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QOShea posted a comment on Monday 29th May 2006 8:28am

Great story so far. And I really hope that Kurenai finds out what Hinata's father is doing. Open a can of whoopass on that SOB!

Like I said, great story.

Arkeus posted a comment on Monday 29th May 2006 3:22am

Very entertaining, even if it was a bit scary here and there, what happened to hinata, and the council taking an active interest in tripping naruto. Enjoyed that a whole lot, though. Now if only they hada few years to grow up... Oh, and it's kinda difficult to read this when one of my favorite characters is sakura, but i think yo don't do real bashing, so that's alright- she was kind of a bitch at the beginning, after all.

Alvin Au posted a comment on Monday 29th May 2006 2:00am

great chapter... nice to see some more intrigue being brought into the story in the form of the Village Council and a little fluff at the end..please keep up the good work...=)

ichtys posted a comment on Sunday 28th May 2006 10:21pm

Great story.
I really like Kurenai's character.
I don't know if it is believable that Naruto has changed so much from canon in so short time. On the other hand, Kurenai is definately treating him a lot different than Kakashi, and he is not distracted by Sakura or busy challenging Sasuke. All things considered I think Naruto's "new" character is within reason, concidering his past. I really like this Naruto.
Yes, I know I just contradicted my self. My point is that Naruto's "new" character might be persieved by some as OOC, but when his background is taken into consideration, and the treatment he gets from Kurenai, it is within the limits of reason.

I hope you can make sense of this. ;-)

Thanks for writing and sharing this story.

Regards Ichtys_dk

Quizer posted a comment on Sunday 28th May 2006 8:58pm

Great chapter. I'm happy to see you've updated!

Poor Hinata. I first thought that the training session might be beneficial, even if her family hates her guts...
Despite the fact that I'm really not fond of angst, I like and approve of how you're handling this. Her development is slow by necessity, but the progress is noticeable. Maybe, soon, she will have that epiphany and realize it is not everyone else's behavior that's abnormal, but her father's. In a way, it is inverse to Naruto's problem: he has to realize it's not the opinions of the general public that counts, but those of the people who know him.
I'm also glad that Hinata's apparent lack of skill stems almost entirely from her inhibitions. It means she's not really that weak and when she overcomes them, old bastard Hiashi is in for an ugly surprise.
A lot of her problems come from the fact that she is unable to put her thoughts into words. Will that change? Will she possibly receive help in this?

I also like how you slowly build up Naruto's social skills. He doesn't really know what he's doing yet, but he's getting there and his instincts steer him right so far. Maybe he should try to be a little more blunt with his compliments, so they get through that barrier of misinterpretation... :)

Liked the scene with Shino and his parents. Logic is one of Shino's strengths and it will go a long way in helping him accept Naruto once he finds out about his tenant. After all, the villagers' fear and loathing are extremely irrational.
I wonder, now that Shino knows for sure that there's something wrong with Naruto, something that is so severe that people are forbidden to speak of it under pain of death, will he be able to find out more? Do you think someone of Shino's capabilities could find out by researching?

I especially liked the scenes with Kurenai. She's worrying a bit much about her genin, though. I think hearing Naruto had contingencies like the Kawarimi no jutsu with his Bunshin would go a long way in easing her fears a bit.
I'm wondering about that conspiracy against Naruto. The thing with the banks is probably only one facets of a huge sinister construct that covers all of Konoha. Why wouldn't I be surprised if it turns out Hiashi orchestrated this? Either that, or someone who is unknows as of yet.

I'm looking forward to see what kind of mission this is going to me. You mentioned a Big Fight Scene(TM)? :D


scott2 posted a comment on Sunday 28th May 2006 7:16pm

Hiashi needs a full grown shadow clown poofing into existence in his butt, what a a-hole, great chapter, were would naruto be compared to continuity, he seems,,,I don't want to say stronger but focused and I think he has increased all round so just curious of how it relates.

Till next time :)

Bobboky posted a comment on Sunday 28th May 2006 7:09pm


AK posted a comment on Sunday 28th May 2006 6:44pm

Really nice chapter, it has a bit of "short" feeling to it (though it is of decent lengh).
I really like the way you are setting the interactions between the characters, I think this story reads better than your Hp one.

Ed posted a comment on Sunday 28th May 2006 6:02pm

Woot!!!! Took a while for this chapter to come out, but it was a good chapter. Interesting Hyuuga Family dynamics you inserted, as well as evidence of Naruto learning manners, etc. Iruka and Kurenai meet!!! Will he replace Mattai? Anyways, good work.


Jeff posted a comment on Sunday 28th May 2006 12:48pm

KEEP WRITING!!!! I LOVE your stuff, and I'm still reading your Harry Potter fan fic. I daresay you could write quite the interesting novel?

Nubbus posted a comment on Saturday 27th May 2006 12:09am

Awesome story. Even though it uses a bit of a cliche'd plot you made it very original.

I like the character developement in Naruto and Hinata but you seem to be leaving Shino out a bit.

Anyway I'll be following this Fanfic and I hope you update soon!

OngKhan posted a comment on Tuesday 16th May 2006 5:49pm

I've seen the "put Naruto on a different team" idea before, but never was it done as well as in this fic. Please keep up the good work and thanks for an excellent story.

javonne smoot posted a comment on Tuesday 16th May 2006 12:08am

I love it keep it up. my first reading of a fanfic other than Harry Potter. can u tell me of any others that rival yours in skill if there are any and possibly any well written HP. Ive read several that were well written as in spelled and phrased correctly but without such creativity and skill like yours. Thank You (

Roary1 posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd May 2006 8:24am

This story is great, please continue it. Perdy perdy please!

Ed posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 11:06am

I only watched some of the Naruto anime before reading this fic, and I had liked what I saw, so hought I'd give this a shot. I liked it so much, I downloaded the entire manga and read all 300 chapters of it in three days. I'm now [i]very[/i] curious as to how you'll adapt to the storyline or if you'll just make up something entirely different. As to Kurenai, could her enemy be the Akatsuki?
Update soon please!!!


Quizer posted a comment on Friday 7th April 2006 10:47am

Regarding the discussion why this fic is so popular, I think your portrayal of Kurenai (and the role she plays) might well play a large part of it. In canon, Naruto does not seem to have a decent normal person who could serve as a role model. Iruka would probably be decent enough, but he doesn't seem to have much contact with Naruto once Kakashi enters the picture. Kurenai is perfect for him. She has demons of her own, but it only hardens her resolve to bring out the best in her team. She's also someone not to be trifled with, yet she doesn't completely lack a sense of humor. I love her character as you show it.

Hopefully the next chapter of Naruto goodness will soon be ready...


Quizer posted a comment on Friday 7th April 2006 9:58am

> "That was a very realistic henge, but
> normally, I can see through a henge a
> block away...

Come to think of it, the Henge no Jutsu in another of Naruto's specialities, as he has proven many times in the anime and manga, not the least with his perverted jutsus. I have to agree with Iruka's critique though; those are a waste of Naruto's talent. As a recon specialist, I imagine Naruto's female counterpart could find plenty of other uses. As he has not shown himself in that form in this AU yet, hardly anybody should be able to recognize the disguise. Will we see her return in this story, in non-sexy mode?


Quizer posted a comment on Thursday 23rd March 2006 6:21am

> ...her true task was more to sharpen him
> into a diamond-edged weapon, one capable of
> helping her reach a goal she’d set years ago.

It looks like Kurenai has a hidden agenda as well here... It has to do with Kurenai's past, hasn't it?
It seems like Kurenai knows or suspects who is responsible for her old team's demise, but there wasn't enough evidence to launch an investigation. The things that were revealed so far are very vague and fragmentary. Will more be revealed later on, or are we already supposed to know who is her secret enemy?


Adrian R Brown posted a comment on Monday 20th March 2006 8:14am

One thing that I'm curious about, where the future is concerned, is what you're going to do about Jiraiya and Tsunade. In the cannon, because Kakashi pretty much abandoned Naruto to go train Sasuke, Naruto was forced to seek instruction with Jiraiya.

I don't foresee him having that kind of lack of a mentor this time around. One the one hand, it's good. On the other, if he doesn't learn some from J, he'll never have the opportunity to learn things like the Summoning or Rasengen. Both of which are pretty integral to him. With him learning to manifest his chakra physically in this fiction, I could almost see him learning/creating something similar to the rasengen on his own. This, however, wouldn't be the case for the summoning.

Also, his interaction and experiences with J are integral to 'convincing' Tsunade to come to the village. Very curious to see how this develops.

maxatronus posted a comment on Sunday 19th March 2006 5:15pm

Excellent work, its definately nice to have a break from harry potter and the usual naruto storyline, ive watched up to episode 124, and people like sakura and sasuske were just starting to bug me

very well written