakes, get mad except at injustices or understand that they may cause friends' deaths in indirect ways.

Superb chapter, as always, just a little too short. And, as always, I'm left desperately waiting for more please. Thanks for writing.

Mionefan posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 3:23am

Ahh! My favourite fanfic, Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work!

pri_yes posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 3:18am

As always a great work...
please update soon!

amulder posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 2:59am

I liked Harry's reaction in the 3 Broomsticks. It is entirely understandable for him to react negatively when others start making decisions on his behalf. I was more than a bit surprised that he handled it so well. That was a very good scene with Bill.

thanks for sharing.

ps: don't listen to Jim (Jbern) My, what a bloodthirsty writer... ;-)

Mrs.TiffanyPotter posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 2:19am

Nice Chapter. I wonder if Harry isn't getting a bit to big for his britches, after all 13 year old Wizards aren't normally mature enough to take on a well practiced politian like Fudge. If he doesn't start acting more like his age and less like an experienced General people are going to become suspicious. Mcgonagall already suspects something is up as evidenced by her attempted dressing down of Harry.

Robin Postle posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 2:06am

Great chapter, it was well worth the wait.

Joel posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 1:27am

Interesting chapter. One of the things I like most about this story is how difficult it is to figure out what will be happening next, how you'll warp canon to accomodate your own vision.

JBern posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 12:57am

The writing was good and everything looked in order, but it just felt like there was something missing from this chapter. I would have like to have seen the Ministry striking back more actively. Instead, this was a mostly plotting chapter and with the exception of Peter's scene it all seemed to be focused on Harry. You mentioned Melissa Bulstrode's death, but there seemed to be no follow up on Harry's part.

Perhaps, I'm a bit too eager to see the bloodshed start. I have extra body bags left over from the conclusion of Darkness if you need them? :-)

Still, it was a good deal of info in a long chapter. I look forward to future installments.


Varakeen posted a comment on Wednesday 21st November 2007 10:24pm


you did a really fine chapter here. I like the way Harry reacts to things. Not because his reactions are nice as such but the way you make him believable. That's what sets your story apart from other time-travel stories: things aren't "just fine" as soons as Harry is back in time, he has still lots of things to work through.
The best part of the chapter was, IMHO, the talk to McGonnagall, she'll have a lot to think about. I sometimes wonder what Dumbledore is thinking about things, you included some really good parts of his thoughts in other parts of the story, but right now, I really wonder what he thinks of the events.


timmerator posted a comment on Wednesday 21st November 2007 3:33am

Man am I bored!? I haven't been able to find much since your last that piques my interest. Since I'm a reader, not a writer, I will refrain from commenting on your writing(other then to say your work flows nicely) your version of HJP(squared) and the G6 crowd has kept me guessing and quite anxious for your next. I've found myself re-reading your stuff just to keep from resorting to watching TV. I know I've said this before but,Your doing a fine job please contiue. Enough with the ego stroking... Your Great! Bla Bla Bla Your Stories are Great! Bla Bla... I'm serious... Really! Did I tell your I'm really bored?


drkjester posted a comment on Monday 19th November 2007 10:58am

Great story, and I can't wait for more. Please don't be forever with it.

bgoldnyxnet posted a comment on Friday 16th November 2007 4:02am

I can't figure out why this chapter should be marked "Adults Only". For that matter, a lot of the earlier chapters that don't even have any snogging are marked "Teens+". Why?

BDSanta2001 posted a comment on Wednesday 14th November 2007 12:30pm

Wow,! I can't wait for more!

bgoldnyxnet posted a comment on Wednesday 14th November 2007 8:22am

17 USC 107 deals with "fair use". There is a four-factor test that the court applies when deciding whether a given instance constitutes fair use (and hence a defence against getting sued). Whether or not you get paid is only *one* of the factors.

(1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
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Viridian replied:

I'll give you three guesses as to the profession of one of my betas...

Was there really a point to this?

mekareami posted a comment on Monday 12th November 2007 8:07pm

So glad to see this tale has not bee abandoned :) Thank you very much the update and I eagerly await the next installment.