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MonCappy posted a comment on Wednesday 7th April 2010 10:52am

You killed Kurenai! How could you! ;_; I was hoping she'd be paired with Anko, but, alas, it wasn't meant to be. *sobs*

I do hope it is one of her students who avenge her murder. I will be most displeased if none of them avenge her death. I really wish you didn't kill her off. At least now, Hinata, Naruto, and Shino all have yet another reason to buckle down and focus on improving their skills. It will be interesting to see who will take over their training.

Orion posted a comment on Wednesday 7th April 2010 10:08am


I'm not exactly happy that Kurenai is dead, but I've long been a supporter of those brave enough to kill off primary characters. Especially in a universe like Naruto, where almost everything could be life and death. (They are ninja after all, it's not like fan fiction of a medical drama where the greatest danger the main characters face is getting infected by some virus or getting run over as they cross the street.) Yeah, I would have liked for her to live. But if all battles turn out the best for the good guys, then the battles become meaningless because there isn't any doubt that they will prevail.

Of course I wouldn't have minded Haishi and the family council getting offed by Itachi either. Hinata needs as many breaks as you can give her.

Thanks for writing, and thanks for sharing what you write. Also, happy (belated) Easter.

Jeffrey Meehan posted a comment on Wednesday 7th April 2010 8:45am

I read this first on last night and wanted to swear revenge against you for what you did to kurenai but now i look back and i must say i get it with kurenai dead naruto can grow alot more than he could if she had remained around forever now jiraiya will have to man up and take responcability hinata will have to face her family and when we meet tsunade our heroes can see what endlessly mourning your loved ones turns you into and maybe they will connect with the slug princess better so yeah i get it

just dont go too far off cannon some of the stuff post-time-skip, like the senjutsu, minato being in naruto's seal, madera being the big bad and danzo's biggest fault being afraid of death, was so awesome but evil itachi is fine as well as psycopatic narcissist sasuke

ShadeHawk posted a comment on Wednesday 7th April 2010 6:52am

Sad, sad chapter. To relax I would re-read Reload, a Naruto fanfic by Case13 (on

ShadeHawk posted a comment on Wednesday 7th April 2010 4:12am

Is Naruto's "resistance" to Tsuyukomi Sharingan canon fact?

I wonder how likely is re-discovery of the way Kurenai beat Tsuyukomi. And who would be Jounin-sensei of Team 8.

BTW. how the f**k Itachi and Kisame had known about Naruto's parentage? Was it not S-class secret? I don't remember though if in the canon Itachi and Kisame were after Naruto because of Bijou, or because of legacy...

R.I.P Kurenai. You would be missed...

Darak1 posted a comment on Wednesday 7th April 2010 4:08am

The death of Kurenai killed the fiction for me.

The reason is simple, all of the attractiveness I found in your fiction up to now was the development brought by Kurenai, without her there is no driver in the seat so to speak and any replacement character you would bring in would feel like a cheap shot.

On the manner in which she was killed my personal feeling is that being crushed by the Kyuubi should have had more impact on Itachi as I believe he was mentally present in the jutsu and so should have gotten more of a feedback than what was shown.

Outside of that the chapter up to that point was up to your usual quality, I can't comment on the rest as I stopped reading at that point with, as I said, any drive to know the follow up of the story killed in me.

I wish you the best both in life and in continuing with this story, I just wish it has remained a source on enjoyment for me which it was up to chapter 19 and a half.

William Fowler posted a comment on Wednesday 7th April 2010 4:02am

I'm not sure what to say, Matt... I'm shocked, appalled and intrigued all at once. It's not a very nice combination! You killed Kurenai... that's mean!

Still, it was a good twist that I don't think I've ever seen before in a fanfiction, especially a major character.

Still, it's a good chapter/addition to an already great story and I can't wait for more.

My only complaint is that I wish Kyuubi would have had more of an impact, though I'm not sure how much of an impact it would have had against the two of them. Still, I like that you have basically taken the Sharingod and made it a simple doujutsu that CAN be broken, and CANNOT affect Kyuubi. I will hold you too that decision... count on it

So long.... and thanks for all the fish

enterprise1701_d posted a comment on Wednesday 7th April 2010 3:04am

Oh my god... they killed Kurenai... the bastards... *looks around, hopes the spell works*

Damn, that only works for people called Kenny. :(

Moving chapter. Really, REALLY moving chapter. I hope Naruto flattens them next time he meets them.

Really looking forward to the next chapter,


Exarikun posted a comment on Wednesday 7th April 2010 2:16am

damn... killed off kurenai... harsh, and completely unexpected. still, kudos on making such a tough decision. can't be easy to kill off one of your primary characters. it does make me wonder how the story is going to evolve from now, so i am looking forward to it :)

OnegaiSilver posted a comment on Wednesday 7th April 2010 1:22am

I certainly didn't see that coming! A down right shame Kurenai had to die, as this is one of the few stories that I've read that really brought her to life (no pun intended).

Still... I guess the story must go on. Keep up the good work!

Jamey posted a comment on Wednesday 7th April 2010 12:16am


Just *DAMN*.

I'm glad to see you're back - and I'm really glad to see you continuing Team 8.

I kept hoping for a miracle - the kunai went between the hemispheres of the brain, maybe cutting the corpus colosum... But no. She's dead.

You have me convinced. Now, to see what else you have lined up.

FarVista posted a comment on Saturday 27th March 2010 11:29am

Nice, coherent speech from Naruto there at the end. Shoulda called this chapter "The Fearful Earful". (Oh yes, he practiced with Shino. Well, it helped. I get every bit as tired of "Naruto the screaming monkey" as you apparently do.)
Sasuke fanned the flames of his idiocy with his anger, contempt and challenges. Shino is a nice, cool rest for him, I think, an actual friend who can stand in the midst of his ADD maelstrom and help him find a calm place and logic.
It's such a lovely novelty to find an intelligent, thought-out fic of any stripe. This is one of my favorites. I look forward to the next chapter.

I guess we're to assume that Konoha doesn't give field commissions. I would think that there'd have to be more ways than just the hyped and expensive Ninja World "Chunin-Exam/Superbowl/Cage Death-Match of Ultimate Marketability" for Chunin to achieve promotion or there would be very few indeed. (I want a Gaara Bobble-head, mommy! And look, the Aburame doll has a little bug on a string! You pull it and it....doesn't talk. It just buzzes. The Nara one, you squeeze it and it collapses like those old wooden monkey toys held together with strings.)

Alright, so then I'd have to assume that Sarutobi won't promote him outside of so public and incontestable an event because of the political situation.
Many of his group would deserve promotion, however. That particular academy flight is quite obviously extraordinarily talented. Perhaps he doesn't want to have to promote Sasuke, who is sanity-compromised (hm, I like that euphemism. Think I'll try it out when I go visit family tomorrow.), valuable and a flight risk.
Tsunade...I'll have to wait and see, won't I? If you follow cannon on that, it'll be moot, of course.

GremlinXTJ posted a comment on Monday 18th January 2010 11:30am

Well I re-read Team 8 after a while and yup - still good. :D
I am just wondering about something: did I misunderstand the not on the chapter list? Is this or is it not your story? And if it is - are you still writing it?
Thanks. :)

goddessa39 posted a comment on Saturday 12th December 2009 4:12am

Not very familiar with naruto but I LOVED THIS!

DarthDuncan posted a comment on Wednesday 21st October 2009 9:17am

Great job, I've been searching for a good Naruto story and it seems I've found it.

Wanderer of the Dark posted a comment on Saturday 12th September 2009 2:23am

Remarkable... altough i wonder how will he evenzually face and survive pain the one with the rinnegan the most powerfull eye, who is another student of Jiraya, gone bad and is the semi leader of the Akatsuki....
He managed to survive because he became a toad sage, and with out the contact that is a bit difficult...

If you wish to do that still, you can use the all knowing kid syndrome, as in he never asked Jiraya whether the toads eat kikai bugs or are they even consumable by the "ninja" toads....

The anime is progresssing on the path of the manga with little deviance and some fillers so we can assume that pain and the akatsuis other members will make an appereance on the anime... (too big of a spectacular battle scean not to.. :P)

whethere you do it or not is irrevelant as Team 8 is the only naruto manga that i've read so far that is enjoyable...

Thanks again oh great evil authorlord for this wonderfull piece of fanfiction.

I really wish that you'd update much more often, but i know that RL can be a pain, and i still don't give you a salery, so i'll just keep waiting.

Best wishes:


Nekura Enzeru posted a comment on Tuesday 8th September 2009 12:57am

An outstanding piece of literature, and a really enjoyable read. It's one in the morning with an uncompleted assignment due tomorow, but I was still determined to finish this....maybe not the wisest thing to do, but hey.

Hope you can get back to working on your fiction soon.

TheNekoWithWings posted a comment on Tuesday 1st September 2009 6:29am

Whoa! That's... really, really good. I just finished reading this last chapter, and I'm looking forward to more!

eklo posted a comment on Monday 10th August 2009 7:59am

I thoroughly enjoy your work. Please keep up the good work.

PS...Perhaps Iruka can get a little facetime next chapter (going over his winnings ^_^)

Namizujs posted a comment on Sunday 9th August 2009 9:45pm

I still sthink You did great, even if I miss dropping in on the Viridian Dreams forums :-)!

If there is time from RL for You, please write either Naruto, or HP, I love both, that's the way I am.
Thanks, all the best to You and Yours from