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Ivy_Snowe posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 4:27pm

BRILLIANT!!! I freaking loved it! I was getting so anxious to see how his confession would happen. Seems kind of fitting that it would take place in the Chamber of Secrets. Loved it. Loved it. And everything that happened afterwards?! Snape leaving, Draco getting expelled, Dobby still being freed. Well, damn, that was just genius writing. J.K. couldn't have done better...cheers!


Chrispy posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 4:26pm

Very nice!

DC posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 4:05pm

Here;s a thought- you have acknowledged that you are leaving room(at least as far as the original timeline) is concerned, for th epossibility that Snape and Draco weren't all bad, hence leaving their fates uncertain.

Right now, it looks as if they could be pushed firmly into Tom's camp with the humiliation they have suffered. So could we see them definitely on Voldie's side this time?

If I was evil, like Lucius, I would be sort of proud of Draco's plan (though what attacking Cho Chang had to do with it mystifies me), and given how close he was to succeeding, this might help him in voldemort's standing. Or hurt, given he was directly involved in something we know really pissed Tom off in the original timeline.

As for the second spell... obviously, it was done non-verbally. But, I suppose, there are some talented Slytherin seventh years- I'm sure Snape isn't the only one who can do them.

AS for a review of the overall quality: The chapter was great, btw. I'm the kind of person- the more grateful I am, the less I say. Same applies here.

PamelaC posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 3:52pm

very nice train of events. Well done.

Ravenclawchaser68 posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 3:39pm

Woohoo! Great chapter. I really like how you've used the AU universe to change things significantly, but still keep enough parallels to the old timeline for Harry to wonder if Fate is just screwing with him. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with Snape, because in most stories like this that I've read he either stays at Hogwarts, or Harry just kills him. Ditto for Malfoy.

s_shah posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 3:08pm

nice man ... good work there repeating the history...though i suspect if everything happenings the same way(atleast the main events), how wud harry b not alone in end again...dont answer that...just keep on updating

Ken Warner posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 2:58pm

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fabulous chapter - IMO - the best yet - really appreciated that none of the dire predictions about the way his friends would treat him after finding out turned out. this was much more civilized. Nice low key ending with Ginny - leaving it wide open for them to create a new relationship not overshadowed by his memories of the one he has lost.
the Dumbledore's office confrontation was priceless - too bad you could not get rid of them on the spot - but that would put a serious crimp in the storyline for the rest of your epic.

thanks and warmest regards

Love the story and am looking forward to reading your other works.

zac posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 2:55pm

and a hell of a climax it was does seem that fate is determined to screw with harry's mind from time to time. Does this mean that Fate is at least somewhat immutable? i guess that we shall see. I like how this story mirrors Canon in a lot of ways while at the same time vering wildly. bravo

millercommamatt posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 2:46pm

I'm still digesting my reading of this chapter, bit I'd like to say that the ending, the last few lines with Ginny and Harry, was pure art. I get the feeling that Draco has just become a background character; someone we'll see later one when we're in need of something nasty. Snape on the other hand… I’m afraid. Sure, he won’t be there for day-to-day terror and we’ll get to see Slughorn, but without him in Hogwarts to be seen who knows what kind of trouble and evil he’ll get into. I think that he’ll be Wormtail’s replacement in enacting Voldemort’s resurrection. As for the truth coming out… well everyone obviously needs more time to process and ponder the true implications. To relate to that, I think that Dumbledore and his staff were far too accepting. The rest of the staff can be kept in the dark, but I think that Harry just missed an opportunity to gain a powerful ally by confronting and hammering out his issues with Dumbledore. If Dumbledore has one consistent personality feature, it’s trust. Dumbledore might not tell you what you need to know, but he’s never said anything that you shouldn’t know. If he kept Snape’s secrets in spite of everything, I’ll wager that he’ll keep Harry’s. And, HBP showed us that once Dumbledore has choose to invest himself in Harry that he’ll really pull out all the stops to do what’s right. Also, I wanted to see Fawakes. I think that Fawakes coming to Harry in the chamber would have really pushed Dumbledore towards Harry given the new occurrences that you’ve crafted. You’ve said before that Harry feels that Dumbledore is the one that needs to broker a better relationship.

Anyway, this was a great chapter. Thanks for writing. I can only hope that my entertainment is enough to keep you inspired and motivated. I’d also like to tell you to stay away from the Team 8 stuff so I get NoFP chapters faster, but I guess that isn’t my choice.


Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 2:19pm

It was worth the wait, definitely.
Brilliant! Can't wait for the final chapter of second year...

Viridian replied:


Zarz posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 1:58pm

Yes!!! This has got to be THE story I most look forward to being updated! I am so happy that Harry finally told his friends! And once Harry tells Fred and George, and they have his knowledge about magic and the castle to add to their own, why, Hell will really break loose! Keep up the good work, and I cannot wait for the next chapter!

Viridian replied:

Thanks! On this site, that's high praise indeed! Fred and George haven't quite earned their "prezzie" just yet, but they are close.

Sean Dillon posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 1:47pm

He's still got more explaining to do, but I'm glad he was able to finally get part of the stuff off his chest.

So Snape is gone finally. Woohoo!


Viridian replied:

Yeah, he will still have some answering to do, one on one, once the shock has passed.

freakyfinger posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 1:41pm

Why couldn't Harry just kill the bastards right then? 'cept for old moldieworts, no one would miss the malfoys . . . . maybe Pansy would . . . she'd get over it soon enough . . .

Viridian replied:

Unfortunately, Hogwarts has rules against casual murder...

rums posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 1:32pm

this was great... wrapped it up quite nicely... i just wonder now with the presence of snape gone... will it be time to bridge the shakey relationship of Harry and Dumbledore... i also wonder what Sirius is gonna do with him being the lovable stray looking for deadly artefacts... this is one of my favorite stories and is the story that actually made me start reading fanfiction.. please keep on going

Viridian replied:

It's possible... Dumbledore *seems* to be taking positive steps now, at least from Harry's perspective. Thanks!

Philipe posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 1:25pm

Sorry dude (or miss).. i forgot to check here first, so i review over It's under Post Scriptum.. I'll review again later when i'll reread the chapter.. kudos


Viridian replied:

Thanks for reading!

amulder posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 1:16pm

Good job. John is a great beta, eh?

This is a lot to chew over. I was very impressed with how the "confession" was handled in the Chamber. Luna really was a good person to have there to inject some (ahem) reality into the conversation and keep things from coming unglued.

And I find it rather funny that they have all finally mastered Occlumency... and now they don't NEED it that much. Oh, I know this is still a hugely critical secrete, but with Snape out of the castle? That threat just went wayyyy down.

You're right about the timeline - no Snape, no Draco, ... what *will* happen this time? I sure am curious as to how you'll move forward. You've really worked on the theme of Fate, and how it is a bit maddening for Harry how the timeline seems to insist on paralleling his first time through. So then... there is no reason for Dementors to guard the castle next year, but I can't help thinking that Harry will still see them. (I know, you just gave that away with the title, but still). Will Pettigrew pop up again? Will Harry find himself in a situation where he *wishes* that they had a time turner? That would be ironic.

and so it goes.

thanks for sharing.

Viridian replied:

That's what he says, anyway. Actually my wife is a beta as well, so I better watch what I say.

Thanks, I've been sort of envisioning that scene almost since I started. You know it's a stressful conversation when LUNA is providing a calming influence...

Of course, there are still other Legilimens out there besides Snape. The headmaster for one...

And who said anything about guarding? (*cues maniacal laughter*)

Thanks for reading and reviewing,


Crys posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 1:12pm

The "illustrious" Kokopelli? :)

Heckuva chapter. All hell did indeed break loose.

Grand job of hammering it back into the CoS climax, though. The actions of everyone were believable. Not so sure about five second years taking down a 60' basilisk, but that's your call.

Really liked what you did to Lockheart.

Massively diverging from canon now, though. I'll be interested to see where it goes.

Thanks for sharing the wonderful story!

PS: The font in this chapter is . . . off. Too small, for starters. Just thought I'd let you know.

Viridian replied:

Hmmm... that "somehow" slipped into the author's notes after I finished writing them... I wonder how?

Note where the fatal hit to the Basilisk came from. Remember what MaRI stands for? Add to that unexplained side-effects from a protective charm...

You should have seen the informal poll on my yahoo group for "Lockhart Fates"... I think his middle name is "Kenney".

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

(Pretty sure I fixed the font. Is it better now?)

hedwig_edwiges posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 1:10pm

Thanks for this chapter.
It was really good to see some information being release. And quite a surprise to see Snape and Draco getting out. Things should get really hot from now on.

Viridian replied:

Things are definitely going to heat up, rather than cool off, in Year 3.

Ronnie McMains posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 12:52pm

So it's going to take Fudge NINE MONTHS to decide to put Dementors around Hogwarts? Or is the "unknown rat Animagus" going to escape custody?

Great job!

Viridian replied:

No spoilers here... but why would Fudge expect Sirius to come to Hogwarts? No one heard him muttering "He's at Hogwarts" in his sleep this time around...

Alvin Au posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 12:50pm

great chapter... simply loved the twist with Snape and Malfoy getting kicked out (first time i can recall that Draco getting what he deserved from Dumbledore, which is getting kicked out of sku)... hope to see more H/G fluff now that they are growing older (okok... i know third and second yr doesnt really count as older but my H/G counter personality wouldnt NOT let me put that in)... i hope Sirius will make come into play more soon as well as Remus... and possibly some group training/studying/duelling practice?? one more thing... A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y loved the LONG chapter... hope you keep up the good work and keep churning out the more chapters... take care... =)

Viridian replied:

Thanks. I sort of set out to do something that hadn't happened before, and I think I made it. Don't expect lots of snogging though. They are still quite young, and Harry's future memories don't include any 'smooth moves'. There's also the whole glandular thing...