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mantis posted a comment on Saturday 25th April 2009 2:38pm for A Busy Summer

I liked the way Harry arranged things so that Remus would have to swallow his pride and accept payment for his tutoring services over the summer.

I liked Molly's reaction to Ginny winning the tournament; I'd been kind of afraid (as Ginny must have been) that she'd be upset that Ginny had participated, rather than proud of her performance. Molly, of course, turns out to be a duelist to be reckoned with herself, but we didn't learn that until the very end of the series, when underestimating her proved to be Bellatrix's last mistake.

"Neither of them could think of what Neville’s grandmother was playing at..." Would that be because he failed to mention in the letter that all the families she's been inviting over have daughters around his age who don't believe in Crumple-Horned Snorkacks?

"he was asking if he should just change his name to Malfoy and be done with it.” LOL!

"I trust the Ministry about as far as I can spit a dead ferret." Good line, but Douglas Adams' addition of an adverb makes it better: "as far as I can comfortably spit a dead ferret."

So I guessed right about what Gran Longbottom was doing. Mean old battleaxe.

Uh-oh... I hope Harry's up to casting his Patronus; he's never done it in this timeline, after all.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Wednesday 5th December 2007 3:09pm for A Busy Summer

Oh, sheepstations. We have trouble here. (just so's you know, sheepstations is an all-purpose word which can be used to replace swearwords. It works well. I've used it here to replace antoher 's' word.)

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Monday 26th November 2007 9:21am for A Busy Summer

Good chapter. bit of a bummer at the end.


Minerva Granger posted a comment on Wednesday 29th August 2007 12:44pm for A Busy Summer

Where's Professor Lupin when we need him? Insert string of swearwords in here. Evil cliffie must be destoryed.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Thursday 2nd November 2006 6:11am for A Busy Summer

The tell-it-all scene was amazing and gut-wrenching.

I hope this Percy does much better.

One more cliffie and only one more chapter posted.

Can't wait!

uberwald posted a comment on Sunday 15th October 2006 3:37pm for A Busy Summer

i love it. i found by reading over someone's shoulder on a train, and found your work after i'd exhausted everything Crys has written. The premise of your story is amazing. Using such a great premise lets you draw on the earlier work directly, and in most cases i've enjoyed your turn of a phrase more than I enjoyed JKR's.

I can't wait until the next chapter - - do you have any original published work?

TNaSeein' posted a comment on Sunday 15th October 2006 1:09pm for A Busy Summer

Hi! I've been following this story for a long time now and I've just realized that I've NEVER reviewed. *shock, horror*

So, here it goes. I love this fic. Nightmares is one of my favorites and I'm really looking forward (hint, hint) to reading the next chapter. Any idea when that's going to be coming out? That wasn't nagging so, no pressure!

I'm guessing that newly 13 year old Harry can do the patronus charm, right?!

rockeye posted a comment on Wednesday 11th October 2006 12:45pm for A Busy Summer

When are you going to add more chapter?

Viridian replied:

I'm re-reading and editing chapters 1-30 as I outline 31 in greater detail. And doing that while backing up my hard drives (half a terabyte or so) because my home desktop is showing signs of imminent catastrophic collapse and I need to get it overhauled while it's still under warranty.

Oh yeah, and I'm taking new medication that makes me want to sleep all of the time, so that's complicating things as well. That said, I plan to make some progress this weekend, provided my computer doesn't explode and burn my house down.

artiel8857 posted a comment on Tuesday 10th October 2006 1:36am for A Busy Summer

Over a month suffering through a cliffhanger is killing me :( Awesome, Awesome story! Please update soon!

jono74656 posted a comment on Tuesday 26th September 2006 7:01am for A Busy Summer

Bloody Good show!
It's about time he could stop angsting over the 'big secret'- at least partially.

I really don't wanna know what'll happen to Sirius' pursuers if Harry gets pissed though!

Eagerly awaiting updates

timmerator posted a comment on Friday 22nd September 2006 6:04am for A Busy Summer

I've read your other stories posted here, with some interest, out of bordom waiting for your next installment of Nightmares. They are good... but, you've really whet my appetite for more of the proactive/violently reactive Harry that you have created with JR's help.

please sir , may I have some more?


Stephanie1 posted a comment on Wednesday 20th September 2006 9:28am for A Busy Summer

Brillant! Can't wait for the neaxt chapter and see Sirius in Action! He is one of y fav charcters. Love your story so far and can't wait for more.

brad posted a comment on Saturday 16th September 2006 9:09am for A Busy Summer

Another great chapter and a great read.

I was betting that Harry might have to bring out a pensieve to *show* Molly some of his memories ... 'a picture being worth a thousand words' and all that. An image of dead!Ginny would convince her to believe Harry (and not inform Dumbledore) where mere words could not. But it was a superior Molly you showed us here, someone who is more than just the stereotypical mother/housewife that she appears to be most of the time.

Harry's revelation was excellent, all the same ... I continue to enjoy how you've been able to keep the tension up with all these 'Harry tells the truth' cusps in your story. The bit with Ginny was wonderful - "No sooner did the words leave his mouth than he found himself hopping on one foot". Heh. That plus her 'ragged voice' ... it was a perfect mix/balance of emotions. It's your abilty to make us *believe* so strongly how these people feel and love for each other that makes your story so engrossing.

Did Harry test Percy that final time, to ensure that he'd moved on from being 'nearly flawless'?

Very satisfying to read of the kids' continued training. I like what you're doing with Neville, showing us the shades of grey in the wizarding world. Augusta *isn't* a pureblood supremist who desires the extinction or subjugation of 'lesser' people and races, but she still has values and sees Luna as undesirable for Neville. Hmmm. Luna's a pureblood too, I think, so maybe wizarding purity doesn't come into it at all; simply societal standing, the Lovegoods being seen as eccentric and something of a laughing stock, an inferior match for a Longbottom?

While you've left us with an exciting cliffhanger I'm betting it turns out to be an anticlimax leading into the next chapter. What's the use of all these fancy wards if they can't stop simple dementors, anyway? I reckon Harry and Sirius will be able to skip over the wards - maybe with a patronus assist - and the Burrow's defences will then hold back the Azkaban guards. But what then? A siege? Sirius revealed? Or is this just a setup for a strong dementor/Azkaban theme for Harry's third year?

As usual I can't wait to find out! Thanks for this chapter, looking forward muchly to the next one! Thanks for all the time you put into this excellent story.

sandstar08 posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 6:35am for A Busy Summer

*clicks furiously on the next button and shrieks in horror when it doesn't work*

you didn't! *gasp* you left us a cliffhanger! curse you! *shakes fist* wait... postpone that curse until after you finish the book (or series!) but siriusly, keep up the great work!

Anaknisatanas posted a comment on Thursday 7th September 2006 10:36pm for A Busy Summer

Oh man, what a place to end the chapter! Still I was glad to see Harry finally fill the rest of the Weasley family in on his past. I'm especially glad that Percy seems to be fairly accepting of it and I hope that Harry and he have another talk in the future about the Ministry. I hate to see Neville being excluded because of his grandmother. It would be awesome if Harry had a 'talk' with Mrs. Longbottom but I can understand how that might not fit in with Harry's characterization.

I'm glad to see how protective Ron is of Harry. I enjoy seeing the Gryffindor 6 interact with one another and grow closer. I'm curious about the other summer projects Hermione might be working on and I'm also glad to see that the others are so accepting of Luna.

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Thursday 7th September 2006 2:19am for A Busy Summer

Evil Cliffie! But wonderful chapter.

The twists and turns of time travel can give anyone a headache.

Glad he was able to finally tell the Weasleys. The discussion about what Dumbledore would do was rather frightening.

Mrs. Longbottom is almost funny, but rather sad in her treatment of Neville.

Hope you get another chapter out soon.

Thanks for writing this,

Tom A.

John Clark posted a comment on Tuesday 5th September 2006 10:38pm for A Busy Summer

The Mrs. has this to say: we are much appreciative of this chapter and look hopefully foward to the soon-to-come next one. We have a disagreement that can only be settled with its release.

We felt that the full discloser scene was well written. It is good for Harry to know that he has others to help him strategize. I am interested in Percy's development post enlightenment.

Terry Swain posted a comment on Tuesday 5th September 2006 7:02am for A Busy Summer

Great chapter.

Fernir posted a comment on Tuesday 5th September 2006 6:18am for A Busy Summer

But a rabid Sirius would be fun. Not to mention all the jokes you could make about nobody being able to tell...

Still, that was a terrible cliffhanger, Viridian. Shame!

I also blame you on my recent binge of reading Naruto fanfics. The time of reckoning is fast approaching!

(Though it can be pushed off for a time with the successful uploading of another chapter. Bribery will get you everywhere.)

In any case, very nicely done chapter, and I look forward to reading more of NoFP and Team 8 in the future.

Manatheron posted a comment on Tuesday 5th September 2006 1:41am for A Busy Summer


Now that is just EVIL! NOW what am I supposed to do? Wait for the next one?!?


Excellent chapter though, I found 'gran's' reaction to be fairly interesting as well. Is this going to keep up? and was neville's tutor even slightly suprised by his level of compitence?