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Wolfric posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 5:23pm

Fine chapter. I am always pleased to find an update from you. I wonder if Harry should figure out a preemptive strike on Umbridge? Thank you for writing. W.

Jizzle posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 4:48pm

Comparing Lucious to a French pornographer will never get old. Not ever. Please insert this into everything you write. Even Team 8. ;)

The emotionally charged encounter with the Grangers was well done. The subtly and perfectly slipping in a moment for Augusta to shine was even better.

And well I'm not particularly fond of this Luna, she was cute and well done in this chapter. (Note: I love Luna ridiculous amounts, so not being particularly fond of this one means she's not my favorite character in this story.)

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 3:45pm

What a great chapter, I just hope the next chapter does not take as long as this one did. I really liked the reality of the discution at the Leaky Cauldron. I am glad they got everything worked out. I wonder why DD told Slughorn about what was in the chamber. I like the way you are taking your time with Harry and Ginny, I think Ginny is waiting for Harry to make the first move in there relationship. I know Harry is trying to seperate old Ginny from the New Ginny. But I think that this summer is going to be a big step for them. I wonder if the Tri-Wizard turnament will still go on.

Thanks for writing

Viridian replied:

Thanks for the kind words! Dumbledore has his reasons for allowing it, but remember that Slughorn arrived the year after the chamber - he might have heard about it on his own and asked Dumbledore.

Ginny and Harry are a little awkward at times, and I'll just leave it at that.

One thing to keep in mind, major events like the Tri-Wizard Tournament take years and years to plan. The initial stages probably occured before Harry even started at Hogwarts.

Kathleen posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 3:45pm

Who would've thought Harry could change history so badly that Hermione would be pulled from school! You really had me worried there. Great chapter.

fountaam posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 3:18pm

So happy to see another part. :)

MrRobertsIII posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 3:02pm

Yawn. I did like your Mr. Granger, but overall this chapter was dull. More violence please.

biged78 posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 2:58pm

Another excellent chapter. Can't wait to read more.

Aberbadger posted a comment on Wednesday 16th April 2008 1:10pm

re an...

Otherwise known as "overpaid, oversexed, and over here"!!!

It's been ages since your last update. How's 36coming? I'm really enjoying this story, and can't wait to see where you are going with it...

Viridian replied:

If you check my blog, you'll see that the next chapter has been completed and is currently with the final beta:

Hilary McKenna posted a comment on Wednesday 16th April 2008 8:41am

I really miss this story. Will it be updated any time soon! I love Time!Travel!Harry stories and this is the best of all the ones I've read so far. Please, please continue to write and update!

Viridian replied:

If you check my blog, you'll see that the next chapter has been completed and is currently with the final beta:

fountaam posted a comment on Sunday 13th April 2008 5:05pm

Hope the muse will move you soon. And am looking forward to seeing Sirius' reply & perhaps the reaction of the DA to learning the Patronus.

Hihavaniceda posted a comment on Friday 11th April 2008 8:22pm

wow, wow, wow ..... and i can see the next chapter is finished and I cannot wait till it is posted !

Prongs1977 posted a comment on Tuesday 25th March 2008 11:04am

Great story! Can't wait for the next chapter!

mathiasgranger posted a comment on Friday 21st March 2008 10:38am

I wonder how many more times Harry will think of the irony of Hermione talking about Rita before we're done?

It's a good story, and this isn't my first reading of it.

I still think they should have killed Snape and the Malfoys in the headmaster's office while they had the witnesses ...hell they could have buried them in the chamber of secrets...


mathiasgranger posted a comment on Friday 21st March 2008 5:21am

Man for a story that wasn't supposed to be endless angst, you sure are heaping on the endless angst.

All I see are people without any idea of the future being so shirtsighted one would think they are all idiots. Why didn't they just end the Malfoy line right then and there in the office? I'm sure it would have saved them endless grief, and lives.


Viridian replied:

Well let's see. Cold-blooded murder in front of witnesses. Do you really think Dumbledore would countenance such a course of action?

Even beyond that, Lucius is prominent enough that disposing of him quietly would prove impossible.

mathiasgranger posted a comment on Friday 21st March 2008 4:25am

I wonder how you're occlumency is...that line should be avoided from here on just for the sake of the audience's sanity.


Viridian replied:

I'm not sure what you mean by that...

Jizzle posted a comment on Sunday 9th March 2008 8:27am

"Fully prepared to take him to task if he relented" doesn't quite make sense to me. Should it be "until he relented"? The thing that Dumbledore is giving into is firing the greasy bastard, right?

Viridian replied:

Actually more like he might waffle and decide to give Snape "just one more chance" because, after all "it's for the greater good".

Jizzle posted a comment on Saturday 8th March 2008 7:06pm

Didn't it say earlier in the story (during the "tons of apparition at Hogwarts" battle) that Harry lost his invisibility cloak "years ago." Yet here Ron is spreading that invisibility cloak over Harry a single year before the final defeat of Voldemort. Well, I suppose "his cloak" could just mean Harry's regular cloak, but it really feels like it's referring to his invisibility cloak. After all, Harry's handy hallow is referred to in such a manner several many times in the rest of the story.

Viridian replied:

Fixed that earlier, thanks!

theM posted a comment on Thursday 6th March 2008 2:01pm

This has always been one of my favorite chapters for the enormous amounts of implications being set up. Anyway, since you were going through it all again... Healer Stanhope asks if Harry has been exposed to any USUAL magical energies :)

Viridian replied:

Got it! Thanks!

Jizzle posted a comment on Wednesday 5th March 2008 1:42pm

Bizarre font change at "By the time they returned" ...

This is without a doubt my favorite chapter of the entire story. We really get to see Harry let loose and show what a badass he is, and I enjoy every moment of it. Also, Draco's taken down a peg, Snape's sacked, we get some emotional revelations, there's a great Luna moment or two, etc. etc.

What I'm saying is this chapter is everything I could want in fanfiction and then some. Well, it's not Harry/Luna, but really, shipping is such a secondary concern in the scheme things.

Jizzle posted a comment on Wednesday 5th March 2008 7:52am

"awful scene at St. Mungo's" seems wrong. When Arthur's death is first described, it says he succumbed to the poison before he could be evacuated to St. Mungo's. So saying now that his death scene was at St. Mungo's is inconsistent. I'm pretty sure, at least.

Luna's eyes are gray, not blue. Take it from Luna fan. They're gray. So that "light blue knee-length dress" she was wearing wouldn't be the same shade as her eyes. At all.

The death scene reminds me that you first (in a previous chapter) call Hermione Ron's common law wife, but later you say she's actually his wife. You also say something about Ron dying by taking a curse meant for Harry, which doesn't quite fit with later information. Especially since you say it in a "the same way Hermione did for Ron" kind of way. At least, it feels jarring to me reading it all in the span of a couple of days.

Viridian replied:

Tweaked those to sound  better. (Arthur actually died on the front steps of St. Mungoes as they tried to carry him inside through the anti-apparition wards the Ministry had erected before it fell.) Thanks!