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zac posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 3:28pm

Absolutely brilliant. I almost spilled my coffee when i read that dream sequence. will we see more "warnings?" Sadly i could see Dumbledore doing something like that. As for the maturity of Harry's crew. They are all interacting with Harry on a daily basis and he is what, thirty? They would naturally act more mature than other kids their age. thank you for a great story.

cmzanna posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 3:19pm

Deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious! I had just re-read this entire fic last week, and was hoping for an update soon. Thank you :) the scene with Neville & his grandmum made me so sad - and I really enjoyed how you worked with Harry and Luna after that.

The Dumbledore dream was really scary and had me believing it - don't do that!!

I loved Harry & Ginny's interactions & the teaming together to defend Percy - I really like how you're working with his natural characteristics but giving them that little twist to suit your storyline. Excellent job & I look forward to more.

Wooster posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 3:19pm

Genius! Pure unadulterated genius! What a way to spend Harry's birthday. I loved this chapter and everything about it. It was a little more...laid back than most other chapters. Things were relatively happy.

Except for that dream. Whoa that dream. Gave me pure chills. Scary. I actually had a moment of ' this really happening' before I remembered that this was only the first chapter of 'Dementors of Azkaban' and we hadn't gotten to the Dementors yet.

But you did fool me for a second. Which is amazing.

OH! And I loved this quote: "Stop that," she said absently, "you’re not old enough to sound sardonic without it sounding like whinging."

Dunno why particularly...but I did. And Ginny's argument to get Ron off Percy's back. Genius. Especially when you consider what THEY don't know yet about Ron, a prefect badge, and fifth year. Go fig.

Anywho, excellent chappie. I'll probably read it again once it's gone through the rigamarole of beta-ing and is posted on and leave just as long a review about completely different things that I found amazing. So yeah. You're a genius...update again soon!

millercommamatt posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 2:54pm

You want to know what I was thinking while reading this? I'll tell you. While reading the scene with Dumbledore, I went pale... literally. If you had ended this chapter after that scene and the scene with Neville and Hermione there would not have been any death threats. Death threats imply a lack of action. I think I'm on the mark when I say the screams of your death would have been muffled by your own butt. [ :) or maybe >:) ]

Your writing was great as usual. I thank you. You entertain me in a way not too many other writers can pull off.

What I would like to see happen:
I'd like to see Harry defuse some of his more antagonistic relationships. Specifically, I'd like to see things between he and Dumbledore improve. I know that is the previous chapter you had Dumbledore make a little progress insofar as how he views Harry. Maybe it's time for Harry to reassue Dumbledore a bit. Your Harry has become a polarizing figure. At least he's becomming aware of that fact. The calmer people are around Harry, the more he can focus on kicking ass.

Anyway, thanks again. I can't think of another author's email updates I'd rather see in my inbox.


Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 2:18pm

Hmm, being given access to a deadly weapon at age 11 isn't totally unusual, even in muggle societies. In our own, there are still lots of kids that age who have been taught responsible firearms ownership and marksmanship and have been given at least .22-caliber firearms.

I will agree that Wizarding children do tend to grow up quicker than children in our culture. I wonder how much of that is because Wizarding culture is, in many respects, a few generations behind the rest of the world in its evoultion?

Overall, though, I think the maturity levels of the characters are quite plausible given the situation in the story.

Philipe posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 2:12pm

I was tempted to end the chapter after the scene with Hermione and Neville dying, but I really would get tired of the death threats I’d receive if I did that. *grin*

It's so nice to see an authors with vision *Grin*

i had a little problem with your Durmstrang description.. will you see everyone there as a DE in training? Just to know really..

Loved how H&G took care of the twins and Ron.. I like how you're dealing with Percy.. Very interesthing.. The Dream was mean btw :P But very realistic.. Enjoy it a lot..

Neville's Gran was a bit strange tho.. i'm curious how you're gonna deal with her..

great Chapter!

Nightwing510 posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 1:52pm

I enjoyed reading your story. I liked the way you had Ginny taking precautions in case Dumbledore erased their memories. Please update soon.

Yojo posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 1:32pm

Interesting chapter, but it really seemed like a recap and filler chappie than anything else. I loved the idea of dumbledore invading, but it seemed overly redundant: The whole point of the chapter seemed to be 'never trust dumbles' or something. I mean, you raised an interesting point about Draco and I loved the interweasley byplay you had, but it seemed to be just there to space out the, for lack of a better term, Dumbledore bashing. I mean, I completely understand where you are coming from but it seems over the top in this chapter. I liked it nevertheless but still...
Anywho, great job and keep up the superb work.

Bobmin356 posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 1:17pm

That nightmare was pure evil. I was all set to hunt you down and feed you to Buckbeak!

Good chapter, can't wait to see the elder Weasley's reaction to having a MUCH older Harry under their roof. And eyeing thier daughter.

Viridian replied:

That's high praise, considering the source!

Am I the only person that's ever had a nightmare within a nightmare before? O_o

Anyway, thanks for the kind words...

David Thacker posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 1:08pm

Like the pic in the update email.

Black Dragon Knight posted a comment on Monday 31st July 2006 12:48pm

Nice chapter. I really like the concept as a whole, Harry going back and not so much trying to rewrite the past, but change it to create a different future. You're doing a good job with Harry as he tries to change things, at the same time, try to keep somethings as they were. While not a big fan of Harry/Ginny outside of the books, I like the relationship they are building in this story. It gives Harry someone to really talk to when he's dealing with everything.

Daisy posted a comment on Monday 24th July 2006 8:16am

I started reading this story on Phoenixsong and found this chapter here. I'm so glad that you're finishing it. I love how it's turning out and the subtle difference that you put into it. Great job!!

BJH posted a comment on Wednesday 19th July 2006 12:01am

On rereading this story to date, I think I've noticed a minor little plot hole. Just a trivial thing but with so few mistakes or missteps to find I thought I would point it out. Early in the story you, I beleive it is Christmas when Harry recieves the Invisibility Cloak, he recalls how it was lost during the war in the previous timeline, yet when you discuss Ron's death you say how he covered Harry with the cloak. A slight and trivial point I know but as I said there is so little to criticize in the story I had to point out what I could.


BJH posted a comment on Monday 10th July 2006 3:33am

Interesting chapter. I have liked this story from the first time I started it.

One thing here, to continue on the Dumbledore issue. He indeed punishes Harry, even though Harry was allowed to play in the match he missed several critical practises most likely, not to mention the stress the team was placed under. Minor but still it seems that Dumbledore made no effort to make up for his mistake other than to cancel the remaining punishment. As for the Slytherins: what was their punishment? They were allowed an extra week or so to study for their exams? All the while relaxing in the Hospital Wing? Some punishment.

You may say that Dumbledore had no proof therefore he could not punish the Slytherins but then what proof did he have about Harry and his group before he punished them? Let's see... A group of first and second year students were involved in a confrontation with a larger group of older students. All the physical evidence, such as the robes being underneath the magical bonds as you mentioned and any damage done by spells or falling being on the robes the attackers were wearing would all point to the fact that they were indeed the initiators of the attack. Yet Dumbledore chose to assume that it was Harry and his group who initated the confrontation and punished them with out any proof or even any evidence.

It would seem that Dumbledore is willing to always give the benefit of the doubt to those who appear guilty and deny it to those who appear innocent. Or is it just Harry that he doesn't trust?

I am surprised that Hermione doesn't suggest that the Headmaster simply compare memories. He could take the memory of the incident from both sides of the question and compare them. If either side refuses to do this it is only logical to assume that they are trying to conceal their guilt and the other side's memories are to be trusted.

I think Harry was a bit quick in his forgiving Dumbledore and needs to see more evidence of his future intentions. Or perhaps it would be fun to have Minerva reason this out and choose the position where she needs to mistrust her boss, at least where Harry is concerned.

Let me close by repeating how much I enjoy this story.


Wooster posted a comment on Sunday 9th July 2006 3:11pm

Hi! Remember me? I usually read this story on phoenixsong...but you hadn't updated in a while. Then I remembered you were on other sites...and seeing as how Phoenixsong has such a thorough submission process...I figured you might have another chapter elsewhere.

And I was right.

Lucky me. This was an EXCELLENT chapter. Everything that happened was amazing! The tournament, even Dumbledore's mistake. This story just keeps getting better and better.

But as a sports lover...I must say my favorite part was your Quidditch scene. It was a perfect break-down of Cho's strategies for one thing, and extremely exciting for another.

As for your chapters getting longer and longer...I like 'em this way! Gives me more reading material before I have to wait for the next chapter. Speaking of which: don't make me wait too long...please?

Jerome posted a comment on Friday 7th July 2006 2:31pm

The chapters are to short.

Daven posted a comment on Thursday 6th July 2006 8:57am

Nice chapter, and end to the arc.. Keep up the good work ^^

timmerator posted a comment on Wednesday 5th July 2006 12:06pm

itsallgood! some of the situations seem almost too intense too soon, but frankly I'm enjoying your story immensely. I only wonder how your going to top the adrenalin levels in following chapters. no complaints, only observations.


Aberbadger posted a comment on Wednesday 5th July 2006 6:18am

Actually, the way I pictured Kingsley, is more like the Big Boss Man at the end of Daredevil! SLJ is fairly skinny (relatively to JK's description anyway). I imagined Shacklebolt as being more chunky!

Damon Ring posted a comment on Tuesday 4th July 2006 10:43pm

I cannot how glad i was when i saw this posted, your story is one of my very favourite Harry Potter tales i have yet come across and i have been enjoying it immensely.
While i don't normally review individual chapters due to time constraints i just wanted you to know that your hard work is valued and enjoyed.

Keep it up.