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delrusant posted a comment on Friday 19th November 2010 10:54pm for A Dangerous Pursuit

We are legion? A mass effect tribute?

David Thacker posted a comment on Tuesday 11th May 2010 10:59pm for A Dangerous Pursuit

will we ever see the divergence point for this story?

Robert71 posted a comment on Sunday 9th August 2009 8:05am for A Dangerous Pursuit

I just said I didn’t like how violent he was… I mean he held back in his fight against Sasuke he could have easily killed him and brought him back but sasuke was like you wont put a scratch on my headband and bam naruto did even though all he has to do was lower it a bit and slash his eyes… but reading it again I like how you too the scar off neji’s head… though im not sure if it would really work like that being a permanent seal and all but it works for the most part.

I never said he didn’t train with Jiraiya I was asking if you were going to write it in for his summoning contract… and after re reading the chapter I find it very hard to believe that shino and his cold calculated image wouldn’t suggest to naruto that signing the summoning scroll wouldn’t be a good idea for the simple notion that naruto didn’t want them to eat shino’s bugs… really?

that’s just not right… shino would encourage the signing of the scroll its a great asset to naruto’s jutsu. pretty much 90 percent of the great ninja have summons… for instants, the Third and Fourth hokages, the 3 Sannin (Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade), Hanzou the salamander, Pain of Akatsuki (not only with his giant animals but human summons as well), Kakashi, Guy sensei, Temari, Anko, Kidoumaru and Tayuya (and Sakon and Udon if you count their rashomen summons)… and if you want non canonly you have Ruiga, with sharks and piranha’s, Suzumebachi's Giant Hornet, and Kubisaki Kouza chameleon/ giant lizards… the list is large and shino, along with Jiraiya AND Kurenai would all agree a summons would benefit Naruto…

Naruto doesn’t HAVE to be friends with Sasuke but you should write him in more regardless if you like him or not we have barely heard about kiba and sakura as well I know its about team 8 but even canonly by the end of the chuunin exams we knew a decent amount about all the characters… also yes their friendship made perfect sense they were both alone but yin and yang to each other, Sasuke and Naruto are both alpha males they just go about showing their dominance in different ways one is more encouraging to do their best and reassure peoples confidence not only in themselves but within their leader, and the other is more direct do this when I say so got it?... that’s the 2 in a nut shell best friends yet bitter rivals.

Again I don’t like how they learn elemental jutsu so quickly, like naruto learns lightning and water justsu (without clones) so quickly… his affinity is wind and its kinda pointing that water might be his second… not only that but hyuuga don’t learn anything but gentle fist… they are to proud to learn anything else guy sensei would never suggest that to Hinata knowing Neji for so long… its not that I don’t enjoy your story I really do infact I think it’s the best one ive read outside kishimoto’s… im just picky about the canon universe as a whole… re write the story however you like im just picky cuz I like consistency in jutsu and chakra and personalities and all that jazz that goes along with it.

i know its been almost a year since i posted i htought i posted a response loooooooong ago but i guess it didnt post but anyway keep it up im still looking forward to chapter 20

Furda posted a comment on Thursday 18th June 2009 8:48am for A Dangerous Pursuit

Awesome fan fic!I was glued to my computer screen for 10 hours straight reading this!Cant wait for the next chapter!

lenny posted a comment on Saturday 27th September 2008 3:29pm for A Dangerous Pursuit

please continue to the next chapter

Terry Chang posted a comment on Sunday 21st September 2008 2:57am for A Dangerous Pursuit

i just want to know when you come out with your own book, cause i'll be snapping that stuff up.

tugger55 posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd September 2008 5:46am for A Dangerous Pursuit

bloody good mate but can naruto start noticing
hinata just a helpfull guss

Anthony May posted a comment on Monday 11th August 2008 2:31pm for A Dangerous Pursuit

I must say that you are definitely a GREAT writer. I did not think I would like this story but because you are writing what I believe to be the best fanfic (Future's Past), I figured I would give it a shot. I should not be surprised that I have fallen in love with this story (Especially Hinata!) too. You are second to none!

xblade87x posted a comment on Friday 8th August 2008 5:23am for A Dangerous Pursuit

Ahh, if I could, I would rate this story 9001.

o7 /b/rother.

jetrois posted a comment on Thursday 7th August 2008 7:06am for A Dangerous Pursuit

I'm very impressed with the cohesiveness of this fight scene that you put on for us. I've had a chance to read but not review your whole story, (up until this point). Your a magnificent author and I takes a lot of of talent to keep me occupied for long periods of time.

Mesterio posted a comment on Wednesday 6th August 2008 12:55pm for A Dangerous Pursuit

I am seriously impressed with this entire fic. The way Naruto has grows shows a lot about how much thought was put into writing this.

Hinata is her own person, generaly separate from cannon. I really liked how you took her weak-mindedness in and turned it into such a personal fear in this fic. I can see how you may be bringing determination to her through Naruto and having real friends become her main strength of will.

plus you have a great sense of humor.

perspicacity posted a comment on Wednesday 6th August 2008 11:43am for A Dangerous Pursuit

A very nice chapter, perhaps one of the best in the story. I've only read a few Naruto fics, but this one is by far the best I've encountered.

You can't go wrong with a father who introduces you to Heinlein. Mine had me reading Ian Fleming well before I was old enough to understand just what Bond was doing with the ladies he encountered.

basicblack posted a comment on Thursday 24th July 2008 5:40pm for A Dangerous Pursuit


*gasp* they're both losing their arms!?!

ah, well, at least Haku managed to save the old man :)

Robert71 posted a comment on Sunday 20th July 2008 9:43am for A Dangerous Pursuit

ive read all of these and i like em up to a certain extent... i have little problems like how you took away naruto's protganist nature and his little quirkiness... i liked how he saw the good in people even if they were bad... i hope you write that in because that gives him his nindo to make his own path and his own destiny... i was also wondering if you are gonna be writing in jiraiya and gamabunta at all for his summoning contract... or at least jiraiya to be his teacher since that is a key role in revealing not only who his father is but one of his closest bonds... personally i think you should write in sasuke a bit and have them become friends or something (just a personal suggestion but i think you have your thing pretty much mapped out)... personally i dont like how he is more violent and i know you probably get that alot but isnt it like naruto to not deliver a final blow that will really hurt someone?(talkin about the fight with neji) though i love how oyu put a new twist on haku and the orochimaru hokage fight... please dont take the thirds arm thats how they could find tsunade! to revive his arm! wellhere is my add7 i know these arent really questions but if you could answer me back about why you chose to do these things maybe i could get a better understanding about your chices to do this.... keep up the good work though!!!

Viridian replied:

Consider that Naruto didn’t kill Gaara when most people say he should have. And Neji isn’t dead.



Re-read the chapter. Naruto did train with Jiraiya — that’s how he learned Swamp of the Underworld. He went for Jutsu that would work better with his recon team role… not to mention being pretty effective against the enemies detailed in Kurenai’s dossiers.



Naruto’s friendship with Sasuke barely made sense when they were on the same team in canon. WHY should he care what the stuck up Uchiha thinks in Team 8? It’s less a matter of looking at outcomes some people may desire and more a matter of not making the characters do bizarrely out of character things.


James13 posted a comment on Saturday 19th July 2008 4:58am for A Dangerous Pursuit

Well Done!!

The multiple scene battle views were very well done, better then some "professional" efforts I've read over the years.

I was espcially pleased by the Haku/Hokage/Orochimaru fight. It seemed very believeable, using Haku's strengths to offset the Hokage's age against a much stronger foe. It also somewhat reminded me of a Subzero vs blah fight in Mortal Kombat. All it needed was some nice techno music and it would have been perfect. :P

wolfey posted a comment on Friday 18th July 2008 5:40pm for A Dangerous Pursuit

hey love this story. One of the better stories out there where Naruto isnt a whiny little bitch and punching bag of team seven. I hate how naruto is in canon and I hate the creator for making his such an idiot. so good job making him normal.

Ensyia posted a comment on Wednesday 9th July 2008 2:48am for A Dangerous Pursuit

I found this chapter to be very appealing ^^ It seems one way or another, Gaara's seen some form of reason in this battle. And WOO, Sandaime LIVES ^^

Gena posted a comment on Monday 7th July 2008 7:20pm for A Dangerous Pursuit

this is really good i like it alot. i was hoping you update soon. Wish you add more. wonder what you will add next oh if you haven't read all the up to date naruto manga here is a site you can read it all. its really good.
and i think it be cool since naruto has become alot better he doesnt have to have a clone help him with the rasengun i think thats how you spell it.Anyway great chap. hope you update soon. Maybe some nightmare of future past. was thinking what type of story you make with a Naruto and Harry Potter Cross over

Katsuhito posted a comment on Monday 7th July 2008 11:57am for A Dangerous Pursuit

As usual, a great chapter. Your worries about interleaving multiple action scenes are hereby declared without merit. :) I look forward to more.

Rin Umiko posted a comment on Monday 7th July 2008 8:48am for A Dangerous Pursuit

This was really very fun. I'm finding that I enjoy this story a great deal when Kurenai isn't in it.