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mythicwriting posted a comment on Saturday 17th July 2010 5:46am

*reads for close to 3 days straight*
man, this story never gets old! every time i read it, i force myself to pay attention, to see if i can work out where you're going...
excellent, mate. afer DH came out, there's only 2 or 3 fics i read now. highest achievement, mate, keep going!

brodie1 posted a comment on Monday 12th July 2010 3:47pm

I love this story and this is my 3rd reading. Great tale and superb writing.

artemiswolfboy posted a comment on Friday 25th June 2010 8:16am

Oh dear... I was wondering when we'd hear from Peter again. Interesting tidbit at the end there.
I took a look at the progress meter, but it's set to 'Team 8', so I can't tell how close you are to finishing the next chapter of NoFP. So, all I can say there is; I hope you finish it soon! I look forward to reading it.


zArkham4269 posted a comment on Saturday 15th May 2010 12:51pm

DrT's Relation series, Harry finds out he is a Parselmouth because he actually is and that the Potter's usually are. They tend to hide it due to the bias against it.

To me, this makes sense since Riddle got his parselmouth via his lineage back to the Perival brothers. Well since Harry also comes from the same line (via Ignotius) it would make sense he could very well be a parselmouth naturally.

Plus, I always wondered, was Riddle the Heir of Slytherin due to his ideology over birth? He was the last of the line through one of the Perival brothers, so wouldn't Harry be the new heir or perhaps someone from the other Perival brother?

hikari-sama posted a comment on Tuesday 11th May 2010 7:16am

omg this is a great sory keep up the amazing work ^^

Sterling posted a comment on Friday 7th May 2010 1:10am

"Harry was tempted for a moment to just tell them that one of their heroes was locked up in Azkaban and then stand back. On the other hand, the Ministry might need that prison again some day."

This has been an excellent story. "Harry goes back in time" is a pretty common story premise. However, your superb writing skills and obvious wit make this story a joy to read. (as evidenced by little gems like the above quote.)

dianaanne posted a comment on Sunday 2nd May 2010 12:18pm

I hope you update this soon; I really enjoy this story and want to see it completed! The best parts, in my opinion, are Harry's reshaping of public opinion, his relationships with his friends, the courtesy Harry shows the goblins and the changes in Percy.

tattle tail posted a comment on Sunday 21st March 2010 8:50pm

Very, Very, Very interesting... i do hope to see more soon.


ktoddhim posted a comment on Tuesday 16th March 2010 8:53am

I love this story. I really hope you update. You have done a great job with the plots and just the whole thing. Keep up the great writing!!


AnnaRivers posted a comment on Thursday 18th February 2010 1:12pm

Brilliant! This is my favorite HP fic and I was so excited when I saw that you had put up another chapter. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us!

Ali posted a comment on Tuesday 16th February 2010 12:06pm

I've read part of this fic before, but with real life, I'd lost track of it. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across it here on Tim's site and I reread the entire thing in one sitting.

I really like how you've stayed true to JKR's characterizations while also subtly tweaking the characters over time. They're very believable, and the way they've grown is done well.

I like that Dumbledore is simply a man whose made some questionable decisions, but he's not outright evil. I like that Harry's mature, but still struggling sometimes with socialization and decision-making. I love the Weasleys, and I love what you've been doing with Luna.

I'm curious to see what direction you'll go with Snape. The way you've handled him so far has built a lot of suspense whether he's just a malicious jerk who shouldn't be teaching, or if he's actually aligned with Voldemort.

Can't wait to see where you go with this!

Snag posted a comment on Monday 15th February 2010 12:02pm

This was a fantastic read, and one of the better examples of time travel. Now I have to figure out how to get update notifications.

ghostchicken posted a comment on Monday 1st February 2010 11:07pm

I must agree with you about JKR having glossed-over the abuse situation at the Dursleys and Dumbledore's presumed arrogance in turning a blind eye to it. All kinds of red flags should have shot up the minute Hogwarts staff laid eyes on the kid on Day 1.

I also agree with you that if starving the boy and locking him in a cupboard for days at a time, then the cat-flap, locks, and bars isn't abuse, I don't know what is. If all that was going on, the Dursleys--at least Vernon--were beating him, too. Dumbledore relied too much on his pretty toys, didn't he? I always had a problem with that and stationing Order members OUTSIDE to WATCH didn't constitute keeping an eye on Harry.

You and I must come from the same country, because all those things you listed as crimes are crimes where I come from too. I liked your description of the lot of the magical child--especially an orphan--is little better than that of a House-elf, because they were left with no real legal means of defending themselves without fear of Ministry reprisal.

Thank you for allowing Harry to get a clue. Forget worrying about messing with the continuum. Wasn't that the whole point in the time-travel exercise anyway? To change things to save lives? I have a feeling that Harry's about to go renegade in a way, and take his friends along for the ride. Look out, sheeple--all Hell's about to break loose.

Excellent story so far!

HPismyhero posted a comment on Sunday 31st January 2010 12:58am

update please! can't wait! looking forward to Harry/Ginny romance ASAP

HPismyhero posted a comment on Saturday 23rd January 2010 6:04pm

um...lets see i love your idea and the story and love what your doing about Sirius. I also wanted to bring to your attention that Malfoy senior's cane actualy contains his wand as seen in the films even if you knew already.

Cynrom posted a comment on Tuesday 19th January 2010 1:49pm

IRA blowing up Hogwarts?


Chris :)

Waywren Truesong posted a comment on Sunday 17th January 2010 12:29pm This is a beautiful not-quite-cliffy, and well worth the excuse for rereading the whole story from start.

Bob Joyce posted a comment on Tuesday 12th January 2010 8:34pm

I am revisiting this for the third time, as I believe its the best fan fiction on the net. Just a quick note to thank you.
Bob Joyce

Anthony May posted a comment on Monday 11th January 2010 9:17pm

This is Amazing! Definitely Creme de la creme - long in coming but worth it. I absolutely LOVE this story. Hopefully I won't have to wait another year but if I do, I'll be here!

Sml posted a comment on Sunday 10th January 2010 1:53am

Nice, loved the T.V. line the most!