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FarVista posted a comment on Saturday 27th March 2010 11:29am for A Fearful Fallout

Nice, coherent speech from Naruto there at the end. Shoulda called this chapter "The Fearful Earful". (Oh yes, he practiced with Shino. Well, it helped. I get every bit as tired of "Naruto the screaming monkey" as you apparently do.)
Sasuke fanned the flames of his idiocy with his anger, contempt and challenges. Shino is a nice, cool rest for him, I think, an actual friend who can stand in the midst of his ADD maelstrom and help him find a calm place and logic.
It's such a lovely novelty to find an intelligent, thought-out fic of any stripe. This is one of my favorites. I look forward to the next chapter.

I guess we're to assume that Konoha doesn't give field commissions. I would think that there'd have to be more ways than just the hyped and expensive Ninja World "Chunin-Exam/Superbowl/Cage Death-Match of Ultimate Marketability" for Chunin to achieve promotion or there would be very few indeed. (I want a Gaara Bobble-head, mommy! And look, the Aburame doll has a little bug on a string! You pull it and it....doesn't talk. It just buzzes. The Nara one, you squeeze it and it collapses like those old wooden monkey toys held together with strings.)

Alright, so then I'd have to assume that Sarutobi won't promote him outside of so public and incontestable an event because of the political situation.
Many of his group would deserve promotion, however. That particular academy flight is quite obviously extraordinarily talented. Perhaps he doesn't want to have to promote Sasuke, who is sanity-compromised (hm, I like that euphemism. Think I'll try it out when I go visit family tomorrow.), valuable and a flight risk.
Tsunade...I'll have to wait and see, won't I? If you follow cannon on that, it'll be moot, of course.

GremlinXTJ posted a comment on Monday 18th January 2010 11:30am for A Fearful Fallout

Well I re-read Team 8 after a while and yup - still good. :D
I am just wondering about something: did I misunderstand the not on the chapter list? Is this or is it not your story? And if it is - are you still writing it?
Thanks. :)

goddessa39 posted a comment on Saturday 12th December 2009 4:12am for A Fearful Fallout

Not very familiar with naruto but I LOVED THIS!

Wanderer of the Dark posted a comment on Saturday 12th September 2009 2:23am for A Fearful Fallout

Remarkable... altough i wonder how will he evenzually face and survive pain the one with the rinnegan the most powerfull eye, who is another student of Jiraya, gone bad and is the semi leader of the Akatsuki....
He managed to survive because he became a toad sage, and with out the contact that is a bit difficult...

If you wish to do that still, you can use the all knowing kid syndrome, as in he never asked Jiraya whether the toads eat kikai bugs or are they even consumable by the "ninja" toads....

The anime is progresssing on the path of the manga with little deviance and some fillers so we can assume that pain and the akatsuis other members will make an appereance on the anime... (too big of a spectacular battle scean not to.. :P)

whethere you do it or not is irrevelant as Team 8 is the only naruto manga that i've read so far that is enjoyable...

Thanks again oh great evil authorlord for this wonderfull piece of fanfiction.

I really wish that you'd update much more often, but i know that RL can be a pain, and i still don't give you a salery, so i'll just keep waiting.

Best wishes:


Nekura Enzeru posted a comment on Tuesday 8th September 2009 12:57am for A Fearful Fallout

An outstanding piece of literature, and a really enjoyable read. It's one in the morning with an uncompleted assignment due tomorow, but I was still determined to finish this....maybe not the wisest thing to do, but hey.

Hope you can get back to working on your fiction soon.

TheNekoWithWings posted a comment on Tuesday 1st September 2009 6:29am for A Fearful Fallout

Whoa! That's... really, really good. I just finished reading this last chapter, and I'm looking forward to more!

eklo posted a comment on Monday 10th August 2009 7:59am for A Fearful Fallout

I thoroughly enjoy your work. Please keep up the good work.

PS...Perhaps Iruka can get a little facetime next chapter (going over his winnings ^_^)

Namizujs posted a comment on Sunday 9th August 2009 9:45pm for A Fearful Fallout

I still sthink You did great, even if I miss dropping in on the Viridian Dreams forums :-)!

If there is time from RL for You, please write either Naruto, or HP, I love both, that's the way I am.
Thanks, all the best to You and Yours from


dan26 posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 5:00pm for A Fearful Fallout

Its been 7 months and no new chapter of this compelling story is there a rough date of a possible new chapter?

LtZero posted a comment on Sunday 31st May 2009 2:45am for A Fearful Fallout

some ones copy righten ur story

Viridian replied:

No worries! S'Tarkan is my handle on Thanks for the head's up though!

Taim Kelrathos posted a comment on Tuesday 28th April 2009 1:43pm for A Fearful Fallout

I don't think this is the first review I've made for this chapter, but oh well.

I began reading Team 8 long before I read or watched Naruto, but I was bored and curious. Now I've read the manga up to this same timeframe, and can say you've truly captured the essence of the characters, even if they've diverted from canon.

I can't wait for the next chapter to be posted, and eagerly look foward to reading it.

Keep up the good work!

~Taim Kelrathos

DR B posted a comment on Sunday 29th March 2009 1:56am for A Fearful Fallout


I love your Naruto Team 8 story. I would love to read more. You have been gone for a while and I was just wondering if you were going to continue your story. Please keep writing this wonderful story. This is the first Naruto story I ever read and it made me want to read more. Your story is still the best.

LtZero posted a comment on Sunday 1st March 2009 11:06pm for A Fearful Fallout

Awsome deffently one of the best fan arts ive evered read keep it up ^-^

tugger55 posted a comment on Monday 2nd February 2009 5:26am for A Fearful Fallout

right now how about some naruto and hinta fluff?

ShatteredRhapsody posted a comment on Friday 30th January 2009 5:53am for A Fearful Fallout

Eeeeyaaaaah!!!! Sorry...burst of happiness and all that. Loved it. I won't pressure you to update, since I know better than that, so continue at your own pace. I look forward to reading the next chapter. ^_^

ernichol posted a comment on Tuesday 20th January 2009 4:19pm for A Fearful Fallout

woo! i just read the entire thing and i think i might like it as much or more the nofp. though to be fare, this is one of my first naruto fanfics ive read so all the changes are new and exciting. its fun to see badass naruto much earlier than in canon, but its an interesting choice you've made against sasuke. he held the first friend card in canon, and as such it made for a poignant moment when he deserted the village and naruto. Also, Sage technique! you need to still give naruto sage technique. i don't care if its essentially useless for him now with his uber chakra coils, its still awesome. all in all a solid and very fun to read story. more please

serenehime posted a comment on Tuesday 6th January 2009 11:48pm for A Fearful Fallout

this is brilliant - fantastic, even.

i'd never really gotten into the naruto fandom (there are an amazing number of trolls in naruto, sadly0, the closest i got was to a few shikaxtema fics. this is one of the best pieces i've read in a while - counting my other fandoms.

what made me decide to read it though was learning your identity, :) i've been following Hp & the nightmares of futures past for years now but i only chanced upon this last night (i didn't know you were S'Tarkan on i'm tomoyohime8 there.). i had to force myself to sleep instead of stay up all night reading. i copied the chapters i hadn't read into my psp and read them between classes :D

sorry, i tend to ramble - especially when i'm really inspired, lol. i shall eagerly await the next chapter.

redhandgrunt posted a comment on Sunday 4th January 2009 9:22pm for A Fearful Fallout

Good chapter. I'm kind of surprised that you made Naruto actually help Neji but that is part of reading a good story. Being surprised.

I'll be interested to see if Itachi attacks the group this time around.

tomaej posted a comment on Sunday 4th January 2009 5:19pm for A Fearful Fallout

Thanx for another Chappie to one heckava fic however since I use someone-else's computer to logon I have to wait to read any updates. Sorry. another however, I absolutely love the attention to detail and the nuances to one of my favorite fics. Such as in the Hokages office after their 2 week mission on the border "And we did not run screaming into the night," Shino murmured. Hinata frowned, and Sarutobi noticed her hand twitch, Very Nicely Done

Anthony May posted a comment on Friday 2nd January 2009 10:07am for A Fearful Fallout

Team 8 rules. I am always so engrossed with your work. You are a master. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas and New years gift with another brilliant chapter.