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Lufio posted a comment on Tuesday 27th June 2006 4:46pm

Ah, I'm glad to see you exploring new ground in this AU Naruto world. Sure, re-hashing the canon plot points can be enjoyable when done right, but it's not as good something completely different and new.

Though I wouldn't mind getting brief summaries of what happened to the situations that would have occured if this was canon. If they happened yet, the repercussions and the rumors, et cetera. Kinda like what you did when you briefly mentioned Kakashi's team heading off to Wave country as an aside.

glorfy posted a comment on Monday 26th June 2006 5:56pm

more team 8 goodness!

once again, loved your update. the only thing that makes me sad is that i was asleep when you first posted it, and thus wasted precious hours before i got to taste its narutoish greatness.
naruto has mini-chidori? tee hee hee.
and the rase is on between hinata-chan and buggly boy to work out foxys secret companion!

Adrian R Brown posted a comment on Monday 26th June 2006 12:45am

Loved the chapter! The character development and interactions, while as you say aren't cannon, are completely understandable and believable.

The more and more I read, the more I really believe that Shino is going to figure out about the Kyubi first; before Hinata.

Also, with Naruto's 'Chakra Pulse', I can't help but think that this new, more thoughtful Naruta might have an easier time dealing with Neji should he fight him in your version of the Chunin exams. I mean, Hinata described the pulse as if Naruto was blazing like the sun. What if Naruto tried a variation of it, and focused the pulse directly toward Neji's eyes while he had the Byakugan turned on..... Just thinking out loud. *chuckle*

Anyway, great work! Can't wait to see the next!

QOShea posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 9:39pm

Another great chapter! I honestly prefer your take on Naruto to what little I've seen in the anime.

Terry Chang posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 2:45pm

please tell me that naruto is doing okay in canon too? (yes, obviously i don't read it constantly...or at all).

AK posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 1:15pm

The thing is that your Naruto is becoming too much unNarutoish. And we don't want that now do we? :D

Quizer posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 9:39am

Great job! It's good to see you update so regularly! ^_^

We're really moving forward now, are we? Not only in the jutsu/training department, but also in the plot/relationship department. It will probably still take Naruto a while to realize why Hinata is acting so strangely, but he's getting there, however slowly. At least he realized the problem and took note of it. I think Kurenai ought to tell Hinata that unless she gets a bit bolder in her approach, Naruto is likely never going to get a clue.

I liked the electric jutsu. Now Hinata has an excuse to teach him the touch-based Jyuuken moves, and with his chakra supply, he can put enough (stunning) force behind it to rival anything Hinata can do - if not through skill and refinement, then through sheer power. The way it looks, elemental jutsus in general can be devastatingly effective due to his chakra reserves.

well, keep up the good work, and I hope your inspiration doesn't fail you now! ;)


Terry Chang1 posted a comment on Thursday 15th June 2006 1:31am

i like this story a lot. i've read it thrice (?) these past two days. i think i'm liking it better than your hp story. i can't imagine why, though i've thought about it quite a lot on my work breaks...maybe it's due to the fact that your hp has to go a bit slower than this story, simply due to the nature of the rest of the crew not knowing Harry's secret. or maybe it's because naruto is more of an emotional creature in this story, where as harry tries keeping it in more...

either way, that just means i'll read more of both fics to get to an understanding (even if it's just in my head).

tai lee posted a comment on Wednesday 14th June 2006 4:56am

feel inspired, feel inspired; feel the inspiration, come on, you know you can!!!

Davideg posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 1:45am

i love this story please update agin soon

atlantis-rob posted a comment on Thursday 1st June 2006 1:39pm

Nice job on this latest chapter, read thru it partially a few times but kept getting interrupted! Grrr! Excellent work anyway on the results of the training and how Hinata reacted, I hope this mission does a lot to help boost her own confidence in facing her family. But family is almost always the worst. Excellent job with Naruto and Kurenai's adventure and her talk with the nindude. And the bit with Lee and Gai rocked, and wow, the end was awesome, great job with how you had Naruto improve his handling of Hinata, and such, but his still somewhat mistakes. Cheers!

ShadeHawk posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 9:35pm

I wonder what would happen to Team 7 with their "C-Rank" mission to Wave Country. AFAIK from reading fanfiction Naruto had a big input in this mission, both continuing it and in actual fights/battles.

I wonder about changes to Sasuke, Sakura and Kiba now that they are in A.U. Team 7.

Keep up good work. I hope for next chapter soon.

Uldihaa posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 12:48pm

An excellent chapter. It seems that there is more going on in Council than Kurenai suspected. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens on the mission and what, if anything, Iruka discovers. I'm also hoping Hinata comes to realize what a bastard she has for a Father. The foundation you're laying down seems to be making this a good mix of intrigue and action, instead of the heavy action/little intrigue of the original series.

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

Adrian R Brown posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 1:09am

Loved every bit of it. I love how the characters seem to be devloping, especially Shino's interaction with his family. Not sure if you did it on purpose, but it almost seemed like you were foreshadowing that Shino would possible learn about Kyuubi before Hinata. I've always felt that Shino and his clan would understand Naruto's burden better than any other in Konoha. Perhaps this is why it seems that his family isn't as prejudiced against him as the rest of the city is. I'd love to see more of Shino's family and his home life in the future.

Great job. Keep it up! Can't wait to see the next chapter!

Ben posted a comment on Monday 29th May 2006 11:04pm

Continues to be well written and interesting divergent. I'm actually noticing a few broad similarities between this and Nightmares - in both stories the faster development of the main characters is accelerating the moral descent of their enemies, so to speak. I'm already looking forward to how you're going to handle certain pivotal moments in Hinata's development (i.e: the fight with Neji), even though they're a long way off. And I don't have any cimplaints about your writing speed - for someone holding down a full time job you're turning out large chapters with commendable speed.

One more thing; I would like to see even a little bit of how Sakura, Sasuke (and Kiba) are developing. I can't help but think that without Naruto to act as a spur neither of them would make quite the same progress they did in canon.

Alcatras posted a comment on Monday 29th May 2006 9:15pm

You don`t have to cut down the chapters into smaler parts.I don`t mind gig chapters.
Will there be some action in the next chapter or is it only the mission only a gab filler to the chunin exam?

Jeff posted a comment on Monday 29th May 2006 5:24pm

Oh, also, is Quizer your editor or something? If he is, then I understand that long and "informative" review, but if not, just keep doing what you are doing and don't allow people to think that your story only progresses because of them. This is all you and I'm the one who needs you like a heroine addict! ^_^ Keep it up. You are my favorite fan fic author!

Jeff posted a comment on Monday 29th May 2006 5:14pm

Hell, if you keep writing like this, I don't care how long you take! Just don't post that outline! I love your work and it would be a shame to spoil it ^_^

Regress posted a comment on Monday 29th May 2006 10:32am

Great work on the chapter.

Loving the story as usual, I can't wait for more. It's good to know that you'll put something up if it's discontinued, although I do hope it won't be. Hopefully people will cut back on bugging you about it, but I'd be surprised if it cut off entirely.

Sorry if it's a bit terse, I'm just not in the mood to be more verbose.

Kail posted a comment on Monday 29th May 2006 10:07am

I usually follow stories at, but they've been having so many problems lately with new uploaded chapters (even some not-so-new - one in particular comes to mind, posted nearly two weeks ago and I still was getting that dumb "new chapters may take a few minutes to update" crap) so I'm gonna move my reviews of your work to this site instead.

That said, I'm really liking this story - yeah, your characters are getting farther from the original canon, but you're showing a very believable and rational (and irrational, as humans so often are) change in them.

Very much looking forward to your next update. And please, don't stop writing this story, even if it takes months to crank out a few pages. If people are being idiots about it, just tell them to shove it somewhere, since Real Life comes before such enjoyable activites as writing fanfic.