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It's a profile. I read things. I read *lots* of things. I'm old-ish and cranky and have firm beliefs regarding grammar and spelling, so this site is a wonder and a haven for me. I suffer from both Parenthesis Disorder and Run-On Sentence Disease. Generally speaking, if I find a story already completed or in progress, I will not comment/review until I reach the current wavefront, although I have been known to make exceptions for truly egregious awfulness or for chapters that cause me to involuntarily guffaw. I'm also fearfully insecure, so if this isn't what a profile is supposed to be, please tell me gently so I can make it conform to expectations.

As a side note, I do not understand why I seem to be stuck in a recursive loop involving re-validating my email address, such that this is the only way I have of telling anybody what is happening, since the site will not let me read or review or send email. It will only re-direct me to the "Revalidate Your Email" screen. Is this some form of punishment? I'm a Good Reader! I try to leave polite constructive reviews even when I dislike a story! Help?

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