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Christopher Estep posted a comment on Sunday 26th February 2006 9:28am

Ronald Bilius Weasley, take Harry's advice: get to know Hermione Granger. Can't hurt, and could help.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Sunday 26th February 2006 9:03am

Anyone for deep-fried Potions Master? It isn't a question of Harry *giving* Snape enough rope to hang himself; Snape frigging *stole* the rope, found the tree, tied the knot, and threw the rope over that *strong branch* (basically everything except putting the noose around his own neck). Question is, which way will Dumbledore hop?

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Saturday 25th February 2006 4:23pm

Fascinating and delightfully complex and convoluted start.


Hannah3 posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd February 2006 4:43pm

Well, UPDATE THE DAMN STORY! It's really good. I found a couple of typos, but other than that, it's not that bad.

Michael69 posted a comment on Saturday 18th February 2006 2:45am

Great story, been a fan of your's since I have read reviews..not here..saying that this story reminds them of Rusbyte's Backwards Compatible fic, but I'm afraid I'll have to disagree. I've just read that fic, and while it is noteworthy, it just doesn't stack up to yours. Great job so far. Hope you'll be able to post all your already done chapters in here soon...unless you're changing some stuff..where I'll say; Don't change too much. Can't wait to see what you have coming next.

Mike....Big fan

Carolyn1 posted a comment on Friday 17th February 2006 12:59am

I like. I hope that you choose to continue this.

Lira posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 7:32pm

Cool to see you are at Jeconais' website now. I've been reading this story over at but I like this site a lot better. And I absolutely love the idea behind your story! :D Hope you'll manage to transfer it completely and then update it soon! :)

Duraiken posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 4:49pm

Aaahhh. Good to see this again. I've read through this story, all 23 chapters, quite a bit, rereading it since... I'm not sure when I started reading it, I just know I've been rereading the whole thing whenever it's been updated for a while now. I think I've read it through at least a dozen times since it was started. Definitely one of my favorites, not to mention what has to be, at least for me, one of the best, (if not the best,) time travel fics of any kind, not counting blatant parodies or ripoffs. I read 'Backwards Compatible' before I read this, and truthfully, this one just works better for me, though that may just because Rowling makes H/G work better for me than most of the examples of H/Hr that I've seen (and Hr/R and just fit so well together; they fight so much in cannon that it way too easy to see them go from bickering to making out without too much trouble.) 'Backwards Compatible' is still a very good fic for me. Anyway, rant summarized, this story's one of my fav.s. Read it up to the current chapter, chap. 23 I thin', over on the very annoying if you have not yet already done so. You'll be very pleased, believe me, unless you just can't stand any of the characters or situations involved.

John Lee Howard posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 4:42pm

I love this story, are you going to be posting here rather than on Cause I follow it there currently.

kittykatluver posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 1:42pm

Oh my gosh, FINALLY! I mean, I was hoping, and BOOM! My dreams come true! I've been reading this on, and I have to say, very good. Good Harry, good plot, and excellent story-telling. Bravo!

Quizer posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 9:10am

Good stuff. I'm looking forward to the real story. The situation seems a bit similiar to Ruskbyte's 'Backwards Compatible'. Let's see your take on this.


Jarrod posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 6:42am

If memory serves you've posted this story on ffnet, but I'm hoping that you are starting to put it on here. Well done, the concept for this is very unique to say the least. Keep it up!

siaru posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 2:57am

Yes! This is one of the GOOD ones! I've been eagerly reading this tale as it appeared, and script-fetching the chapters so I was sure not to miss any, over on ffenet. I'm glad to see your work Xingproofed by its hosting here.