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Vrzepka posted a comment on Friday 15th February 2019 2:58pm for A Visit to Sunny Azkaban

Flooed not floored

Sinfield4 posted a comment on Wednesday 31st January 2018 10:58am for A Visit to Sunny Azkaban

Really getting in to thus story

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Wednesday 10th August 2011 7:02am for A Visit to Sunny Azkaban

So exhilarating!

mantis posted a comment on Sunday 12th April 2009 4:00pm for A Visit to Sunny Azkaban

You used "floored" instead of "flooed" twice in this chapter; could your Word spell-checker be making that change automatically as you type?

"It sure as hell doesn’t feel like August out here." My understanding is that British Augusts in general are a lot colder and wetter than the North American variety. Have you ever heard Flanders & Swann's little ditty about the English weather? It goes like this:

January brings the snow -- makes your feet and fingers glow.
February's ice and sleet freeze the toes right off your feet.
Welcome March with wintry wind -- would thou wert not so unkind!
April brings the sweet Spring showers -- on and on for hours and hours!
Farmers fear unkindly May -- frost by night and hail by day!
June just rains and never stops -- thirty days and spoils the crops!
In July, the sun is hot. Is it shining? No, it's not.
August, cold and dank and wet, brings more rain than any yet.
Bleak September's mists and mud is enough to chill the blood.
Then October adds a gale -- wind and slush and rain and hail!
Dark November brings the fog -- should not do it to a dog!
Freezing wet December, then... bloody January again!

And Flanders adds, "I hope that's been helpful to those of you planning your holidays."

Moody achieved a much more worthy end in your fic than in canon. I was saddened not so much that he died in DH, as by the notable lack of a large Death Eater honor guard to accompany him through the veil. If any character in the series cried out for a massive blaze of glory, it was Moody.

Uh-oh... Harry's going to be even more vulnerable to Dementors this time around, isn't he? So many more bad memories for them to work on. The bloody things are depression personified, and that's a bad, bad combination with PTSD. (I'm a life insurance agent, incidentally; a diagnosis of PTSD is an automatic rejection, no matter how long ago it was: it's considered an unacceptable suicide risk.)

"Yeah, it was brilliant. I wasn’t so crazy about the green and silver uniforms, but…” Dead freakin' brilliant! ROFLMAO!

I think Arthur and Sirius would have known one another better than you've portrayed here, though; they were both in the Order, and there's no indication that it had any kind of cellular organization that would keep every member from being acquainted with every other (not that that would have been a bad idea, but my sense is JKR doesn't think like that -- she writes fantasy/boarding school/whodunits, not military or political thrillers, after all.

Great job on Scabbers -- I love watching Harry using his foreknowledge to efficiently circumvent the main threats that bedeviled him in canon, while struggling with the new and unexpected ones. Can't wait to see how he deals with the diary this time. Of course, if you'd known how tough Horcruxes are to destroy, that would actually have presented a bigger problem for the plot. Harry would need to take out the basilisk just to obtain some of its fangs for Horcrux-hunting...

Jonathan Langford posted a comment on Tuesday 21st October 2008 8:26am for A Visit to Sunny Azkaban

Just rereading this. I think that maybe the thing that touches me most about this story is the memories you casually slip in about Harry's memories of how the people he cares about died in prior times. I don't think I'd noticed the one about Shacklebolt before. Good job.

Jizzle posted a comment on Monday 3rd March 2008 4:44am for A Visit to Sunny Azkaban

Really, felt the stirrings of hope for the first time in years? It seems to weird to say that when Harry made such a big deal about hope after reading about temporal fields in the very first chapter.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Saturday 24th November 2007 6:17am for A Visit to Sunny Azkaban

Very good chapter.


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 30th October 2006 12:51pm for A Visit to Sunny Azkaban

The interview with Sirius was heartwarming and gut wrenching.

Just great stuff!

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Sunday 19th March 2006 2:24pm for A Visit to Sunny Azkaban

Harry and Arthur take a trip to the Death Eaters' preferred vacation resort, Azkaban to visit Sirius Black and get a proper description of Peter Pettigrew's Animagus form. On the way back to the Burrow, they tip off. Kingsley Shacklebolt, then the three hie to the Burrow, and bust Wormtail. Way to go!