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LoggingInSucksAss posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 2:41pm

Oh, I have been waiting so long for this part of your story! Generally speaking, I HATE fanfic that just goes back over the main canon plot, but this story is an exception - you write everything so well it becomes new, and you DO add to the story and make it original.

I'm honestly surprised that nothing was mentioned about how Naruto's pulse might have affected Orochimaru's barrier - since it's an energy barrier powered by seals (rather than wind/fire/water/air jutsu), and controlled by four people (any one of whom might have been distracted by the pulse), I would have expected it to have some significant effect.

Which then makes me wonder how jiji's fight with the snake will change.

And, did I miss something when that tree killed a ninja in the arena? Was that a mokuton jutsu, or one of Kurenai's genjutsu?

Viridian replied:

We haven't even touched on the Sandaime's fight yet. = )

And yes, the tree was a genjutsu, one of Kurenai's moves from canon. (She used it against Itachi during the Tsunade arc.)

Terry Chang posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 2:13pm


ShadeHawk posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 1:53pm

Nice ide to use water against Gaara sand (the alternative would be to turn sand into glass, but this would require much more chakra), and "Doton: Yomi Numa" against Gaara ultimate defense in lieu of piercing attack such as Chidori or Rasengan. Although I think that Gaara's sphere contains air pocket large enough to be able to keep a bit submerged.

As to Gaara's armor of sand: I wonder how well it distributes force of impact; it protects against penetration and breaking bones, but unless somehow amortized it doesn't protect well against concussion (think motorcycle helmet without padding).

Yet another great chapter!

P.S. What happened with Haku (which lives if I remember correctly in this A.U.)?

Flamefoxrose posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 1:41pm

Wow what a great chapter. So action pack and filled with drama. This is how I picture the finals of the exams.

atlantis-rob posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 1:22pm

KICK ASS! 'nuff said.

Prince Charon posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 1:17pm

You're very good at this. I like the characterizations, and its nice to see Iruka being badass.

Thank you for updating.

More soon, please.

Greg Johnson posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 11:54am

Great chapter!!!
I'm looking forward to the next one.
Keep up the good work. :)

Mayjest posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 11:40am

Ok, first point. Awesome chapter and all that, great lead in to the invasion and such...

but what the frick happened to Neji?

Not knowing that is just going to eat on me now.

But I'm very curious to see what you've got planned now. You certainly seem to be on a roll with this one, chapters coming out thick and fast! Keep it up!

Kail posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 11:11am

Thank you thank you thank you!

It's my birthday today, and what better present than a totally sweet chapter of Team 8?

Words fail to describe the awesomeness here. Can't wait to see the next chapter!

Shadowangel posted a comment on Monday 28th April 2008 4:20am

Whoa! That was really cool!
I'm really looking forward to get the next chapter to read!^^
I wonder how much the original story will change after the Chuunin-exams...but I bet I might really love it.....

aelreth posted a comment on Friday 25th April 2008 1:43pm

That was a beautiful interaction between the Toad sage and the Third along with Kurenai. I wonder if she knows about the Sexy Jutsu and if she doesn't would Sarutobi and Jiraiya use it to blackmail Naruto. Makes one wonder. Or is that how that encounter with the rogue clone in ch 15 with Konohamaru come back to bite him?

From what I'm guessing, what Naruto worked on is rather than basic elemental ninjutsu's that normal genins are taught Jiraiya instead taught him the ones that have greater chakra requirements. After all you mentioned in another comment about time with tadpoles. He is a savant that used shadow clones within a nights cram session. It's not very far fetched. It is also possible that you could have him learn Shadow clone explosion, thus making him 'Konoha's Yellow Explosion'. Which is a nice trump card. It is also a potential way of harming gara.

A continuity error in my part most likely due to paragraph incomprehension, when did Naruto stop wearing black and switch to green.

Otherwise I always enjoy reading your Naruto Fics, because of your ability in said fics I'm considering reading HP just because of the interest in them your generating.

Otherwise keep writing whenever your muse wants. You make surfing worth it.

Viridian replied:

Er, Naruto never wore black in this story. Kurenai accompanied him to a tailor after their first meeting to get him properly equipped, and that's where he got the green suit.

JohnMc posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd April 2008 10:33am

Dude, you freaking rock! I first started reading this story when it was first coming out, it was the first fanfiction I had ever read and now, more than a year later, it is still the absolute best I have ever read! Keep it coming! (Especially if you can do it as fast as this chapter!)

atlantis-rob posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 11:54pm

DAMN! That was kick ass! No complaints here over the last 2 chapters. I love the way your handling everything. This continues to be the best naruto tale on the net! Wow! The fight was awesome and what an ending, didn't read it right the first time in the hurry to read the omake. Wow....And damn good thing iruka was where he was to overhear what whoever said. Great work and cheers to the omake winner also!

Mad Ant posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 8:51pm

I've already read the chapter 5 or 6 times, and I enjoy it every time. Hope there won't be too long a wait fo the next (go muse, go !!!).

I find it a bit abrupt that Naruto would refuse all summoning contracts. I would imagine that he or Kurenai would look for a more adapted creature or more (camouflage and infiltration, fleeing or combat) rather than just dismissing the summoning possibilities outright.

Looking forward to the following chapters. Keep up the brilliant work.

Mad Ant

nuclear death frog posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 4:33pm

I left this identical review on FFnet:

As ironic as it might be, and as much as he might deserve it, I really hope Naruto didn't just destroy Neji's eyes. That would cause him nothing but trouble, probably even with the people whose support he currently has.

That's my major concern with this chapter. Otherwise it's pretty cool. Naruto learning Jiraiya's Hell Swamp technique was interesting, as it might be really useful in the future, and the refusal to sign the toad-summon contract was both kind (to Shino) and humorous, and it creates a point of distance between him and the Fourth, and between him and Jiraiya. I believe this Naruto should not parallel them, even if he one day might be favorably, credibly compared to them.

Viridian replied:

Well, for this story I'm trying not to parallel canon unless logic absolutely demands that I do so. You will see varying degrees of congruency, but don't rely on them too much.

liquidfyre posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 11:57am

*pokes viridian with a week old flounder*

Where da update? do not make me bring out the big guns

*points to his amazing bag o' critters*

i got some scary scary tings in dere

Teresa Lynne posted a comment on Monday 21st April 2008 7:08am

Now that was a fight!!!!!!! I loved seeing Neji get what he so well deserved! I wonder how many people in the audience start realizing exactly whom they've been baiting all those years, and what he's capable if necessary. My thanks for the chapter, it was excellent! I especially liked the talk in the office, Naruto's instincts were really in play for him when he got out of there before he became the innocent bystander! This is a great story, and as always I'll be waiting for your next chapter with anticipation.

Sml posted a comment on Sunday 20th April 2008 6:57pm

ok...good story for sure, but the last part threw me. Naruto has never been cruel, Hinata was right when she said that. So him giving Neji a scar just doesn't seem...right. Thinking about it more though it could just be a heck of a pimp slap and that would be awesome! Superb otherwise, like the little plot with the 'elders' to, maybe they push the wrong buttons and get some past news forced out due to their words, helping Kurenai with her past. Great update time to, hope you and your muse keep it up!

liquidfyre posted a comment on Sunday 20th April 2008 10:12am

No it wouldnt be better BAAAAAD author baaaaaad for even suggesting it but please do update sooooooooon hehe

rex1yujie posted a comment on Sunday 20th April 2008 9:13am

aw u always leave the story at a cliffhanger =/ .
i really like this chapter. i hope u update soon. this is definitely one of the best fanfics i have read