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Gena posted a comment on Monday 12th May 2008 3:22pm

i hope you update soon this is good. I think it be cool if naruto was able to summon some animal. Anyway i cant wait to see what you do and i hope you have naruto find out that his dad was the 4th and i hope the 3rd doesn't die

Gena posted a comment on Sunday 11th May 2008 4:01pm

i hope that naruto finds out who is dad is soon

Celebrithil posted a comment on Sunday 11th May 2008 3:42am

Do I have to say it? Ok, then just know that I love your story. All of it. I think. Thanks for writing this!

ShadeHawk posted a comment on Friday 9th May 2008 2:48am

Desperate, Naruto copied one of Hinata’s moves, and bent back sharply at the waist. The powerful Jyuuken strike passed over his now horizontal torso, the chakra spike making the skin of his face tingle.

If I remember correcly in one of earlier chapters Naruto was incensed because Hinata copied his move...

ShadeHawk posted a comment on Friday 9th May 2008 2:35am

As before, the ground dropped away in front of him, being converted into swampy mire as all the standing water from his Suiton attacks was pulled into the Swamp of the Underworld technique.

Very nice strategy. Using Suiton to make sand wet and slower (and probably also making chakra use to move sand greater), and preparing way for Yomi Numa. Rock!

A shockwave pulsed out in all directions, as visible as a thick pane of glass that refracts the light. Shikamaru and Chouji grunted as it passed through them, while Shino actually winced. Kurenai and Hinata were standing a little further way, and while the jonin didn’t react, Hinata did blush heavily.

I hope that those different reactions (Shiko and Chouji, Shino and Hinata) will be explained later?

Viridian replied:

They were reacting (or not) to feeling Naruto's chakra wash over and through them.

Rexnos posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 9:27pm

I'm tempted to watch the anime to note the differences between it and team 8, but I have a feeling it won't be nearly as good. Naruto always annoyed me when I saw him in cannon, mainly for the "comic relief" they were attempting to add.

Anyway, another great chapter. It felt short for some reason, but that was probably because it was so full of action that I just tore through it. Can't wait for the next one.


Sanityfaerie posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 6:29pm

For the record? You rock.

That is all.

Anthony May posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 5:23pm

Matthew, you ROCK! You are so talented you make me feel like a little kid again when I see your updates. Nightmares of Futures Past is arguably the best Fanfic out there and I think, takes JK's characters and story further than she could take them. Team 8 is unquestionably a cut first I was irritated that anything was distracting you from N of F P...but I enjoy this immensley! - Keep up the great work! Erik Wiggins

fullmetalnarut0 posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 5:34am

Now that we've seen what Naruto's chakra pulse did to the snake summoning I'm betting that his fox claw to Neji's face would've done something similar or more interesting.

Michael Beck posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 2:49am

I like the thought of a Hinata-Kankuro fight, with her severing his chakra lines and rendering his puppets useless. She's been through so much in this fic, she deserves to win at least one battle.

Also, why does no one ever excuse Jiraiya's antics as "the eccentricities of a brilliant mind"? That would be interesting.

Jon posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 1:58am

I'm assuming that oji-san will survive now tt Jiraiya is free from snake-killing duty? So he will be able to help break the Sound 4 barrier?

Jon posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 1:44am

maaa..... Naruto's messing up Orochi's plans whereever he is.....

good show! [although I think the pulse is waaayyy overcharged....]

Is Yomi Numa his trump card? or will he unveil the 1 tail form?

Thanks for the swift update!

Shadowangel posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 1:36am

This chapter was just as great as the ones before. Many thanks to you for uploading it!
I'm really looking forward to the next chapters - and I wonder who will make chuunin and who will not.....^^

Tommy posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 12:36am

Impressive, and you updated quicker this time. Thank you for that - I enjoy this story. Personally, I hope you start making the timeline your own (you've done extremely well so far), and don't focus on all the events in the main story of Naruto.

Eagerly waiting your next chapter,

Tommy L.

Entilzah posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 12:15am

As always, very well done.

It is excellent to see Team 8 truly acting like a true reconnaisance team (well, at least Naruto and Shino so far)... independently developing intelligence, coordinating their plan and adapting their plan on the fly, then executing, each person doing what they do best.

I am eager to see the rest of the invasion and our favorite Team's contribution to it - especially once Hinata gets up to speed with the other two.

Joshua Richardson posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 11:46pm

Once again, I read in wide eyed wonder at your mastery. I can't tell where this is going, except for the obvios Naruto/ Gaara-Shukaku fight, but I expect it to be awsome.

Harry James posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 10:44pm

Amazing, as always, but I'm not sure that not knowing the summoning jutsu is so great. We all know what happens to jiraiya against pain, and I like that link to the world that he left with Naruto. . .

I really like how you had him fight Gaara as an alternate though. Very cool. Maybe with the proper instruction, Naruto would have been more like this. He seems to be a genius. Just like his father. Awesome work.

Teresa Lynne posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 9:00pm

Now that was something, plots and doublecrosses all the way through, and loads of fantastic action! I'd have thought though that after seeing what Naruto was willing to do if someone he cared for was harmed that whatever opinion people might have of Hinata they'd keep to themselves. That Suna girl was putting herself high on Naruto and Shino's list. As Shino said, if they were willing to do that to someone who was considered to have high rank what might they do to someone who didn't, but who had caused similar harm. Then again, it looks like the message might get through now. It was great to see how members of the villiage worked together during the attack. And seeing Hinata speak up in the stands was perfect! I hope that someday that father of hers truly understands the depth of her strength and spirit! But then, he'd still be the jerk he's been all along..... Thanks for another wonderful chapter!

Edinachan posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 6:54pm

Cool, I love this fic.

Crazy posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 2:43pm

This ROCKS!!!!
Absolutely brilliant and i broke out in laughter when i saw Naruto's Pulse break the summons... Absolutely marvelous.
Hinata is seeming better, and i hope Neji changes. I like new Neji over asshole!Neji.
I like Iruka though, he's probably improved his skills over time after failing to save Konohamaru and Hanabi earlier.
One point though, you put Hayate as a chuunin, when he's declaring a win for Naruto.