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Zaion posted a comment on Sunday 1st March 2015 8:00pm for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

Rereading this entire story again for the first time in a couple of years, and got to the part where Melissa was introduced in this chapter and nearly cried. I still remember crying when she died the first time I read it, and that memory came flooding back.


Patches posted a comment on Thursday 15th November 2012 6:02pm for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

This is really good. I'm glad that Molly is taking care of Sirius. He will get well so much better than he would otherwise. I really like the pranks. The fact that Ginny told Harry the truth of the poem and who sent it to him was really good. That makes Harry feel better and Ginny is showing to be more like the Ginny he knew before. The fact that Percy stood up for what was right and took points from Draco was excellent. The fact that he told Ron he would have taken points from Gryffindor was great. He let Ron know he wouldn't put up with wrong doing from anyone. The revenge on the twins was great. I'm so glad that Melissa took it the way she did. In the process Harry made a new friend. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. pms

Potter&Granger posted a comment on Sunday 24th May 2009 7:14pm for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

Fortunately, the week-long detention would not interfere with the timeline. That would be… unfortunate… after the lengths he'd gone to in order to set up that particular chain of dominoes.

What the bloody hell it's that about?
The way I see it though, it probably means Draco planning to get in the Gryffindor tower to retrieve the diary, with the help of Snape, and a bit of Polyjuice Potion, for all of that "cat pawn" rubbish.
But what makes me suspicious is "the week-long detention would not interfere with the TIMELINE".

What is the meaning of that? Did someone get back to the past as well? I can't figure that out.
Does Draco even survived the war in the prior timeline? or does Snape? because i know almost for sure that this so-called agent in place is either Draco or Snape.

Could you adress me this doubts?
If you do I'll be gratefull....

Grat history so far, by the way....


mantis posted a comment on Wednesday 15th April 2009 1:57pm for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

There's something rather sad about the mistletoe scene. I can certainly see why Harry would evade like that -- if Ginny had kissed him on the mouth, he probably couldn't have helped kissing her back a lot more intensely than she was expecting, which probably would have scared her, but what he did do still hurt her feelings. I didn't care much for the way JKR wrote Ginny in the last two books -- I think she illustrated the difference between "character development" and "personality transplant" -- but your Ginny is adorable. She reminds me of a girl, the younger sister of one of my high school friends, with whom I was a little bit in love back when we were both too young and innocent to really understand our feelings or do anything about them.

Good to know that, even in the dark timeline, Percy ended as a hero, not a Death Eater. It looks like maybe Harry will be able to divert him from the path of pratitude in this timeline... unless, of course, he's "the agent in place" -- he could be and still be acting in his family's interests as he sees them, especially if whoever he's working for has threatened to harm his family unless he follows orders.

Actually, I'm starting to think the agent might be Nott, if it isn't some older Slytherin original character. (The only Slytherins we ever knew by name in canon, as far as I can remember, were those in Harry's year, and those on the Quidditch team, none of whom seem terribly likely -- though I suppose it could be Warrington or Bletchley. Surely not Marcus "failed his NEWTs and had to repeat his seventh year" Flint, and I always understood Boll and Derrick to be slightly older versions of Crabbe and Goyle -- big, dumb, and ugly.)

"'Or else what?' Sirius demanded impudently." Under the circumstances, that was not only impudent but rather imprudent, too.

"Or else I’ll have you buried in a dress." LOL! Trust merged!Harry to actually come up with an effective threat to follow the typically futile phrase "If you get yourself killed, I'll..."

"He wondered, not for the first time, exactly how smart that cat really was." Smart enough to be scary, for sure. Crookshanks reminds me of a saying about cats I saw once on a lapel button: "Cats know your every thought. They don't care, but they know." And as Kipling's Cat Who Walked By Himself would remind us, his kind may enjoy being petted and fed and having nice, warm, dry houses to live in, but they're never quite entirely tame.

“I imagine that’s all part of his plan.” Speaking of people who are smart enough to be scary....

"Appearances aside, I don’t like secrets." An excellent point, actually; what Harry's doing is probably harder on him than it would be on, say, Hermione, because if there's one thing Harry Potter truly, deeply, passionately hates, even more than he does Lord Voldemort, it's being kept in the dark. That's probably even more true for this Harry, because in the dark future, the secrets Dumbledore kept from him did no good at all and enormous harm, whereas in DH it actually was important that Harry not know Snape's true allegiance, not learn of the Hallows too soon and get diverted by their siren call away from the hunt for the Horcruxes, and, especially, it was vital that he not know that his blood in Voldemort's body would protect him from dying -- because it was precisely his intention to die, for the sake of the whole Wizarding World, that pulled Voldemort's fangs, left him incapable of harming any of the people for whom Harry chose to sacrifice himself. (One variant of Christian theology holds that Christ did not know when he went to the cross that he would be resurrected; I suspect JKR may subscribe to that belief. I know she made mention, before DH came out, of the fact that her own Christian faith would be somewhat more visible in the final novel than in the previous ones.)

“...request permission to issue a formal challenge to Mr. Malfoy for insulting my head of house.” This Harry may not be "Dumbledore's man through and through," but his sense of loyalty to McGonagall rivals his allegiance to the Headmaster in canon.

“You are, of course, free to appeal my ruling by lodging a formal complaint with my head of house.” That's a good way to rationalize the prefect's power to deduct house points and discourage its abuse, although it won't help much when the prefect in question is Malfoy and the head of house is Snape -- the latter has no more sense of justice and fairplay than the former. Also just like Percy to be able to cite chapter and verse from the school's bylaws -- he might well be the only prefect that carries the entire Code of Conduct around in his head.

You know, it's never confirmed in canon that Ginny wrote that valentine; most people just assume she did. I've always suspected it was Malfoy, and that he instructed the dwarf to deliver it to Harry in front of Ginny in order to humiliate them both. Fred and George could also have been behind it, though -- they're certainly clever enough (an open question in Malfoy's case), and their sense of humor is pretty low.

Melissa is a neat OC -- the elusive decent Slytherin JKR never gave us, at least among Harry's generation. I wonder if the Bulstrodes have some giant ancestry? That would explain their rather impressive size. Although as clever as she is, I'd worry that she's the agent if you hadn't already made clear that individual is male. The really interesting question is, whose agent -- not Lucius Malfoy's, as I thought before this chapter, because he wouldn't consider his son and heir an expendable cat's paw. I don't see how he could be working for Voldemort himself, considering the Dark Tosser's current whereabouts and condition. Nott Sr., perhaps? He was supposed to be in on the diary plot, and he's possibly the last of Voldemort's original coterie of Death Eaters (would that make him a DE OG?).

"if he didn’t already have a boyfriend..." Huh... interesting bit of implied slash... or is it really slash when it's two gay OC's, rather than at least one character who's canonically straight? Anyway, it explains how she knew he had no ulterior motive.

hgttg posted a comment on Thursday 13th November 2008 6:17pm for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

hi, I am rereading nofp for what must be the millionth time and it just keeps getting better :) shot

Tammy Driver posted a comment on Thursday 10th July 2008 4:17am for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

Who is the "agent-in-place"?

Jizzle posted a comment on Wednesday 5th March 2008 7:52am for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

"awful scene at St. Mungo's" seems wrong. When Arthur's death is first described, it says he succumbed to the poison before he could be evacuated to St. Mungo's. So saying now that his death scene was at St. Mungo's is inconsistent. I'm pretty sure, at least.

Luna's eyes are gray, not blue. Take it from Luna fan. They're gray. So that "light blue knee-length dress" she was wearing wouldn't be the same shade as her eyes. At all.

The death scene reminds me that you first (in a previous chapter) call Hermione Ron's common law wife, but later you say she's actually his wife. You also say something about Ron dying by taking a curse meant for Harry, which doesn't quite fit with later information. Especially since you say it in a "the same way Hermione did for Ron" kind of way. At least, it feels jarring to me reading it all in the span of a couple of days.

Viridian replied:

Tweaked those to sound better. (Arthur actually died on the front steps of St. Mungoes as they tried to carry him inside through the anti-apparition wards the Ministry had erected before it fell.) Thanks!

Namizujs posted a comment on Tuesday 4th December 2007 11:20pm for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

Lazy people read this then it seems, me included, even though I share my (second) christian name with You.
It is an excellent story, and we should be glad we are allowed to read it.
It could be a blessing to you, that you now have a full time job, if you neeed and/or want one, so you are to be congratulated, I have known writers loose all interest after being "downsized".
So, Thank You and carry on as you are able with this wonderful work


TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Sunday 25th November 2007 11:22am for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

Very good chapter.


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Thursday 2nd November 2006 12:56am for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

Harry's dealings with Percy were very well done.

I hope you have a great deal of nastinesses in store for Lockhart.

Reviewer-Who-Begs-For-Updates posted a comment on Sunday 27th August 2006 8:03pm for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

I loved that last exchange. And perhaps your Naruto fans are just more starved for good fanfiction? After all, the Naruto fandom is somewhat smaller than the HP fandom. Either that or your Naruto fans are all jumped up on soldier pills, while your HP fans are a bit short on pepper up potion. I'm a fan of both, so I'm not too sure.

M. R. Moore posted a comment on Thursday 17th August 2006 5:23pm for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

Mellisa reminds me of someone I went to school with but I can't, for the life of me, remember who.

Great chapter.

Daven posted a comment on Tuesday 25th April 2006 5:50pm for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

Good stuff, really like it. keep up the good work ^^

salamangkero posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 2:20pm for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

just happened to pass by this web site and read your fan fic. i remember reading this fan in another site under the author s'tarkan. though i must say this is one of the best i've read (and i've read a lot!)

Damon Ring posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 1:07am for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

This is one of the finest time travel/dimension jump stories i have ever read in the Potterverse, or in any other verse for that matter. In my humble opinion it is better than a lot of the published works i have come across.

Keep up the good work, may the voices always talk to you late at night.


Christine4 posted a comment on Wednesday 19th April 2006 11:31am for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

I usually don't read the "back in time" stories but yours is quite well written and enjoyable. I look forward to your next update whenever it may come.
Thank you for sharing your imagination.

amulder posted a comment on Wednesday 19th April 2006 4:56am for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

Still lookin forward to more of this. How are things going with that?

I think many reviewers, and folks on the yahoo group, have wondered a lot about how Harry's friends will react when they learn the truth.

I'm actually more wondering just what is going to happen with "poor" Snape once the crew are all able to keep him out of their heads via Occlumency.

The bit with Percy was also well done. Hmm. It would be even more interesting to have him discover a means to "deal with" Snape on the issue of his using legilmency on students.

What about establishing a new directive from the Board of Governors? "as there is a Legilimens on staff, all students are permitted to wear occlumency talismans (what did harry call them? crystals or jewels or some such) anywhere on the grounds".

thanks for sharing

Lincoln posted a comment on Sunday 16th April 2006 11:35am for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

Hi there,

Don't think that because this doesn't get quite the same harvest of reviews, that it isn't as appreciated. This is bloody marvelous! I'm just hanging out for when he can clue Ginny in. the 'age difference' may be a problem, but i think she's showing a lot more maturity and depth than Harry appears to be giving her credit for!

I know what a heavy workload does to one's creative ability. 16 hour days are hammering me into the ground, but stories like this one (NFP) keep me going back the next day with a sense of humour restored!


Abhijith S posted a comment on Saturday 15th April 2006 10:30pm for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

I love this story... I have read it in fanfiction but I just found out about this site... The new thing about the Slytherin girl hulk is an excellent twist... Keep coming up with great new ideas... update soon...

Matt T posted a comment on Saturday 15th April 2006 3:08am for Mistletoe and Misshapen Musical Messengers

Ok, well thought out review.... na, it's not happening for me. All I'll say is that this is one of the better "Rewind, Harry" fics I've read, and I'm very interested in seeing where you take this. The mysterious agent controlling Malfoy is a nice touch... have there been any clues as to who it is yet? If there have been, they are far too subtle for my simple mind. Mind... memory... Lockhart? Nah, too easy. Plus you like him less than I do (no mean feat) so I doubt he has such a pivotal role. I can see him being one of the agent's pawns though. Mighty good work in any case, and I can't wait to see more, either of this or of Team 8.