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mantis posted a comment on Tuesday 14th April 2009 7:05pm for The Christmas Express and a Large Surprise

"But that didn’t mean he shouldn’t try." LOL! He ought to encourage the twins to get in some practice on Lockhart while he's available... after all, unlike Snape he's not a Legilimens, and he's too incompetent to retaliate even if he ever caught on.

"gormless glory hound" -- occasionally, very occasionally, I run across a turn of phrase in a fic that I suspect would make JKR herself wish she'd thought of it first. That succinct yet complete description of Lockhart is one of them.

I wonder if Molly will send Lockhart a howler? That would be amusing... daily howlers until he gives up and resigns his post would be even better, of course.

Wouldn't it have been simpler to cut down the Christmas tree with a Diffindo, rope it with Incarcerous, and move back to the burrow using Mobiliarbus instead of doing all that by muscle power? (Heck, the fact that British Wizards celebrate Christmas might just be the reason there's such a spell as "Mobiliarbus" at all -- how often does one really need to move a tree? Unless of course Hermione just used her knowledge of magic theory and Latin roots to invent that incantation on the spur of the moment.) Granted that Arthur's fascinated with the way Muggles do things, I still think he'd use magic for a simple but arduous task like that.

I'm beginning to suspect that the "agent in place" is Percy; I really, really hope I'm wrong. Ministry prat Percy was bad enough, an outright evil Percy would absolutely devastate Molly.

The way Harry keeps poking at the Malfoys and the way they're reacting, I'm starting to think that a full-scale war could erupt before Voldemort returns (if he does at all). If Voldemort does come back into the midst of an ongoing war, I don't think he'll be too happy with Lucius, especially if his side is losing.

Great way to bring Sirius back into the story! I figured Padfoot would come looking for Harry. Now to find out what prompted him to break out when he did, and whether he was the one searching the baggage car. If he somehow found out about Scabbers, but not that he'd been caught, it makes sense he might hunt him in Ron's luggage...

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Sunday 25th November 2007 6:20am for The Christmas Express and a Large Surprise

Outstanding chapter.


Eric Oppen posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 3:57pm for The Christmas Express and a Large Surprise

I loved Molly's reactions---throwing the Lockhart books into the fire when she found out what a phony and bad teacher he was, and her fury at finding out that Snapey had been Legilimensing her children. I'm a little surprised that she didn't go up to Hogwarts and tear Snape a new rectum.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Wednesday 1st November 2006 2:56am for The Christmas Express and a Large Surprise

You just can't do enough bad stuff to Lucius, but having Arthur do it makes it a bit sweeter.

Gobsmacking a dog - brilliant!

Rocky235 posted a comment on Saturday 1st April 2006 11:55am for The Christmas Express and a Large Surprise

At last, some good news on Padfoot. This ending was an anti-cliffie. I liked it.