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LynnTerald posted a comment on Monday 17th August 2009 1:44pm

I just reread everything and I'm still impressed by your writing. Hoping for more soon and that you didn't abandon this fic.

Ron posted a comment on Saturday 15th August 2009 7:53am

Is this story still active? If so, any idea when the next chapter will come out?

Ilonwy posted a comment on Thursday 6th August 2009 5:39am

Okay, i absolutely love your story! I haven't laughed this much for quite a while. PLease keep writing! thank you very much!

Gen Jordan posted a comment on Wednesday 5th August 2009 12:09pm

*wistful look* This is a fantastic story. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the saga ^_^

Gogirl posted a comment on Tuesday 30th June 2009 6:21am

Will you make a new chapter PLEASE? It's been over a year hasn't it?

Gogirl posted a comment on Monday 29th June 2009 1:50pm

What about Snape being good? That's the only thing I have a problem with....

Gogirl posted a comment on Sunday 28th June 2009 1:36pm

I wish that you would have read the DH first before making this didn't, right? 'Cuz of Snape and stuff.

Gogirl posted a comment on Saturday 27th June 2009 5:22pm

Wooo! Loved it!

Gogirl posted a comment on Saturday 27th June 2009 12:03pm

Ok: Kokopelli=cool
The story was awesome, it made me laugh a LOT. lol.

Oh, and I love the yahoo discussion group, i guess, although I've never heard of it. :)

hptrump posted a comment on Tuesday 9th June 2009 12:54pm

Love the story. Are you continuing to write more chapters?

pointer3109 posted a comment on Sunday 31st May 2009 10:27am

"I took the liberty of compiling a list of discrete removal specialists from Knockturn Alley."

My kind of goblin.

Potter&Granger posted a comment on Friday 29th May 2009 7:42pm

the boy who lived, dead? ironic isn ´t?

Potter&Granger posted a comment on Friday 29th May 2009 7:40pm

Great , it's really a big history you've got, it's about the third time I read it, but i'm not gettin tired of it, that part, you know, the one of the final battle against Voldemort it was mos likely the best i've heard of, and i think though it was we all wanted, a bloody fight and a great duel between them, though Hermione and Ron's deaths was a low punch i'm at th edge of tears every time i read about it....

keep doing this great fic.....

oh, by the way, when do you think to update? i'ts jus not fast enough....


Potter&Granger posted a comment on Friday 29th May 2009 7:28pm

"He has no real idea of the forces moving to oppose him." *cues sinister laughter*

I wonder what kind of forces are those? are you willing to let something slip upon reviewers?
though i may be able to imagine at least a bit:

1- Snape, once sacked from Hogwarts making plans with Lucius against Merged-Harry. I think Pettigrew release from the ministry might have something to do with, perhaps to have him going to find voldemort like he does in canon.
I'm worried about Harry don't making a through investigation about those things, knowing that somethings are forced to repite themselves despite harry's efforts. Among other things:
the whole Quidditch World Coup and the events that took place afterwards, though it may be funny seeing, or rather reading, Harry obliterating those Death Eaters on the spot. More important however, the Tri-Wizard Tournament and the whole "Let's get Voldemort to the land of living once again" plot behind it. would you let it happen at all? i think before that whole ordeal, Harry should tell Dumbledore everything, providing he figured out a way to tell him without risking any Obliviate on him.
If he does, perhaps they can be able to take out the Horcrux within the Sorting Hat and destroing it, and then use the basilisk venom to destroy all the other Horcruxes except the snake, and then letting himself being led to the Little Hangleton's graveyard trap, in order to obliterate Voldemort, Pettigrew and the last Horcrux, all at once.
it would make it out for an spectacular end. And Harry would at least be free and able to build a life with all his friends, surrogate family, godfather and headmaster all of them live and safe... THE END

I don't think it would be that easy, would it?

keep going on this fascinating history, I'm very eager to read more of it
please update and if you can adress my rather largest doubts...

Cheers Matthew.

tangentsferret posted a comment on Thursday 28th May 2009 5:22am

Hello, it's me, re-reading this again. Thank you for writing it. Hope the next chapter is going well.

Potter&Granger posted a comment on Tuesday 26th May 2009 6:43pm

well, first i think of this fanfic as fascinating as the books themselvs, and upon other thinghs, i think it may be great to see this fanfic to became a movie, or two that is.

i'm not completly shure about waht could be the meaning of

"He’d think back, later, on the irony of such a thought."
as I see this could mean two things.
One: it's really just harry paranoia getting out of control
Two: he will be regretting later on, on such a thought, because it came to be true what had hapenned on harry's dream. Except from the part of his core blowing up off course and mainly because this would ends in harry's death.

Anyway i'll be thankfully if you answer that little one.

For further information I here leave my email adress wich is:

Great fic, Matthew

Potter&Granger posted a comment on Tuesday 26th May 2009 6:24pm

The part of his dream about his core exploding was probably just his imagination going into paranoid overdrive. He’d never heard of such a thing happening before, but it did make for a very dramatic ending.
He’d think back, later, on the irony of such a thought.

what does this mean? seems like this story it's going in a pretty dark direction. Harry should take this "dream" far more seriously, despite Ginny's reassure.
He should do some research on this matter after all, what he hasn't hear about it doesn't mean that can't happen, though Harry is the only one known to do such thing and therefore it would be difficult to find a precedent on it.

In the matter of what Dumbledore might or might not do once he finds out the truth, whether Harry finally says to him or not.

If Harry does and he can explain all to him, all his reasons, all the details, being sure that Dumbledore wouldn't do something foolish until Harry finish what he has to say, maybe with a magical binding oath though, Dumbledore wouldn't have to take such extreme meassure, by the other hand he would obliviate Harry if he doesn't have all the details.

A great story by the way, it keeps me pretty much on edge and i'm looking forward to read more. When something else pops in my my mind, rest for sure that i will review more...

Keep on trucking Matthew...

Potter&Granger posted a comment on Monday 25th May 2009 3:07pm

stunning spells did not lock up your body, just leave unconcious on the spot, wich lead me to think that was a second person at the time wich, whatever who is, maybe Snape though, had cast a petrificus totalus charm to make harry fell backwards.

it's a bit suspicious but however i think that was a fair few hints what should made Harry suspicious:
1)Snape don't probbing Harry's occlumency neither any of the other's.
2)Snape speaking with less venom than usual
3)The detention, right on the day of the match
4)Snape releasing Harry earlier while detention
5)Threathing Ron and Neville to leave the dungeons or else
6)Snape bieng quiet while anyone it's growing harder to read

Doesn't Harry after all he'd gone trought in both timelines would beign in constat vigillance?
Specially with those warning bells flashing, though he may be a little disconcerted whit the strange behavior of Snape.
I suppose we going back at the "merged-Harry isn’t infallible" bussines, being so, it would be entire plausible to be ambushed and more than likely because such an ambush hadn't happen in the prior timeline....

Great fic though, keep on trucking Matthew.

Potter&Granger posted a comment on Sunday 24th May 2009 7:14pm

Fortunately, the week-long detention would not interfere with the timeline. That would be… unfortunate… after the lengths he'd gone to in order to set up that particular chain of dominoes.

What the bloody hell it's that about?
The way I see it though, it probably means Draco planning to get in the Gryffindor tower to retrieve the diary, with the help of Snape, and a bit of Polyjuice Potion, for all of that "cat pawn" rubbish.
But what makes me suspicious is "the week-long detention would not interfere with the TIMELINE".

What is the meaning of that? Did someone get back to the past as well? I can't figure that out.
Does Draco even survived the war in the prior timeline? or does Snape? because i know almost for sure that this so-called agent in place is either Draco or Snape.

Could you adress me this doubts?
If you do I'll be gratefull....

Grat history so far, by the way....


Potter&Granger posted a comment on Thursday 21st May 2009 2:48pm

Great History, that part when harry thought about the why he has come back when he says that if he dies taking Voldemort with him would leave behind a better world, (after a bit of thought i think i may starting to figure out where this history is going), if every place has been destroyed and everyone Harry had come to love has died, in the original timeline, it wouldn't bring balance to both, the timelines and fate that Harry dies once he'd fullfiled the prophecy?. Despite, of course, wath effect could have that on Ginny though.

P/S: Two Doubts:

1)Either will Harry tell Dumbledore about his travel back and all of his meddling any time soon, or he will not at all?
2) How will Dumbledore react if he did?

To adress this doubts i'll leave my email adress wich is the follow: