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Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 3:40pm

I've missed this story. I'm glad you've updated! And I like how you're tying it to canon.

John Davis posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 3:22pm

thought you were going to tell Dumbles there for a second. wish he had it would have made for an even more interesting discussion
keep up the good work
I love this story

Ken Warner posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 2:54pm

Excellent and most enjoyable, despite the tragic murder of a good slytherin. I thought that the confrontation between neville and his grandmother was masterful, thanks much for that.

I await anxiously each new chapter, and really hope that you will not spend much effort trying to make your story match DH canon.

warm regards

Seritha posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 2:36pm

Yes UPDATE! whoa that was good, I have to say that this is coming along splendidly that was so sad about her sister but I hope that whoever did it gets payback.

Antosha posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 2:34pm

It's wonderful to see this tale continue—new canon or not, its internal logic is a pleasure to behold.

Neville standing up to his grandmother was particularly wonderful.

I look forward to seeing this fic grow!

Teresa Lynne posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 2:29pm

An excellent chapter! Both Neville and Harry acted with honor and I look forward to seeing how their actions play out. Sigh..... it's too bad that Melissa died during that attack on Harry. Harry has been concerned that his changes to the timeline have caused situations to take a nastier turn but it's equally possible that similar situations would have occured the first time if Voldemort and his minions had been faced strongly. Voldemort and company didn't have to exert themselves as quickly or as much in the first timeline since they had people like Fudge and Umbridge to stir things up outside of Hogwarts, and Snape and Draco on the inside. It is possible that what seemed to be a passive allience in the first timeline between the Ministry and the Death Eaters has become a stronger one now......but then, there was a tendency towards that sort of thing in any case. Umbridge being a case in point. Perhaps Dumbledore might consider Harry's words about why he and his friends have trained so much, and why; as well as their discussion after Melissa's death. Many thanks to you, and as always I look forward to the next chapter!

impliedauthor posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 2:29pm

It seems a little weird that everything Harry says comes out "deadpan". Isn't there a better word for it?

MrRobertsIII posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 2:13pm

Excellent twist with Melissa. Never saw that coming. Her father's not going after the killers was rather chilling.

Thanks for keeping this fic going.

pri_yes posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 2:02pm

Thank you so much! It was the highlight of my day, keep it up.

BT posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 1:52pm

Oh my, so glad you updated!

Neville is awesome in both this story and DH.

Dragnew posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 1:21pm

Fantastic, as always.
I look forward to future updates.

vl100butch posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 12:38pm

Been a long but worthwhile wait for this chapter

Sushi posted a comment on Monday 6th August 2007 7:40am

I really, reallyyyyy like this story. Take your time with the updates, as long as eventually you do update.

I think my favorite thing is the fact that the timeline is really changing and that it isnt as if Harry can guess every single thing...and I'm glad he's learned not to trust foreknowledge either.

The Neville situation is really interesting, seeing as Augusta was ALOT more nicer and understanding the first time around...then again, Neville wasnt friends with Luna.

Anyways, awesome story, and its different than all those other stories I've seen with similiar plot.

vertru posted a comment on Wednesday 1st August 2007 2:09am

I started reading this over on fanficdotnet until I realized you were on here, where I much prefer reading. This was recommended to me some time ago, but for whatever reason I'd not gotten around to reading it before. Frankly, I am extremely glad I did. You have a most interesting story arc going here. I am impressed with the way you have worked in Harry's future history with little snippets here and there to tell the story, very effective. The subtle and not so subtle bits of humor here and there break up the drama quite nicely. I think most of all, at least in the last couple of chapters is how you have handled Neville and his budding relationship with his friend Luna. He is truly a Gryffie as you have written him in this latest chapter, so naturally I was mortified to realize this I have to wait to read how he handles Augusta. A very nicley done story and fun to read, looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing your vision and talent.


vance posted a comment on Friday 13th July 2007 4:56am

thanks for the book, I enjoyed it. I thought it was already complete or I wouldn't of started it, still I enjoyed it. Thanks for your time and effort. Very original

Kordolin posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2007 5:09am

This Story is amazing. I enjoy reading it alot. Please keep up the great writing and update soon!

Mattbaermann posted a comment on Friday 22nd June 2007 5:41am

Very Good Chapter. I have read around 200+ fanfics and this is my favorite, looking forward to the next chapter

sam posted a comment on Tuesday 19th June 2007 11:32am

that was BRILLIANT!!!!!!

i can't even think of anything else to say
except i loved it which is probably a bit osf an understatment. you should DEFINITLY POSITIVELY consider a career as an author
because this seemed more like a book than a fanfic, it was absolutly genius

Sammy posted a comment on Sunday 10th June 2007 1:09pm

What wonderful writing. I am truly impressed with how you turned an unoriginal plot line (Harry given a second chance) into such a unique story. This is one of the best fanfiction stories I have ever read. Keep up the good work.

that1 posted a comment on Sunday 10th June 2007 2:11am

That was fun...
Keep it up! :)