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mahaffe posted a comment on Thursday 26th March 2009 11:00am

Where Harry asks about why he didn't use the Marauder's Map when looking for Ginny before, he did have a good reason....he didn't get it until the next year.

ladysavay posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd March 2009 6:39pm

As always, very nice chapter. I'm anxious to see where this goes from here.

Surely, with all his fore knowledge and all those accumulative brains within his support system, they will find a way to get rid of Fudge and his cronies.

Jenifer Winterbine posted a comment on Monday 16th February 2009 9:38pm

Well if this was a 'skill building exercise' it is wolds better than a fic by many other writers who think their skills are already 'built'.
It promises to be an interesting and entertaining fic.
BTW your betas have done a great job too.

Cathycalamitous posted a comment on Monday 9th February 2009 2:18pm

This is great!! Update or however this site works (i just found it yesterday)...i hope it alerts my email or something... :(.... anyways...UPDATE UPADRTE BLAHBLAH UPDATE!! ^.^

Anansii posted a comment on Friday 16th January 2009 3:29pm

Well, it's official - if I start rereading this fic I will read the whole thing, regardless of what I intended. :) About all I've got to say is keep up the good work!

ClarenceRose posted a comment on Thursday 15th January 2009 1:50pm

This is a most interesting take on Harry Potter.
I love it!
The characters have strong personalities, and i like that ron and hermione get along.
Please write more soon!


bellawolfluna posted a comment on Friday 9th January 2009 5:24pm

your attention to detail is really pronounced. i am slightly worried because neville and luna, and ron and her hermione seem to be progressing their relationships much more than ginny and harry . . .

fyrecat posted a comment on Monday 5th January 2009 6:32pm

Well, That was a very pleasant read. I really am enjoying the story arc. It's so nice to see someone who recognizes the HUGE value of the basilisk carcass.
Your characterizations are interesting and engaging. I like the various subtle and not-so-subtle changes and the logical, character-development driven nature of the changes. I very much like how the 2 versions of Harry are merging, creating a new person.

I'm impressed with the level of literacy it your work. It's so refreshing to see words spelled and used correctly, punctuation used properly, and a widely varied vocabulary. I even had to look up a couple of words! I'm very impressed!

I definitely look forward to future updates, and hope that you don't make us wait long for them.

The only thing that I might suggest editorially is to be careful of re-using the same expression over and over - "gimlet eye" comes to mind, although there were one or two more as well.
Finally, my personal observation/ pet peeve for this fic is:
It seems like, with Harry being not just a veteran, but literally the 'last man standing' after a 19 year war, the last few with only him, Ron and Hermoinie, and the final year fought alone against whole squads of DEs at a time, that he should have a MUCH higher level of instinctive situational awareness. Also, there's just no way that a kid with only a year or 2 of training should be any kind of a challenge at all in a duel.
There are viet-nam vets with much better reflexes, and that war only lasted 16 years, and most folks never did more than a couple of tours on the front lines.

Otherwise, I'm really enjoying this fic. Thank you so much for sharing your creative genius with us.

fyrecat posted a comment on Friday 2nd January 2009 6:24pm

"...her words were like caramels with fish hooks imbedded inside. They were nice, friendly, and polite, but it wasn’t until the implications sank in that they really started to hurt."

Wow. That's an amazing analogy/simile/metaphor! Beautiful!

lap10 posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd December 2008 3:01am

The boy looked up at the man, eyes growing damp as well. "Will I really have friends at this new school?"

The man nodded and took a shaky breath. "Oh Harry, you are going to have great friends. You are going to have so many people love you that you won’t be able to believe it."

The boy stood up from the bed. "Then I am not letting anything happen to them. Not if I can stop it." He stuck out his hand.


I've read this story a few times, but I had to come back today just for this scene. It's been in my head for a couple days now, and I've been tearing up at some rather inappropriate moments. So lovely!

hptrump posted a comment on Wednesday 26th November 2008 3:59pm

One of the best stories out there. Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the incredible job.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Monday 24th November 2008 4:36am

So good to see this back. (Yes I know it's taken me a while to say that but my internet went down for 3 weeks just as I saw this was updated, much pouting ensued). I loved the way that Sirius points out Harry is neither God like or in control of everything. He's all too easily thought of as the person who can fix everything but things have to go wrong from time to time or this would be dull, which it is about as far as you can get from what it actually is.

Good to see Molly is still, well, Molly. Obsessed with Harry having enough food and fuss, she'd be the ideal cat owner. I also love the fact that Bill is blase as it has me wondering if there's something up with him or if he's just that cool. LOL at Harry having Lily's eyebrow.

I like the present buying / giving scene and Mr Granger's overexcited reaction to it.

I'm fascinated by what you're going to do with this next. That was a good chapter but it did feel end-of-yearish in the sense that things were being dealt with in preparation for a fresh start on the next year. As always, still a great story. More please.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Sunday 23rd November 2008 6:36am

I had been following this excellent story when you started posting it, and am so glad that I re-read it from the beginning after the hiatus - I t reminded me that this is one of the very best of the "Re-Do" fics ever written.
thanks so much for continuing it, is a real treat to read your carefully thought out situations and dialogue.
Warm regards

tugger55 posted a comment on Saturday 22nd November 2008 10:45pm

what muggles is peter recruting?

simons_flower posted a comment on Saturday 22nd November 2008 5:42pm

I don't normally read Harry/Ginny, but decided to give this one a try after being interested in the summary after the story being recommended to me. Er, that was convoluted.

In any case, I'm completely sucked in. I've been reading almost obsessively over the course of several days, completely entranced by the way you've told the story. I admit to being among those frustrated with Harry at times, but that's to be expected given his mish-mash of experience.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to a new chapter.

hgttg posted a comment on Thursday 13th November 2008 6:17pm

hi, I am rereading nofp for what must be the millionth time and it just keeps getting better :) shot

mgier87 posted a comment on Sunday 9th November 2008 11:25pm

Wow. This is really top-par stuff. I started reading this way back when you posted the first chapter, but had some problems with my meds which caused me to have complete amnesia. It's partly to this fanfic that I've been getting some of my memory back, so I'd like to thank you for this well-written fic and giving me a link to my own past, as Harry certainly has here. I can't wait to read more! :)

dimriver posted a comment on Saturday 8th November 2008 2:02pm

Good story.

Alexires posted a comment on Friday 7th November 2008 11:27pm

An excellent story. It has all the qualities of an epic tale, similar in ways to Canon, but different enough that it isn't "old hat".

I wait with bated breathe to see the relationship between Ginny and Harry progress, and the thought of Harry's ever growing power makes me shiver a little.

Thank you for a fantastic distraction from the mundane...


eg posted a comment on Wednesday 5th November 2008 2:44pm

Thanks for the update! Please keep working on this story. It's still going strong