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Urukk513 posted a comment on Wednesday 14th August 2019 4:03pm for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

Ok, so Snape CONFESSED to dumbledore that he instructed draco to try to murder Harry, and to providing draco with polyjuice so that he could BREAK INTO and STEAL from harry.

and.... fuckall is being done against him?

Sinfield4 posted a comment on Thursday 1st February 2018 5:02pm for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

I am loving the story,At last thay know :)

Patches posted a comment on Monday 19th November 2012 5:25am for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

Hey! I'm one of those nasty Yanks, Thank you very much! Not really a problem. I just had to stand up for the "colonists". We haven't done so bad. I live on the Pacific side. It's nice to read about the "Old Country". Finally Harry got his secrets off his chest. I'm glad everyone stood by him. Of course Ron got upset but so did everyone else. Ron gets mad and then he thinks. I like the way things change but are similar. It helps keep Harry on his toes. I'm glad Dumbledore finally got rid of Snape. That was excellent. Dumbledore finally came through and got rid of the Malfoy's. I loved what McGonagal had to say about Draco being implicated in the attempted deaths of two students. That pretty well nailed it down. Freeing Dobby was icing on the cake. I'm glad Harry and Ginny had a private conversation. That had to be done and I like the way it turned out. So was Harry! Thanks for writing. pms

mantis posted a comment on Wednesday 15th April 2009 9:57pm for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

WTF?! The "agent" has access to the Chamber of Secrets? What the bloody 'ell is going on here?

Oh... so Harry's been out for a month, and she got the diary... and then it got her.

You'd think Harry would have though to use mirrors or some sort of lens to protect himself and the others from the basilisk's gaze -- after all, petrification is reversible, death is not.

"This ponce is Voldemort?" ROFLMAO!

Okay, why not just hit the basilisk with an Avada Kedavra and have done with it? At this point, letting his friends know he's capable of the Killing Curse seems like the lesser evil by far.

"At least we’re in an appropriate place." Another belly laugh -- what a wonderful bit of mordant wit, having Harry finally reveal his secrets in the Chamber of Secrets.

You managed to move me to tears with Harry's friends reaction to his revelations -- even though I knew they would react that way, being the people they are both in canon and here. JKR herself only accomplished that maybe five or six times in the series. Not always at the places everyone expects, either -- I think the most affecting scene in the series, for me, was Kreacher's account of Regulus' death; a close second was when Dumbledore said, "I am not worried, Harry. I am with you." That was the moment I knew for certain he was going to die that night, and it hit me much harder than his actual death in the following chapter -- the torch had passed.

“What does it look like from your end of time?” Have you ever read Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere?" This version of Luna occasionally calls to mind one of the terrifying Mr. Croup's better lines: "Some of us are so sharp, we could just cut ourselves." Asking questions about the future is almost as dangerous a business as making three wishes, although it's mitigated some by the fact that the future under discussion can -- indeed, has -- been changed.

"Now drop the cloak before I get creative." Heh -- another example of Harry sounding like Miles Vorkosigan. Miles is a master of that sort of non-specific threat, all the scarier because of it's latitude. One of his best lines is "Ivan... are you challenging my ingenuity?" Knowing just what havoc Miles' ingenuity can wreak, his cousin Ivan backs down instantly.

"There are far worse ways to die. You’re probably going to discover one or two." Kickass! I was chanting an exultant "yes, yes, yes!" throughout this scene, but that was the icing on the cake. Of course, Draco's expulsion still leaves "the agent in place" in place -- he, whoever he is, is the real threat, and it's not at all clear that this outcome even represents a failure of his scheme -- it depends on how much of a Xanatos Gambit he's really running.

"Harry frowned. She must have already been affected by the Diary, he mused." You know, sometimes even this version of Harry can be amazingly obtuse...

"And after that, Fred and I will do things to them that Harry’s too nice to think of." Heh. The twins haven't a clue just how not-nice Harry can be... but on the other hand, they may well be able to come up with things that never would have occurred to him, just because his sense of humor isn't quite as warped as theirs.

“It means fewer people I’ll have to kill later on." Very, very blunt, but the subject under discussion was a good reason for Harry to show his friends a bit of just how ruthless he had to become in the dark future he hopes to avert.

It's a pity Harry didn't have time to grab the Glock before going down to the Chamber of Secrets -- he could probably have done more damage faster to the basilisk with an unlimited supply of 9mm bullets than with curses. Ah, well, it worked out anyway.

One quibble I have with the use of curses in this story, and others I've read, is that it appears to me that in canon, Reducto and Diffindo only affect inanimate objects. Snape used Reducto to blow up rosebushes in the garden after the Yule ball with no concern about blowing the students under them to a bloody pulp, and from the results it appeared he had no reason for concern; Harry had D.A. member practicing it where it might have hit other members, and the Hex used it to smash shelves in the Department of Mysteries with no concern about hitting each other (also, if it was capable of wounding, they'd have been better off using it to smash Death Eaters).

We've seen Harry use Diffindo on Cedric's bookbag to slow him down so that Harry could catch up and tell him about the dragons, on the tentacles of the brain that attacked Ron in the DoM, and on the chains holding Mrs. Cattermole to the defendant's chair in the Wizengamot courtroom, while Hermione used it to cut Ron free of the spell ropes one of the Death Eaters in the café fight wrapped around him. In no case did the spell accidentally cut the flesh adjacent to its inanimate target, and nowhere in canon is either spell used to harm a living person or animal. Furthermore, there is a canonical spell that does do what you have Diffindo doing to living flesh in this story: Sectumsempra.

I think that Rowling's type of magic treats the living tissues of animals (though not plants) as qualitatively different from inanimate matter; magic that affects one typically ignores the other. This also explains why Avada Kedavra, which slays any living target without fail and passes through shielding charms as though they weren't there, can nonetheless be blocked by a solid object -- a statue, a wooden table, etc.

Lovely H/G sweetness at the end of this chapter. I'm thinking, though, that if I were writing a story like this, being the H/C shipper I am, I would posit that Harry reconnected with Cho some time after the Massacre (she wouldn't have been at Hogwarts then, having graduated in HBP), and they had a relationship that gave Harry some respite from the darkness of his losses and his quest, until she was killed. That would leave him puzzling over which of the two girls he had loved in the previous timeline to pursue in the new one -- plenty of opportunities for angst, there. I expect he'd still end up choosing Ginny, because he has no intention of letting Cedric die this time around, and he knows that Cho would be happy with Cedric.

anonymous5 posted a comment on Saturday 11th April 2009 4:29am for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

"Harry jammed the diary onto one of the sabre-like fangs, right through the bloody hand-print he’d left on the cover." Please tell me this is Chekhov's gun.

mahaffe posted a comment on Thursday 26th March 2009 11:00am for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

Where Harry asks about why he didn't use the Marauder's Map when looking for Ginny before, he did have a good reason....he didn't get it until the next year.

mathiasgranger posted a comment on Friday 21st March 2008 4:25am for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

I wonder how you're occlumency is...that line should be avoided from here on just for the sake of the audience's sanity.


Viridian replied:

I'm not sure what you mean by that...

Jizzle posted a comment on Wednesday 5th March 2008 1:42pm for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

Bizarre font change at "By the time they returned" ...

This is without a doubt my favorite chapter of the entire story. We really get to see Harry let loose and show what a badass he is, and I enjoy every moment of it. Also, Draco's taken down a peg, Snape's sacked, we get some emotional revelations, there's a great Luna moment or two, etc. etc.

What I'm saying is this chapter is everything I could want in fanfiction and then some. Well, it's not Harry/Luna, but really, shipping is such a secondary concern in the scheme things.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Sunday 25th November 2007 3:37pm for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

Outstanding chapter. Really like the way you took care of the Malfoys. Very good with Dobby too.


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Thursday 2nd November 2006 2:03am for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

Brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT!

Dealing with Lucius, getting rid of Draco and Snape, freeing Dobby, telling his friends, getting their absolution, and letting Ginny ask the question so simply and answering his unasked question with equal ease - - -THIS WAS A FABULOUS CHAPTER!

Major kudos to you.

Viridian replied:


Glad you liked it... though I think I'm going to have trouble topping this one...

Sterling posted a comment on Saturday 23rd September 2006 11:28pm for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

I loved the wrap up for the second year and I am looking forward to your further work :-)

Roger posted a comment on Sunday 2nd July 2006 1:34am for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

Great chapter :) Please, please don't let this story be an abandoned one, it's really quite brilliant and deserves to be ended well, when the story gets there :)

As a complete masterpiece.

Quizer posted a comment on Thursday 29th June 2006 9:48pm for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

> By the time they returned to their dormitories, Harry could barely stand. He checked the damaged trunk, a let out a heartfelt sigh of relief. The Glock was still where he’d left it, under some of his first year books, wrapped in one of Vernon ’s old socks. After re-packing it, Harry collapsed onto his bed, still half-dressed, and pulled the curtains shut. Sleep overcame him with the drone of conversation still filling his ears.

This section, which you added after you realized Harry has to check for the gun, is still written in a different font. While you fix that, you can also replace the 'a' with an 'and' in the second sentence.

I had to read the chapter again, since between the amount of fics I read, the length of the story and the time between updates the details of what happened in the chapter get muddy over time. You update fast enough, but it is still long enough that I feel I have to refresh my knowledge of the events that happened. Well, time to check out the latest chapter!


Arkeus posted a comment on Thursday 29th June 2006 7:51pm for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

The end felt a bit awkward- after all, when Harry died, he wasn't really with Ginny, nor was ginny when she died. Of course, they weren't exactly friends either. But more than friends? hum...

Zarz posted a comment on Thursday 29th June 2006 4:36am for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

Here's a thought. Now that Harry knows about the Map, and everyone knows how he knows about the Map, he ought to get Remus and Sirius to teach them how to make their own. Partly so that they can have one while the twins have the original, or they can even each have one, and partly so that they can add things like the Chamber of Secrets, the Room of Requirements, and any secret passageways or whatnot that Harry knows about that the original Marauders never found. They could even make a Map of the Burrow, just in case. With that, the wards, and a few dozen fire-proofing spells, I have no doubt that Harry's nightmares about the Burrow would greatly decrease as it becomes less and less possible for them to become a reality.

I also would like to cast my vote for the group learning to be animagi at some point. Another just-in-case thing - having a form in which one could escape in would help a lot.

Anyway, really great work! I love this, and I'm likely going to keep reviewing random chapters with even more random thoughts until you update another chapter so I have something else to think about!

timmerator posted a comment on Wednesday 28th June 2006 1:15pm for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

I like it!! Please Keep up the good work.


Ron posted a comment on Wednesday 28th June 2006 5:57am for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

Hey, Matthew! This is a wonderful story, one of the better 'redo' stories. Any idea how long until the next chapter comes out?


Tom Beam posted a comment on Monday 26th June 2006 3:13pm for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

getting to be a good story, keep up the awesome work

Sir Chris posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 12:31am for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

Hey that was a great chapter, best one yet in my opinion. I can't believe his friends are handling it so well...

Also I look forward to "20 questions for future harry" that comes later.

Although its your story I have to point out the one flaw with it, don't know if this has been said before. Harry being vastly mature I can understand. Ron turning a bit more mature because of harry I can understand. The one that seems really out of place in terms of maturity is Ginny. I mean sure I don't think she'd be whining like a 5 year old, but she just seems a bit too mature for the age.

But hey I guess with this timeline that you set up she had to be, it just bugged me a bit.

Great story I look forward to what is next.

- Chris

Daven posted a comment on Saturday 24th June 2006 7:54pm for ...All Hell Breaks Loose!

Still good. Writing, plot, charcters.. all awsome.. so keep it up!