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Vrzepka posted a comment on Thursday 14th February 2019 3:45pm for A Word with the Weasleys

Very good still reading

Ilonwy posted a comment on Sunday 11th June 2017 8:41pm for A Word with the Weasleys

Dear Viridian,

This is my favorite fanfiction ever. Anytime I meet a new Harry Potter fan I suggest that they read this. This must be my fifth or sixth re-read. I cannot wait for this story to continue.

I do have a suggestion, should you ever go back and edit.

Wool yarn doesn't burn. Trust me; I work in the textiles industry. Acyrlic yarn (the most common synthetic substitute for wool) will only melt. Cotton could burn, but it is highly irregular to use cotton in knitting, unless you intend the item to be summer weight (not Weasley sweater material). I understand that this is magic we are talking about, but maybe she could set her knitting pattern on fire or the bamboo knitting needles on fire. It is physically impossible for wool to burn. It just shrivels a bit. That is why it has been traditionally used for fire blankets and rugs on hearths.

I hope that you are recovering well from your health issues.

Please keep writing.

Thank you.

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Wednesday 10th August 2011 5:40am for A Word with the Weasleys

Molly is learning quite a bit.

oregonbird posted a comment on Sunday 26th April 2009 12:43pm for A Word with the Weasleys

So far, so brilliant! I'm going to be up until midnight, and the cat can go catch a mouse. Do you know, my only fear of death is that I'll leave something good half-read? You are now on my 'finish before death' author list.

mantis posted a comment on Sunday 12th April 2009 6:41am for A Word with the Weasleys

Nice parallax view of the story thus far through Molly's eyes; that aspect reminds me a little of "Or Die Trying," which is essentially a parallax view of the entire canon from Year Zero (that is, the year before Harry arrived at Hogwarts) through the eyes of a very appealingly drawn Cho Chang.

Speaking of whom, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with Cho in this story; I'm assuming Harry will be taking Ginny to the Yule Ball this time around, not using his foreknowledge and greater confidence to get to Cho before Cedric does (what I would be inclined to do if I wrote something like this -- I have no animus against H/G, but I am one of the remnant band of die-hard H/C shippers).

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Friday 23rd November 2007 7:56pm for A Word with the Weasleys

Good chapter.


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 30th October 2006 4:04am for A Word with the Weasleys

This was an excellent PoV change to show Ginny's perspective through Molly's eyes.

Such fine writing.

I love the way Ron was embarrased about his good grades. I could see that happening if canon had gone that way.

Great stuuf!

Rocky235 posted a comment on Friday 31st March 2006 1:15pm for A Word with the Weasleys

When I was a kid, 50 years ago, Mom would try the warm milk drink. Ambien works better.

You've got Molly just right.

Terry Chang1 posted a comment on Wednesday 29th March 2006 11:50am for A Word with the Weasleys

i'm not very good at leaving reviews. i would just like to remark that chapters that start out like this one are my favorite. I enjoy the introspective part from another character's point of view. it makes it more...real, i guess is a good enough word. deepens the word that you've created into more of a 3 dimensional world than just a fan fic. I believe that there's another chapter in this story where you have it from Ginny's pov. That was another of my favorite chapters. would you ever do one from Percy's?