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Jon posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 11:21am

Great! Really entertaining chapter.... I wonder if Jiraiya will turn up next... I hope he learns the summoning technique again...

Touki posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 11:01am

whoo-hoo! Flawless victory on every level in this story particularly Shino's death threat/joke. I'm a little sad Hinata still lost but it was a better showing this time...and now Naruto is going to pound him worse *uber happy*. Poor Lee he still got thrashed though maybe not as bad? Nice to see some new matches while keeping with story important such as hyuuga vs hyuuga and Sakura vs Ino. Can't wait for the next chapter merry whatever to you all and a happy new year.

Finbar posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 10:43am

One Hit and Sasuke was out!!!

Thats.... just holy crap!! I cant think of a better way to show howmuch Naruto has grown and how spoilt Sasuke was!

Thats worth ten Ramen points AND a catgirl!



ShadeHawk posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 10:21am

Another very nice chapter. Thanks!

By the way, could you please write for those of us that didn't read or watch "Naruto" what were the results (and techniques used) in the fights which only Shino watched (perhaps in author notes)? Thanks in advance.

Darkfiretiger posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 10:16am

One hit KO
Flawless victory

Great work, love the Naruto V Saskue
although that does mean that there will be a more Emo, Emo boy... not sure if thats a good thing

Rubel posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 10:04am

Once again a great chapter. Thank you very much for the great read.

Treecat posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 9:54am

Woah, anticlimax for Sasuke, he'll take that hard, will this drive him closer to Orochicoughbastardcoughmaru, or further from him, thinking there is still stuff that Konoha could teach him?
Neji's a bastard, but we knew that already, at least pre-chuunin exam. Do you have a plan for dealing with his dramatic character turnaround in canon?
Shino rocks, as always. I love the way you inject a little more personality (or at least visible personality) into each consecutive chapter. You're building him up into a fascinating character.
Is Naruto finally cluing into the fact that he may like Hinata (gasp!)? Once he realizes, will he have the guts to do something that, to him, could potentially jeapordise his relationship with one of his precious people?
Thanks for a chapter that I didn't want to read, because then something I'd been waiting for for a while would be over too soon, I couldn't resist the call, in the end. It lived up to and outstripped the (impressively high) expectations of your quality of writing.
You write so involvingly that it's hard to regulate how much I read at a time, I'm not sure if that's good or bad.
Thank you, merry christmas!

Reluctant posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 9:45am

The awesomeness of that Sasuke/Naruto fight defies words.

Jamey posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 8:42am

Damn, and I didn't get *YOU* anything for Christmas! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I do have to feel sorry for Neji - Naruto is going to make it hurt - a *LOT*.

MrRigger posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 8:15am

Excellent chapter. A great Christmas present if I've ever seen one. I think my favorite part of the chapter was where Naruto knocked Sasuke out before he could react. That was great, and Sasuke probably should have known that it was a bad idea taunting Naruto about Hinata. Though I really liked Shino's comment about what kind of flowers to get Neji. And with Shino's dry delivery, it's even better.


Exarikun posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 8:09am

wow, nice chapter. personally, i hope that naruto grinds neji into dust, without giving him the time to set of his spiel about destiny and whatnot. perhaps with a bit of extra training from jiraya, he could consciously start to pull out a bit of the foxes chakra, as in canon, and he could just summon that as a shield against all jyuuken strikes from neji, making him completely look like an idiot before completely finishing him off. anyway, we'll just have to see what you have in store for us next... hope you update soon

Cuey posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 8:08am

Excellent. Initially I thought that Naruto taunted Kiba to secretly swipe the scroll from him, but I guess sending sasuke to the infirmary makes more sense. Good fight scenes.

Euphemism posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 7:49am

Yay, Christmas present! I liked the chapter - a little bit different from Canon, yet so many things remained the same. It is curious that five of the match-ups remained the same (four from the prelims, Naruto vs. Neji) - maybe they're not so random after all?

Interesting that Sasuke went out with a whimper, not a bang. More than anything else, this will have the most interesting consequences (we already 'know' that Naruto is going to defeat Neji, most likely).

Although, Gai's words don't indicate that Lee was as damaged as he was in canon. That could be interesting as well.

I want to say something about the double KO - the fact that with Naruto's presence swapped with Kiba, Sakura still turned out roughly the same so that it could have occurred... but then I suppose Naruto's contribution to Sakura's development at this stage was minimal in canon.

Andrew Norris posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 7:41am


Sweet Xmas present.


QOShea posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 7:40am

A lovely Christmas present for all the fans of Team 8! Another great chapter. Looking forward to the next chapter when it comes around.

Merry Christmas!

jgkitarel posted a comment on Saturday 22nd December 2007 9:30am

Interesting work here, and it was nice seeing Naruto's channeling of the Kyubi's chakra. Admittedly, on the bridge he didn't do badly, but Kurenai's influence is starting to tell, so he is considerably more lethal here than he was fighting against Haku.

I also see that you're portraying Hiashi as the stereotype he is often portrayed as, but he's a bastard regardless of how you interperet things.

Viridian replied:

There are reasons why Hiashi is so nasty - but they won't be revealed for a while yet... (Not that he isn't quite a bastidge in canon as well, but he's worse here.)

angel of death posted a comment on Thursday 20th December 2007 8:37pm

This is a fairly interesting plot line you have forming here. I hope you continue with writing it, soon! Please, because I've re-read this about ten times and I really want to know happens!

James13 posted a comment on Thursday 20th December 2007 11:36am

gah. Now that is how you write a ninja battle scene :)

Infin1x posted a comment on Wednesday 5th December 2007 9:10am

I am really looking forward to more of this. Your one of the few authors that actually takes a chance of making a major change in canon and then doing it well. The preliminary tournament seems like its going to be very interesting with the changes especially Shino's fight.

Arnor posted a comment on Wednesday 21st November 2007 5:50pm

When I read this chapter I was somewhat relieved about something, very often in the chuunin exams done in most fanfiction, all the fights in the preliminery round are the same people fighting against each other and that can get kind of boring. But since you killed off Dosu that means the Sound Team can't participate, therefore I would expect that quite a few of the fights are going to be against different people than in canon. To get to the point, I am just commending you on something that isn't done often enough in fanfics and I look forward to the new prelimenary fights in future chapters.